Saturday, July 25, 2009

The first time also The successful one.

i like my hair colour very much.

i smile....... =D
because i've succeed my mission, and undoubful WE did it great !
Althought this is the first time acting in front of a number of students, but i found it was really F.U.N !
oh my mama, you guys are wonderful !


Always the O.N.E ....
Jiawen the Ms . Jenny/Jessie
she looked like our lecturer Ms.Jenny ,89%

The member of Eng.Foundation
Siew Yan...i guess

Siew Mun ...
haha...they do look like Twin.

Left , Tencent. Right , the P.O.R.K. from the other group
the this pictures is involving the P.O.R.K baby. kaka

The SiFu...

The another group which is Siew Yan and Siew Mun group...
Jit Lun the Cinderalla called "Jenny" sign*

This is The group from another English Foundation clazz which is also the group that i impress a lots !
They wear the secondary uniform for the peformance.
And they did pretty well for the story and acting also. Good Job!


Many pictures are not with me ! >.<
it's time to grap everything from the FB and blogger.
mm.....Soon, it comes to the end of this semester already. Well, we did enjoy the class so much because our class ROCKZZ.
Glad to have Eu .
And soon is time to my tertiary studies already which is DEGREE programme, that will be much more tougher man~

TODAY really is very super duper Happy ! Coz got loads of good feedback and comments from the lecture and students...satisfaction !

Hope my life in mass com will be more wonderful and interesting as i thought. i PRAY hard hard.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Watched The Taking of Pelham 123 this afternoon...
So N.I.C.E.

Loads of Enjoyful if we catch a really Nice movie in the cinema, Just one thing ! It's so darn Cold man ~ even My dash also cant affort the low temperature which can really freeze us up.
*Polar Bear hugging style* can help in increasing the warm ! it's work !

Omg Final Destination will be on cinema Soon.
Not really like this kind of bloody movie.....
atleast they're been killed with reasonable unlike "The Friday" ?
I hate "Friday" ....the most !
Fark ! Waste my time !
aRR...i Hate Jason...the deathless Jason...the freak!
i know i bising sangat... x.x

Met the couple too....
the Daniel Ho Yong Wei and Cloudy the meat ball ...
What a conincidence...

Saw an item that i wish to get one...costing rm 120....
nO idea want to buy onot !
Most prob is N.O !
I'M a rasional and tolerate good daughter / gf/wife !!!

i believe i can control myself, so i can.

learn a WORD today from Popular ...
" Discomgoogolation"
Used to describe people who cannot live without the access to internet/google !
i love reading BOOKS!

I Dreams to have my personal Popular ,MPH ....
hope my dream may comes true !
muacx, goodnight.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You'll never know :-*

Yesterday yoga practices was horrible ! terrible ! and bloody tiring !
12 sets !
so far, i'm able to do all the pose....i guess~
just not precisely, exactly correct in the way where i put my hand or legs.
Nvm, toward to improve !
i'm really happy finally i'm learning stg consider as my interest. :D
Just finish my Malaysia Studies by ToDae...
Majority student in the class were actually copying the answer, including me.
ya ya...i'm so bad !
but no worries, what i'd copied actually definitely is WrOng de !!!
whatever la, just hope to go back my lovely sweet home as soon as possible, recently couldn't get a proper sleepzz in the certain busy period. Damn!
finally i can sleep...i guess. But AFTER the rehearsal tonight ba~
tiring ~
i hate this part !
This saturday i will be acting for my very very very first time !
i know you can do well de, shirley wong.
throw all of my so-called image away into the dustbin.LOL
Ya, guys'll never know the other side of ME.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I so LOVE the NS gang

18th JULY 2009

I think it is nearly 1 year we never meet Jamie the cutie rabbits, so yesterday was the dayzz.
so Jamie finally driving, yeah it's so happening, she's driving after many time of exam failed. HoHo. I think she is much more "powerful" than me huh, coz she always to and fro around SJ,PJ,Puchong and Sg.long .
you're my heroin, rabbit Jamie.

Omg....i've not forgotten Eu leh , TanPitThing!!!!
Meet Eu soon too.

i so love the NS gang !

WaS not in mood ....but i know the mood will finally appear when comes to camwhore.

the first venue, toilet/washroom/restroom.
and actually she wasn't that tall as u thought.LOL

Pictures below are about a skinny gal and a chubby gal

she said i'm stylo that day

Yeah, giraffe long face VS diamond shaped face.

