Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eveything comes to the end finally

wondering did my friends support the Earth Day huh?
For me, this is the first step but also a Giant step of all of us to do atleast a little for the earth.I support this activity a lot! Coz i love my HOME,my EARTH.
really really hope to have more this kind of event, almost every home that around my housing area have turned off the lights,throughout this i can see how powerful is the media works.In addition, i touched.......because i seeing all walks of life in this world doing the same thing at the same time for the same purpose. *smile*
28th March 2009 8.30pm
my home was like this

actually we were not considering as close up all the lights le, this is what i'm not satisfied with.Blame it to my dad, he was acting like a child said that he want just the TV to remain ON unless he will not allow us to turned OFF all the lights. omg. He thought we're just having fun on it. All of you should be understand, the older folk will be never ever understand why , Why, why....why we want to doing all of this???
for fun?

atleast i tried my best right? ^^


29th March 2009

The next day of Earth day was the birthday of my lovely Mammi.
i cant wait to pass her the present, but the parents have lost in the early morning....No wonder lo, that day was ChingMing .Pity my Mammi birthday also need to clean up the kubu stuff,like so unlucky . After Mammi came back home,she decided to bring us to visit ma lovely grandma ^^ so i followed.
My Mammi so good one, birthday will think of the grandma ^^
my grandma is a vegetarian, so we got vegetarian dishes as our lunch.delicious.I enjoy eating vegetarian so much,or should i say that my real identity is a bandaraya?? keke.
But, do you think vegetarian will be cheaper than the normal restaurant? Nope,the price is comparetively higher than.
i got no money...otherwise, i can treat my lovely Mammi and grandma the lunch.
Sometime really feeling myself so useless!!!

Then, something unlucky happenned.
My Mammi's car broke down on the road while on the way to aunty's house.
i know my Mammi must be very panic and sad on that time,but i couldnt do anything beside telling her to calm down.
So the car just parked a side on the road,luckily not highway.God blessing.
However, finally everything fixed with the help of uncle which is Mammi's brother.
Most of the relatives are living in Kajang. ^^ So Fortunately, we were at Kajang instead of PJ,KL or elsewhere when the car broken down.
God did bless Mammi, dont't you?

Happy Birthday Mammi.
Wish you will like the present and use it in the daily.

30th March 2009

Went to coll at 10+++am ...... i was late to the meeting because we saw a stranger in a car was just stop somewhere in front my house and he was staring at us .If he really not a bad guy then so sorry i know we should not judge you by the appeareace .To make thing worse, You're a malay,so i have to or i must take 1000 attention. Everywhere is unsecure now so forgive us to be aware of you.......
but you really looked wicked and looked like you're not a good person


i'm so worry of the safety problem now....!!!
i do not feel protected,and lost confidence to this social,this country.

After meeting,then is breakfast time.
mayb that should be considered as LuNcH ....
12pm Mcd super value set meal ,i chosen Fillet-O-Fish set . The way i ate my burger have been laugh by Jiawen and Daniel.
comment : They should have a trip to other's country ,to see MORE what they never see.That will be an eye-opener FOR them. keke.

Then, i wait for my dar arrival in Mcd with Sharon....
Yeah...finally get the software that i wanted LA. Thanks Hundred of time to Mrs. Sharon Heow ya.
Reached home,is the time of Dar to get the modem well fixing LA. Sorry lo Dar, scold you a lot. I know you are also learning ....paying effort....trying so hard to become a good techniqion instead of a TopSale. Sorry lo, You also looked so bad mood while fixing the setting mah. (X.X

After all, as usual we went to leisure mall for a movie.Wondering am My couple life very boring?Sometime i might think so.But appreciate what you Got, that's important.
Went to Game station before the movie, because he want to practise on his basketball wor.Ok lo...we paid RM 25 for the token??? not sure. Atleast i got an umbrella with the points redemtion. All the gift given from game station,umbrealla is the worthest one. ^^

we watched "KNOWING"
dunno-why i walked out the theathe with crying.teehee.
Mayb the artist acting too good or i'm too emotional?
"KNOWING" not bad not bad. I specially like the part when the aeroplane falling down ,the effect was like really happened in front of my eys and lastly on how our earth will be end ,it is all because of the sun. SUN, a thing that we cant stop it when it's come near to our earth but just waiting for death .It is indeed scary,but not to think that's impposible to happen .

I rate it as 8.5.


