Monday, September 29, 2008

YEAH !!!
MY FIRST COLL HOLIDAYS about 5 days !!!
Dar got his first off day after 2 week non-stop working .Yeah~~ finally he got time accompany me.
onli 1 day
Quite sad also, i cant used to just spending one day with dar.
last time we can meet whenever we WANT !!!
i miss u badly !
i'm planning what to do with him, feel excited. I must appreciate that day so much.
Yeah Yeah Yeah ~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's shop~~~

Sunday again!!!
I dun like Sunday...if there have no parents at home !!!
Sunday suppose my family day, but dad already went for work as usual this morning and mummy in order to help my dad on "human resources"
On other hand, my dar also On duty today lo~~
Normally this type of job is impposible to be OFF on weekend.
cheer up ~~
i had met him yesterday.
finally i know where the place he working
atleast i paid some effort to find him
and did bought him a lunch
i felt sweet to buy him a lunch, that most of the time he was the one doing this action.
Soon, we'll get R-i-c-h
hehe....i wont give pressure on you. (mayb above sound does)
we must step-by-step ^^
we'll get our Target soon....i see it ^^
i will wait you ~~~muaxh***

Yesterday went shopping with XXXJiaWenXXX
She told me she got many extra money after broke up with his bf.
Sound so R-I-C-H
Make me wana borrow money tim...keke
joked pocket also quite "heavy" recently. :P

What a tiring day again~~
always get extreamely tiredness after goin out witg dudes !!!
i'm consider as "saver" cox i 'd just get 3 item
and left amout of money
i'd just spending alot on food ...keke
Dar sure very proud of me.....kekekeke

again and again------->Lau yat>pavillion>>Ts
12000 steps
burned 300++ calories
i'm always tell you, girl hobbies always got benefit to out health

oh ya...

27TH SEPT ALSO Jamie baby birthday

Damn happy to met her yesterday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! such a long long time never each each other. i really have no idea what to buy her as a present, so just simply bought her some Donught....she surely like it ^^


WE wondering why there was so many Malays standing outside pavilion.They were around 13-19yrs old looked so gengster but not really walking in a group.we noticed that they have been blocked by the guard from entering pavilion for several reason.HAHA .There was several youngsters are lucky and got inside,but the guard trying to separate them even they are in a pair. hmmm....We guessing bcoz of their dressing are not allowed???

Why the guard didnt separate or blocked JiaWen and me?? HAHA. What a fun phenomena

orever 21 @fitting room

isn't too old for our age??? i have no gain at there (>.<)

Demo-ing a shirt from forever 21. ^^costing RM45

that's all what i did yesterday.CIao~~~



A sad story

A sunday morning filled with sober after watched a movie from Korea.

a story about 2 children and a labrador retriever called "hearty"
a awesome storyline
Well. it made me cried as normal. Heartbroken ~~
Wondering why~~ i'm still in love with Korea movie !!
It let's me think of my dog that my parents had adopted at another fren house.
Suddenly so miss my dog
Every action that the dog did in that movie really looked very familiar with bobby
Bobby and "hearty" are the alomost same type . ( i guess)
jz mayb my bobby was mixed , so looked a bit different.

Dog do know human heart. And they do know very well....

When u tell them yours' heart feeling, they could watched into your's eyes or lay down their head on floor while watching at you.
when Bobby was still belonging to mine......i would talked to it ^^
am i crazy?

i Always feeling majority of animal are trying to tell theIR host stg...
just they couldn't do so ~
they cant speak....
mayb....they can?? just they dun wan scared the human being
who know???
Let's go and find and watch it !!!
Bring along yours tissue ~~~



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This all about She, her

i had just finished reading my 2nd lover JiaWen blog~~~

CLap*** Clap*** Clap ***

Let's give this brave gurl a salute or whatever~~

Dunno why, this feeling appeared in my mind

eventually she did it !!!
eventually She is the one chosen to leave that relationship !!!


am i bad??
i never feel so...
mayb that Mr.Foo is goin to blame me or what...
he is goin to thanks me???

Mayb the God purposely putting she and me in the same college was just want me to save JiaWen escape from his bf???
haha, insane me~~

she broke up with her bf like what i wished . ( not bcoz we're lesbian)
The main problem is from her bf. of course~~~

i know i'm not qualified such like a "gek po" to give any opinion to other couple about their trouble in love. *greekk* I'm just got a feeling wanna protect my friend from hurting by another. As a FRIEND, i really cannot just let them behind the truth,if i know something.
Seeing many reader from her blog had leave their comment such like

"dun think too much la"

"be tolerate for your bf la"

"must TRUST , BELIEVE him"

"be confidence on ur love"

SHIT !!!
What the purpose to ask to be together???
if she doesn't feel "love"???

If ME, i'm sure write " Dun Dream jor"
i'm always chosen to express all the words in my heart .
Really dunno it's consider as my shortage or not??
i cannot keep some secret AS secret~~~
She is really too STupid !!! and innocent !!!