Lunch at PASTAMANIA, while waiting Jamie the rabbit.
we can't wait to see her changes in this certain period of separation...
who knows, no any changes loh....
and pls ignore my "penagih dadah looked" .

i looked like crying all the time...wondering W.H.Y.

The low-fat SUGAR.


The PhotoS day of US.
no idea why Jamie can keep bump into familiar faces in every place, eventhough in toilet also. So we tak penduli dia.

i can see the mess of my hair, no worries, treatment SOON.


i mean the leg behind

My hair smell good okayzz....

the beauty of BLur...

Mirror is our's always best friend

HaRRy Potter is the movie of tat dayzz
We're NOT Harry fans just simply whatever lah....
the girls just waiting the movie to be ended, nowadays youngster really not wisely using the money. LOL
however, i love Emma Wayson so much. She is gorgeous !

the 2 megapixel camera ....

Slowly....we show you the Jamie's hand and legs

i love this !
thump up*

She is my cute rabbit .

Tripple again....

Last time US....
omg...i always thinking the lifez in NS , we always laughing.Don't we?
Thanks to the rabbit, i've changes so much....
from sad face to smile face. :D

The disturbia - Hang

seeking for Yoga sportBra....
tata....the price is just little higher than what the teacher selling
which should i buy?

i love u guys....
remember the forever charlie angel in Cancun park,Kelantan !

I love my mom so much.....
She give me some $$ after heard the conversation between PitThing and i....
i will promised Eu not use it in the unnecessary thingy...
i go cinema for all the latest movie, this is a "shouldn't"
i will self-examination . Muax.
Happy is can be very simple.
Together with family with the favourite programme show
a plate of Pan Mee, Soya tong yuen , Popiah, nian Gao and apam balik
i feel happy with what i having.
hope they will allow...
pray hard hard....
11 days of Job, related to books summore....
i beg you to allow me to work ...T.T

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Studies ...come on challenge

This is what my face looked like in college....
no smile + chubby

Pheeww~ finally finished some of the assignmentS
and unconsciously , the time table of the final exam was already published.
Mean, Final Exam coming SOON. I goin to Degree level SOON.
no any sub paper or retake in this semester please!
Ahem* i've never ever retake


On hand, there're some of the un-completed works and revision to go.
Keep On moving, go go go !
and yeah, i see a new hope from the new Malaysia Studies Lecture :D
muack, i love you.
He was so alike the tutors in Kasturi. :*

Quantity Method .... i did very bad in test 1 and Midterm although those are dead easy! Nvm, keep on moving. Score A . RMB !
kill you, silly mistake and careless worm !!!

Economic - I trying to understand you more !
and i tend to L.O.V.E eu too, without the power of L.O.V.E, i couldn't handle Eu.

Accouting Practice- Same ! I used to hate eu in secondary and now for sure.But didn't mean i gonna give up Eu ! come on, challenge me ! Anyhow, i guess this is the last time i see Eu, in my major You're not related with me anymore. bLERK!

Lastly....English Foundation.
What can i say?
writing blog also because of Eu...languages,grammer,tenses, and BLA~
no improvement? no worries, atleast i'm still paying effort on Eu.

i found my AIM aka GOAL !!!
i wish to work in Singapore MEDIACORP instead of ASTRO !
Yeah, toward my way...


Dated Dash Yesterday....
to ampang for YongTaufu.
Not so wanna-eat actually, just simply want to hang out with Dash.
hang out like this have wasted my one week pocket money ><
as long as we're enjoy ^^ is okay

Yeah, i looked so rude in the pichas below ^^
pink pather..

Who are they???

Continues with the previous post.
Dash with no face - 3

Don't steal his NUTZZ... ><


Cloudy and the meat ball thingy ...
aha! cloudy cloudy ...

Harry Potter VS the pervert

Finally,That's wasn't his "pen" . aha....

"There's something wrong with Shirley wong."

Holding Tight !

kissie !

no attendance to Ken's big DAY!
omg, i know i gotta regret ! i wanted to go back earlier from ampang , who knows Traffic Jam at the time i wanna go back ! and who knows, the party was finally shift to Daniel's house ? T.T
i know i miss out loads of FUNZZ.
haiz. Forget about it ! time to Join Joanne and Sharon for YOGA.
i hope i not gonna change my mind later.