31st March 2009

Today i got 2 different presentation.
Currently like so "cincai" doing all this annoying,vexing assignment.
Presentation also cincin caicai.
Cause of the group member? Nope, we should not alwasy blame it to others .So that must be myself problem. Haiz...
so, what's wrong with me?
wish to read Read read more books to upgrade myself.I'm a shelf with empty content.
no knowledge...do not know more about sport,politic,historical,country,music,latest news.etc

very unhappy.
i dun wanna be like this...
i do not even know what the countrys having WAR now
i feel shame of myself.
Don't ask me this, Don't ask me that....
Me what also dunno one!!!
i just know how to Eat,Consume and ask for $$$
haha. full of shameful.

jZ read out what is inside the paper is called as Presentation? Useless le!!!
i need BRAVE too...
i want to guide people ,i wish i can be a respected leadership.People will follow what i'd ordered.
i don't wanna being like a Turtle like now
. althought i love Turtle

Hope without action is such of fool,and that is an action of an idiot.
I dun wan to be an idiot, i must follow what my heart wanted.
i want to be a girl with "Brain" and "Beauty"
I wan BB.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Miss me?

Hey.,.hey ....hey....
wong ee dissapeared in action for a while.
like ages i have no update my blog
but i think it's okay, can be forgiven, because writing blog isn't a necessary thing to do. To keep down all the good memories and nice pictures, i will be update the blog also just not so frequent or constantly.
Hmmm....another reason why i have no update the blog is beacuse something wrong went on with the connection thingy in my home. And i finally get know why---the modem spoiled !
my parents paid loads for the hardware in 2009 le !!!
Perhaps i can get everything fixed on next monday. Without internet at home really not feeling like living on the earth especially the past 2 weeks were the "super period" for the assignmentsssssss ~~~
due to my useless...i brought tiredness and troublesome to my group members ...
Majority of the works were done by my dearest member...
sorry again.
Currently keep thinking year 2009 is not a good year for me, many unhappy happenned.
Now i'm situated in Station-1 now, coz i NEED wireless to finish my business assignment !!!
damn troblesome.
next tuesday will be the presentation day,but the the slides not yet started to do .Last minute work again???
really hope i can banish the lazy genes in me.
After tuesday.....is STUDY WEEK.
because i never feel i got ever study in this semester before...compare with last semester, this semester i did nothing. But the result quite okay la. Satisfied one. ^^
started to drive to school with mummy sitting beside..
hmm...recalling back the first day how i drove to school the , i sweat. Luckily no accident yea.
really need 1000% attention to drive on the road.
so frens, i'm comfirmed driving to the school next Semester!!!
this time will be real one. No cheat.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I HATE this part like this

20th March 2009
Venue : MPH HALL, Bukit Jilil, Ah Keat's house

Really feel so sorry for the buddiessss le !!! I felt damn tension on that day, coz i was like a mother of the "ducklet" ...everyone was following me ....i saw their eyes were like fulled fill with hope and desired me to give them a good news.

but so sorry...we were really been fooling by that "Jeffrey" . From this, i learnt not to so believe a unknown. I hate him, if i saw him i will chop him into pieces.And everyone will do agree and follow.

Sorry daniel, Jiawen,Eunice,Bell,Jane, Yoyo,Pohling.....!!!

Especially Pohling...next time got job i also wont intro to you guys jor LA!!!

Pictures below are taken before knowing the Bad News ....
nvm, atleast we learnt a lesson.

And thanks for the Buddiesss....they never scold me (T.T)


Then, we headed to Keat's house since we got no where to go....

Big garden

i found a "DRAGONBALL" in Keat's toilet.


Keat's house was incredibely huge and NIce...!!!
and sorry for the guys ya....Girls always rely on your's vehicle.
No next time.....i promise to myself.
Driving soon....WAKAKAKAKA!!!
19TH mARCH 2009
i got a SAUSAGE egg Muffin + harsh brown + coffee
as my breakfast....delicious! BUT FATTENING
Bell and me
Xiao Lim.....Bell.....Me
UCSI had a LG Mobile phone roadshow ....
A cone of basket robbin will be given to whose that able to answer the question that asked by the MC...
Hep !!! i didnt participated...
In the afternoon,i got a "upgraded" basket robbin sponsored by Dash Chen....
of course, i prefer this instead of the One-cone of basket robbin huh!!!

~i love fattening FOOD ~
it make me happy and make me "strong" ^^
Thanks Dar....muack~
i used 15 min to finished the ice-cream b4 the movie get started
~Race to the witch Mountain~
I got the nuggets and meat balls before we go into the thentre...keke.
I'm sure one thing , i will not be suffer from hungriness when he is beside me.
The movie not bad....Alien , not a must looked like what it is from our imagination, it might looked as a human too...keke.

