Monday, November 24, 2008

I missing 2 people

25th November 2008

孝恩园@ Nilai

It's 12.57 AM now, later going to accompany my grandpa that Staying in Kajang .YA ~ I skip the classes again. She fall sick already due to the heavy rain, very pity to her. She had just lost someone who consider as another part in her life which was also a important spirit taken part in her major life time. Now, she fall sick , she just can laying on the bed. Moreover, since my grandpa passed away she begin to be so lonely just to stay at home while my aunty and uncle went out to work,,,,,,,she cant go anywhere because she used to ride bicycle together with my grandpa to collect the cans, newspapers, botols, all the things we consider as RUBBISH to earn some money. After grandpa passed away, she also determined not to collect anymore......because all the things are very low-value to exchange money now not like last time and they did it last time just to "kill time" instead to staying at home.

i wish to go visit grandma often .......
perhaps i will go there often too !
Sunday we went to visit my grandpa's "heaven" .....Grandma suppose to follow also, but seem like she was not feeling well so she just staying at home. She must be so sad about she unable to follow....! Don't worry, grandma. He must be staying in heaven now !!! The place was so peaceful with very nice scenery...
Then, we back to grandma house to visit her......she got a high fever !!! felt so heart-pain....
Sister was very good in Massage, so she did massage on grandma's forehead and i did some massage on her legs, hands , shoulders and backside in order to let the blood circulation move better....

we sat beside her and chit-chat with her....
Beside all of this, i really no idea what i can do for her to comfort her T.T

I feel very proud of myself, i'm the one suggested to accompany grandma any reluctant ! I'm willing to do so....."wai po" Get well soon !!!

I'd stepped the 1st step !!! 2nd will be coming.....

The place in 孝恩园 really so nice.....quiet.....peaceful.....comfortable......!!!
and the design of building retaining the china culture, feel like "si he yuan", "zi jing cheng" style.

The flowers plant in my grandparents house....

In car on the way to Nilai......!

The inside of

can u guys see the " bungalows" that situated on the high place....
i think that should be very very very sooooooooo damn expensive to buy with the good "fengshui"....
i summore saw 孝恩园 offer the xxxx what should it called in eng??? Whatever....the " sheng zhu pai" in air-conditioner !!! whoot .....

Grandma.....i'm coming lu ~~~~
muack !


21 st November 2008

Secret Recipe @ cannought
My last preparation for my first presentation
Encoutered a funny waiter with a a sense of humor !!! Hmmm....he did bring me calm and laughter !!! Thanks lu ~~

our work in Power point not really like an assignment (>.<)
a very simple diary + photo .....!!! idea, the students in class got laught or not when they saw our presentation, because i'm quite nervose at front there....
Seriously, i hope i can improve my talking skill in the coming presentation...
i know theres really foolish to wish without action . hehe
okie, okie.....trying my best.
my lunch

20th November 2008
McD@ connaught
There were 2 meeting held in mCd.....
after the works.......
do nothing?????
camwhore alot..........

The sweet fall on Jiawen mounth



Pity her....

but she was enjoy to it.....



we're not fear on "YOU"


full of confidence !!!

today had just finished my ALGEBRA test 2 ....Sometime really fed up with the test no matter what subject, the question asked always too EASY ! althought sometime Easy also unable to solve but it's also too EASY not like our age of syallabus !!! It seriously huniliate my knowledge.........!!!

HEP !!!!


spending loads of time to prepare the test also wasted !!!

"hoho, sound like i really can do very well in the exams"

however......i'm confidence !!! ^^


i miss him so much.......

Thursday, November 20, 2008

first presentation

Tomoro will be my first Presentation on Psychology !!!
whoohoo ~
Suppose to update today, load of picts picts !!! but the blogger seem like encouter some problem of uploading pictures so no choice ~
wish me luck !!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unforgetable day Ever...

There was a damn heavy rain out there just now. Unfortunately, the rain fall happened while the pathway dar and me having our sweet time in night market. We really unable to predict the wheather at night with no any symthom and thunder......

A very first experience Walking in the Rain ~~~ A scene we use to see in indian movie :p
suprisely i didnt get angry on him of brought me playing in the rain, on the other hand, I enjoy it soooooooo much ! Lastly, a unforgetable day added in my list.

We didnt thought to get wet at first, but it come too fast untll we cannot escape....So we just walk+run in order to prevent all the useless action. The 99.9% clothes were wet, so we didnt care anymore. Feeling so amazing , carelessly walk in the rain. Without care about the problem of getting wet of the clothes, and the vision by the other's drop on us......
tHe only couple walk down the street...! VEry memorable day......
i think everyone was watching at us with a weird and curious @.@
Heard many sound of shouting while walk+run+eyes closed....wondering why???