Mayb the way my bf treat me is totally different from her's bf , so it made me feel very unnormal throughout that relationship .
last time always wondering why, my dar keep praising himself how good he is
how good is he treat me that other couldn't give me
now i understand...
the more friend i met, the more stories i heard
now i know there are really too many different types boys in this world
(my jungle girl character came out again)
i looked down those guys who didnt know how to appreciate a gurl
they flirting around
did told the gurl "i love you"
leave them unreasonable
i didnt mean to Scold someone here, NO any finger pointing toward Mr. Foo
He is just not ready in loving someone...
i'm just *protective*

lastly, a silly cat for the silly gurl . keke

Friday, September 19, 2008

a good girl expression

Day passing so fast.....
What a Friday?? A day comes by that shown a week is goin to finish,
Friday usually was a day that i would be waiting for in a week...
Everyone do got the same felf as me. (Mayb, atleast JiaWen is)


since i started my coll, friday doesn't meant anything already. I got class from 11pm to 5pm.
5pm !!! My studies fullfilled my Friday !!!
i don't care, bcoz my dar also dont have time for me already started from this WEEK. So, Friday??? meant nothing !!!

Today laughed insanely in psychology class. I dunno what the hack happened to me !!! The class is about 3 hours looooooog......!!! And seem like the Ucsi so understand about what the students wish .They wanna to let their students felt themselves were in winter condition (>.<)' So they opened their air-condition made us freezing all the time.

Recently everyday also stick with JiaWen, soon .....i will fall in love with her !!!
from monday-friday !!! Just like what she said today, we meet each other more than our's bf.
I duN WAnna ~~~~ Joking~~
honestly, i felt i'm lucky to get her as my friend ,atleast i still got the energetic energy to attend class everyday. Good la....coz we're quite "match" and there was a fate between you and me ^^
We have another 3 and half years to stick together. ^^
Actually what a conincidence, we're choosing the same main course ^^

Today in psychology class, the lecturers taught the topic about HAPPY.
When seeing the word of HAPPY , i could think about Jamie. haha. She is the most happiest, optimisim person that i have met.
Talk about Happy, i think i'm turning into better and better compare with the last time me already. I could think many thing in a positive way and not to compare to let myself feel better.
bcoz....JEOLOUS comes from COMPARE.
we should see what we having but not what we do not have !!!
we should compare what we got with the poor one instead of the rich one.

That's why....i'm felt satsfaction in life

Furthermore, i found out there were several of my friends have listed me as the Lucky one in the group, They would always felt they unable to get what i got.
i'm really lucky. At the same time, i'm appreciate what i having now. I do not want be regret once a day when anything gone in my life only realize how good there were.

sometime,i would really felt that i got more than enough in the state of family, sibling, friend and lastly Boyfriend
MAYb someone could judge my dar with many different complaintment, but who know anything that was happened and we'd walked along these years.
About parents have giving me everything i want.
they are not the wealthest , the richest....but i'm really satisfied.

Recalling back.....
recently i really get alot alot of thing in my life
i GoT new friends whose are really filled up my days,
i got a car, althought it's not a mini cooper or mercs or bmw....i'm more than satisfied
i got a stronger relationship with him, since we have lesser and lesser time to meet each other.
i got my pendrive. HAHAHAHAHA
(thanks dar....really suprised that you bring it to me in the morning)



i'm really a good girl...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i'm so late on here

omg omg omg .....
i was like years no update here.
there wasn't mean i have no special thing happened recently, there was alot of thing i did these days.....

i'm just lazy+busy+dizzy to update
Yesterday my dar has started his carrer , FINALLY ~
The day was reached !
The chance to meet is lesser lesser and lesser........
today is the second day he goin to work,hope he can get along with his working partner !
Dar is a smart guy.....
he can overcome any difficuities for sure !
me cant do anything to him, i'm just can stand by him when he is in trouble.

The journey of future is just started
All of us having a target
Now....Let's run for it !!!

Last weekend i replaced my friend Ah Moon worked as a DG promoter in Cheras Selatan
it was a sudden "invitation" again...
i'm really not good in reject ppl, that's why u all always seeing me doin this and that for my fren.
Nvm....she is a good fren of mine, so i accepted .
Plus, her bf had came back from Australia. No wonder she has no time for work la, she wanna to accompany his boi boi. I'm very like this kind of couple, both of them are so loyalty treating their beloved.
His bf went Australia about 3 month , and they still can maintain their relationship even more better than before.
6 years !!!!!!! They already together about 6 i managed to lend her a hand on my sweet weekend >.<
sound like i helping her, bcoz of their loyalty.
So bf and me also around 4 years........
i'm appreciate this relationship so so much ~
we had been leave each other about 3 month bcoz of the Programme NAsional Service !!!
i'll remember the circumtance FOrever !!!

no handphone
no 3G
no network

but we were still never betray each other during that hardship.
(this is the point)
So, sometime i could compared. ME and dar is much more pity than Ah moon and her bf. They still can see each other through 3G .
Ah moon told me, if i can stay longer with my dar as we can ,the duration of relationship will be longer compare with her's at the age of 22.