After than....Dar treat me Secret Recipe ...LOL
The foods eaten havent been digested .....


not bad.
The calories that contain in my body suddenly raise like nobody's business...
feel guity to eat in many drunk food....T.T
BESIDE myself, nobody can help me.
Matter come worse, when u found ur another part in life was work as a restaurant....
they offer you various of nice nice food, and all of those are Free and Fucking Delicious....
one day....you may found yourself looked like a .........
I DUN WANNA.......
dAR got a new doggie...
i named it Gucci.....
but her mother named it as Europe....
i prefer Gucci.

18th March 2009
Venue : Gilly Cafe
Time : 7.30-12am
Gathering again...And this is the most important one, Ma JiMui group....so hope everyone will be goin on that day, and they DID it !!! great !!!
The "full version family" appeared eventually....
is everyone, EVERYONE went it oh.......
SuYee, LiSuet, ChoiYen, Elaine+bf, MeiKuan +bf ,Ketam +gf
and Xiao Pei???
I have no idea why she/he came for the gathering, none of her/his business right???
Nvm la, my world got no enemy, bear it in my mind!
Yeah, since everyone bringing their beloved, so i brought MINE too...sorry lo, i know i not needed to introduce Him to my fren already since he already quite close to them. keke.
so, we're still so close to each other....REally so happy to see them !!! espcially Ketam!!!
she became more and more optimism already, Good !
And yeah,thanks for gilly cafe sponsored the birthday song and the ONE-PIECE CAKE that sponsored by Elaine....We did give ketam A Suprised AGAIN !!! cheeer
haha....i still can remember we did gave her a birhday celebration on last year before all of us moving into the nasional service, and that also been written in my 2008's blog too !!! and this is the 2nd time we celebrate together !!!
happy belated birthday Ketam !!!

Li suet and me....no much changes on her.

taken by Li suet

Dar joined us too...
he is the most handsome in the group...keke

My always besties...

Ya....one more person are mission as usual. But nvm, we dashed to her house to pay her a visit since EVERYONE was there on that day!!!

its was about 11 stg in the night, luckily we were still allowed go into her house...Otherwise, we gonna get disappointment again...

Such a long long time never see her already!!!

JiaLing growing Up....

She looked alike like her Mother...and she was a hyper-active Girl !

Dar and me

whoot...really so happy! We'll have one in the future too ya...haha.

Don't rush for it !!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sunday , Shopping with family, Sponsered by parents . Those 3 "S" principle is all my favourite thing ...!

Our family habit, we must eat before Shopping started !

We walked in the wrong restaurant-Little Taiwan, regretted not to choose Madam Wong.
But "新香港" was our always best choice!!!
Yeah...i love fattening food !!!

yEah !!! i got my Shoes eventually !!!
Haha...i feel that i was such like a child finally get my desired thing
Thanks papa, mama....Promised to wear it for the following 10 years.
celebrated Beng's birfthday at Neway...Long time didnt go N.E.W.A.Y.
Happy Bithday Beng!!! a person which is really "欠Beng"
Then, attended the replacement class on 5pm, which is originally on 4pm...
Not bad, due to the class delay, i get a free drink from Mr.Bteck! thanks.

This was the their comment for Mr.Gilbert .....wor !

hehe....good day!
i enjoy my life.

Wednesday (Today)
Time :12:05pm
I skip class today again....
Because dunwan to Tiring my mom for sending me to coll for the ONLY ONE HOUR AND 30 MIN MORAL CLASS.
Wanted to sleep longer, but i have used to the routine and wake up so early in the morning !
who can help me? i living in a too healthy lifestyle.
Yeah....having a gathering at night at Gilly Cafe !!! CAnt wait to see them!!!
all bringing bf or gf ya....wahahaha....
grow up la, everyone got bf or gf La.....
Recently really got a lot people date me le....
Tired, keep going out from the passed 3 week untill now...
Damn PK................................now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thurs - Saturday

finally got sometime for my Bloggie~ muack!

Date : 12nd March 2009
Lovely Thursday...

Mmm....had examination from this day until Saturday, effin tough to carry on this pressure and i have to learn how to stay in a "steady" situation.

tHE exam is after the computing studies class, i got study well for the exam...Just careless!!! i think, memorize using Butt instead of brain.i'm brainless,remember?
i took 10 min to finished the exam,i guess. I dunno why damn fast i wanted to leave the exam hall ,since sharon haven't finished her lab....sign.

Planned to cook a lunch for Dar as his wished.hmmm, quite a while never cook for him already since dunno-when? sorry lo~
i feel "SIN" for it.

