Monday, December 28, 2009

Malacca Trip on Christmas

Ahem ....
i'm just about to write about my 25th Dec aka Christmas.

This year i had celebrated with my beloved friendsss and the love one.The love one is always included because that's an usual practise.Haha.We planned to Melaka, the first discovered ground of Malaysia...We planned, We go. No any plan B,C,D,E to replace !

And yeah, After 3 hours i guess we finally reached Melaka.It takes longer time to there because we nearly change our destination to Ipoh on the half way due to we went to the wrong direction.Haha...

Although we had some mistaken, but i'm still happy with it lu....because i learned the way to Ipoh ! Therefore, Dar and me can go Jalan Jalan Malaysia when we're about to escape from the crowded city =D

The first stop is always about Food.
especially when we'd been stuck inside the car few hours

hard to learn photograhy...
really hope i can take nicer close shoot.

(the foods wasn't that's good,nowaday hard to find someting nice to eat.)

Happy to be involving .....

At Melaka River...
Were decided to buy ticket for the Melaka river cruise,it's only cheap !!!
But ended up, we didnt embark because the night scene gonna be much much much more beautiful compare with afternoon !

Jonker Street...

we can see many people having long queue for most of the restaurant/cafe
in this street.
But ended up, i would like to know which is the worth one for me to queue for! anyone know?

Long Queue again.......

Braised Squid

Various type of Nyoya Kuih....
should buy some to try.

i guess花生汤is one of the must in Melaka...

Selling lotsa my child time toysss ,it's so memorable.


it's so cuteeee

Red bean soup,fish head noodle,prawn noodle,beef noodle.....

Many stall selling Cendol and A B C.
Cendol is my all time favourite

Group Photo....
old fren+new fren
Who'd left out this time...haha

The暧昧one ....
CaiNee and Desmond aka 李茂山。

We've lost contact for 7years....OMG !

Big size VS Small size

This indeed a nice shoot !
Credit to Desmond....

Everyone did a good job in Only one take !!!
Credit to DASHChen for this shoot.

Bloody Burning Seasion + Crowded car and people
so ICES are a must after all !!!

Happily ever after....

The last stop Makhota Parade

is the largest shopping mall in Malacca. it also counts on a large souvenir and handicraft center, a supermarket, a cineplex, a food court, numerous restaurants and cafess.Beside that, the melaka cruise that we're tempting is also just somewhere near beside the mall.

Mahkota Parade is separated from the historical core of Bandar Hilir by a huge green field called the Padang.

Have some rest on the grasss before we off for dinner.

Without flash ,focus and night mode

With flash,focus and night mode

so big different.....

Which is better?

this is the Malacca river cruise that i mentioned just now.No doubt, it's much more beautiful at night.We able to see the EYE ON MALACCA along the river .
BUT!!! too BAD.There're a super duper long queue for the ticket!!! So we ended up have no chance to embark for the cruise T.T

Before back we get each other a Christmas present in Makhota Parade as a satisfacton ending !!! Happy Happy ....

For me, i'm willing to be there again next time for...................... shopping spreeee.Haha. But not during any special festival anymore lo. Because do not want to kill many of lovely time on the car !!!
But is it mean that , we shouldn't go any place for any BIG DAY?

Where am i ? ? ?

Where am i ?
I'm finally back in front of ma computer...
Finally finished the milk project by today,if compare with yesterday, today trial sale still "boleh tahan lah " ......because Anlene project the super competitor is just right opposite my booth !!! anyhow, atleast i had tried my best to sell my product.

i've just finished my lovely shower time......
the feeling of after removing make up is so wonderful and fantastic!

Here comes....
i've abondoned my lappie for 3 days i guess,so i specially stole some of my sleeping time to have some release.......

to scream out " i'm so bloddy tired !!! "

Soon , i can partially get rid from working already because my studies is going to start !!! WooHoo!!!

and most probably i gonna upload the trip picturessss on tomoro !!! efficiency is always LOW.Wait ba guys~ it takes times.

The overall of the trips is Greatzz.
Melaka is a nice place to visit for. At last, without this high tech thingy i'm sure we couldnt reach any of the vocation for sure !!! face dead as Zombie already, is time to sleep !

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tomoro is Christmas Day

Oh, Hi peeps..........
It's Christmas eve today,how excited it is !!!
Anyhow, i not going to have any special action for tonight countdown seasion because as a official Chinese, Christmas not really one of my big festival day also
( act like no care,because no any celebration planned )


Talk like this,but heart doesn't meant it BECAUSE i'm still thirst for PRESENTS !!! yeah, is presentSSSSS.....or atleast a present
.(anyone hear me?)
Girl always likes suprised and myterious.Don't you?


However, we're going to visit Little Nyonya which located at Melaka on TOMORO.Oh yeah...! atleast some vocation is planned since friends are only available on this public holiday,everyone is only freee on Christmas.How sad?!
One more sad news is,i gotta go back to work on weekend !!! Cant imagine how i gonna feel on weekend.Tired?/stay energetic?.....haha!

What i can do is stay smiling
=D since everyone said i looked great with smile...cheeers! And i do always believe smile really can make a better socialisation in all time ....
S.M.I.L.E is a powerful and magical facial movement .

aNd yes ! coll reopen soooon ! am having such a nervous + excited feeling once i think about am going back to coll with you guys like last time i do....
becauseee, i rest too much for these recent month already.No idea am i ready to back to the routine or not ! Freeee for so long time, suddenly gonna back to studies really an unusual thing for myself.........

i'm must pay more effort to catch up the subject alreadyyyy...
engine running kinda low now >.<"