Unfortunately....we were situated at the end of the street when the rain started to we get to walk a quite far distance to reach SHELL petrol station for our car !
Hand-in-hand passed through all the impossible and ostacles. haha
It might be a Rare chance to play in rain in this society and country. People might think we're crazy or immature.

The pants of mine keep falling when we rushed to get the car, because it was too heavy already after absorb the rain water. Luckily my "hippo" waist still can support ^^ And the plastic selipar which i wearing was sooooooooo slippery !!! omg~~
The worst part was....i cant managed to have my eyes opened ~~ The drops of rain are so heavy and such a big drop ever tried in my life ^^ haha

Luckily, i'm still here now......Because my dar all the way for me. Lead me the way while i walking with eyes closed.

Moreover, i also quite worried about my eyeliner+mascara+ rain water =HOW???
forturnately, i still look nice !!! from this "tragedy" can be proven the brands are really good in waterproof...Skin food, not bad not bad ! VOV, not bad, not bad !


However, Thanks Dar !!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

* SG18 *

I encouter a Sexy cats
i hate cats the most, but the GoD fooling me by putting all the wild cats in my house.Pheww~ why the cats do not wan to go to other's house instead mine.I tink know the reason,why?? My mom was the main factor for being too kind to feed them. Normally we will cook 2 mangkuk rice + fish/ unfinished dishes in daily for the cats.

The sexy Pictures below may bring you desire.....(wasn't tat kind of desire which i meant is the desire to having a cat)

meow : "Look into my eyes...!"
meow: " come on, baby."



Anyone see my sexy long firgure leg.....
Yea, yea we saw ur leg...:p
This posing really ...profesional with the eyes closed

This abit rude......

hey....everything been see la!!!

Sexy leg ~

call me posing *queen/king*

meow meow......


Friday, November 14, 2008

The problem between you and me

跟我們有爭執的人竟然都是跟我們最親密的人,而能夠 跟我們發生爭執的人也對我們有一定的瞭解,所以有人常 說 『吵架』也是一種溝通,而願意跟你吵架的人,才是真正想瞭解你的人。

『通常願意留下來跟你爭吵的人,才是真正愛你的人。』 若能從吵架中表達出自己的想法~~總比大家把話悶在心裡都不 說出來的好,
"發生爭執時會說 『算了』,或者『不說 了』,這兩句話其實都是殺傷力很強的話,代表著你不想把你的想法跟他說 ,不想讓對方瞭解你,也代表你們的感情會停留在原地。"
i copied those words from somebody's blog, which i got a lot of message from it. Actually i know the theory long time ago. But, recently there was really a gap between he and me.I found no way to solve the problem that occured due to his un-coperation.
Yesterday we went for a movie. Before that, a big argue/ fight happened in the car. That wasn't a rare thing happen already. Something should be curious about if there was nothing happened on us.
Don't know why...the boy started to complaint about me. Not about my feature look; but my characteristic. I knew that i got problem in my characterstic so called "attitude" . But i have no changed like as what u thought about me.
You started thinking me in the another way....
you always judge me with another point of look....
All the things you tried to describe about me all was A FALSE !!! utterly wrong !!!
I not a girl being like as what u said...!
i'm not complex as you'd thought....!
You're not good in detect what the girlfriend want and feeling, that's why the girlfriend show her face on you .
As what the survey had taught, we should not over-estimate that your man as they could read your's mind and feeling. That was just a big foolish ever....A silly action ever to expect your man would do whatever that you'd thought...!
人天生就是不一樣.這句話讓我突然領悟了很多事..因為不一樣~ 自然而然每 個人所看的所想的也不會相同不要怪別人不夠 懂你~~~ 換個立場~~其實我們也不敢說 自己有多了解他人"
The final conclusion is.....we need Communication
i knew since very long time ago.
Last time, when any thing that was happenned he could be the first tried to talk with me. And i'm always the one who complaint about his power of nagging. But now....i feel that he already fed up with me.....
he rather keep his mouth shut while the war is keep going in the pathway.
發生爭執時會說 『算了』,或者『不說 了』,這兩句話其實都是殺傷力很強的話,代表著你不想把你的想法跟他說 ,不想讓對方瞭解你,也代表你們的感情會停留在原地。
you always talked the 2 words above and it did show that you had give up on me.
i scare......
i worry........
Sometime i also feel tired to maintain this relationship.....
because "LOVE" not a both can it improve without the co-operate from another part
Now is my partner doesn't want to communicate with me. Not me.....i feel so helpless in this relationship.
無聲" 是一種無形的、最遠的距離,
4 years relationship is just futility like that
it's the time for us to think properly .
should we xxxxx???

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


i love pictures below....


Below are the pictures taken at Ampang/Langat hill @ Gasoline~~