Went to giant wit sharon to get the material for cooking,simply want her to accompany because she is a good "cooker" like "rice cooker" ? Keke, actually not really wanna go giant to buy the stuff coz the thing there wasn't fresh and i hate the most the security guard of giant !! All the bag are not allowed to bring inside, and how the way ppl go inside without their belonging such like camera?big wallet/purse?tissues?handphone?and MIRROR?
So, i learnt a lesson . Without bringing any big bag if i tend to go giant the next time.But no next time, i guess?

after finished buying all the stuff, we got our breakfast?lunch? in Pizza Hut
spent on rm2 for the Pizza Hut.
we did chat load while eating... ... ...at the same time, i waiting of Dar's arrival.
Thanks for the suprised,Dar~~~~
You are talented in making peoples speechless...!!!

Back home, have some huggie then we started to do our own thing. While i busy preparing all the food, Dar's busy on the War(a war game).....I enjoy this "family style" so much!!!

The product is finally come out like above...
looked nice? But inside S.U.C.K.
hmmm...atleast, i learnt a lesson on C.O.O.K.
Dar asked me to learn more from sharon.(T.T)
i need help sharon!!! S.O.S

after all, i planned to have a movie.A LONG LONG TIME, never enjoy a movie wit Dar already!!! Last time, we watched every new movie in the cinema, we paid aloads on Movie.But now, everything changed, everybody busy huh?
and this time, i'm the driver to sent him t leisure mall. He looked freaking nervous in the car, and act a lil bit quiet in the car.I guess this is due to his Super-ill-Worries on my driving skill.

No worries...no worries... i'm still taiping at here.

We watched evolusion DRAGONBALL.
Yeah!!! Justin Chatwin was so CUTE yet he looked like an innocent boy in this film, on the contrary, Emmy Rossum looked awesome!!! Where to find a girl looked perfectly as her? If not mistaken, she is the one who act as Rose in The Phamtom Of The Opera.

i got loads of food in the cinema such as chipster,fishballs,nudgets and coke. Satisfaction.
i would like a kitkat next time. TeeHee


Date :13rd march 2009
EXAM subject : Computing Studies
i have no idea what the xxx is Flowchart.
die hard.

Perhaps i can get many marks on where i aimed the most!!!

Koey went Matta Fair to seek the valuable package for me/US?
Thanks!!!whoot!!! Ecxited.


Date : 14TH march 2009

Exam Subject : MoRAL
Oh my wonderful Satrday, why the exam chosen you as the day of examination?

Due to the over-exhauseted within the 3 days insufficient of sleeping. I fall asleep from 8.30pm untill the 5am in the morning. Guess what? i never ever read my moral studies at all !!! And the test will begin on 11.30am.

i wondering why i wasn't nervous at all, like so confidence. This may because of i get some tips from my frens , all of them keep remind me to just read on the Question papers. And its really works !!! Thanks loads to Hang & Sharon.

and i nearly late to the exam hall !!! Why so effin Jam on the road on the Saturday 11am morning???
i walk so fast nearly run all the way rushed to the fifth floor.
Then, i saw eunice they all still waiting of the lift....whoot! Breathe like deoxygenated.
And yeah....the question really came out like what i wished. muacks!
perhaps can get 30/40 ?? i must be dreaming right. Nvm, be confidence is good.
Seem like this is the last exam for hang and me, so we planned to get some relaxation.
Its have been a while we never take spend some time to each other already, excited excited.
After met wit Thing we headed to The Garden for food.
Rak Thai .
The food was nice, the seat was comfortable, the service was good,the level of spicy was just nice, the price was so "nice", everything is good! keke
The same thing happened again , i wasted food AGAIN!!!
haiz...i hate peoples waste food!!!
why i can talked so much untill i forgotten to eat my tom yam kai?Beside,the taste of Mango Ice was so damn nice untill i cant leave my mouth on it!!!
The mango was so many on the top!!! Yummy!!!

The tom Yam kai---chicken
Tom Yam Kong ---prawn.
now i only realize.

feel so happy to have sometime with them...
we're still close to each other from the first untill now.



Oh yeah!!! SALES!!! SALES!!! megaSales reached!!!
Feel so pity of myself, i didnt prepared $$$ for the clothes!!!
But, clap clap...i learnt to behave and control myself from spending too much.
next time...next time....
They are always the best one to shop with.

MNG-simple and nice.

Authetic Padini
We love to packed ourselves in a small room.
See!!! eveything on our body is 50% beside hang's one which is only 10%.
betray Thing with this picts, because she molest me a loads in this room!!!
shhh...dun tell my Dash.

she is fairer than me. ^^


Hi-tea at <>

my emotion make the food looked so bad.

I'm always the centre one !!! Yeah!!!

The besties -1

The besties-2


Finally get a full version of Hang.

me get inside the pict again.
Preparing a amount of money to shop !!! i have to be quick before everything nice have been grapped by the others !!!
Hurry up shirley wong !!!

Yeah....my dearest babe, thanks for yesterday!!!! i appreciate a lots !!!