OKAY....LET'S talk about my job on weekend.
this is my forth job !!!
Hehehe......what a conincidence ! i'm A DG user.....
luckily not maxis, celcom or HOTLINK !!!
IF not i could be not-in-mood

"i will follow you"
so creative~~~
morover, it's sad to tell . There was all BOYS promoter !
i'm the ONLY ONE gal gal.....
they treat me so so good (^.^)
that was the first time , i got a feeling that i'm was like a pricesss for them.
that really feel good...
i'm quite enjoying , coz i had never got that feeling b4.....
beside of my dar la.
that was really different thing for me in that two days.........
ALL boy working around me, and i did chat alot with them.
i'm know i should not !!!
Mayb i'm too long time didnt interract with guys , BCOZZ i just face a guy that is MY DAR.
So when comes to some topic , i could like to know more detail from them.
Actually, i feeling myself like a "Jungle women"
Coz the first time, met guy that are very very addicted in branded thing.
a guy could spend 500 on his jeans
and lotsa lotsa NIKE shoes
he having very "expensive" outlook
he even give money to his gf and FORCE her to buy clothes in branded shop instead of sg. wang.
i'm abit suprised still got boy that care about his outer features ...
coz my bf was not
so what....??
call me JUNGLE GIRL la wei ~~~
Mayb i met several quite different guys in my circle of fren in DG, that i usually will not like them when i saw them at the first sight or first talk.
it's not a special thing, that i could simply hate guys......
bcoz Beside of my dar, i got prejudice against almost every guys
Do u guys know, since i coupled up with my dar.....
i becoming un-normal.
sorry to say that.
this happened Mayb is due to the usual "boy" friends around in my daily are "LaLa" or SporTy or Nutzzz or BaNana
their age are also around 15-18
unmature or ....???
i'm not sure
Sound like i never met someone mature in my life right??
YA.......(beside my dar, but sometime he doesn't)
Even DG
how ever a guy they act, they are still a GUY . a Male.......
they also did flirting me in the first day
ask my number
talking dirty-joke
watching other sexy gal


i hate the most is
he asked me "Am i still got chance???"
the first day we met, how can in Love??? huh???
if u in love with me, i'm sure u're not the serious one in love
i estimated he wasn't a good guy, of course not loyalty.
how can i Love you???
siao ~~~
they have talked alot of reality that happened between my bf and me and trying to break down us...
i'm admitted i quite admire to ....
BCOZ of his loyalty to his ex gf and his kindness
but i not love him
how can i love him??? right?? just like what i mention above.
on the last day working.....
he did told me
"if once a day u really break up with your's bf, come and find me"
( he is another that i mention above.)
i tak pandai main tipu
i'm goin to express everything here.

YA. i'm quite happy that he told me that.
not bcoz that i'd bored with my dar.
i'm not Goin to give up my dar


OF COURSE i was happy....
that meaning, i still got the *power*

i love my dar...
no other !!!
i love myself for being so loyal
no other !!!

muahahaha ~~~
i'm a good gal, no wonder other guy like me.
mayb he really can the see the inside me.

SO Dar.....
(turning into) Insane me~~~

finally, they're failed to do so
i able to think okay, dar....dun so worry
u and me had passed lotsa thing that another couldn't know.

but cant deny that....
they're gentlemen ^^
they could talk sofely to me
lend their chair for me to sit when seeing me tireD
thanks lo for those 2 days..
i'm so happy working with they all....
no stress
we chatting all the time
i was sitting somemore
no choice lo, i been force to work....i'm just replacing my fren

as a memories to written down their name to remember i had been working with DG b4.



HAHA, i know it's abit late to greet here and abit late to post on.Coz i need to put much more time on studies. haha

Tuesday , the chinese society had organized a mid-autumm party in ucsi. It's so fresh for me,coz my previous sch never had this kind of activities b4.So i decided to buy 2 ticket to join the party. U know?? sometime i should be involved into some activities that held in ucsi to let ourselves looked *active* haha

we would like to be good student that which is excellent not only morally but also academically. Wahaha.

I'M SO SO happy that i could celebrate this festival with my dar. First time~~ He was so kind to manage some time to accompany me....and got won 2 dolls for me ^^

there were quite alot of games to play....And our senior of Mass Com was the MC on that day.Hmmm....ok ok la....some of the performance did entertain me, but some could boring me.

the modern dance that we willing to wait for is's not good to say *SUCK* or *BAD* quite ok la ^^ hehe

I recalled back, the most made me laugh like nobody's business was the Lucky Draw seasion ! i didnt got any hamper on that lucky draw. But something happened making everyone there laugh like hell....! Both of the MC are chinese , but one of them are respomsible to translate in eng....when they drawing out a number, one of the MC did translate the number in eng after mandarin. But the indian heard the wrong number and get on stage to pick his present. So paiseh la wei, when the Mc found out the indian had heard the wrong number.


but, finally the indian consider as so forturnate and lucky. Bcoz it seem like the owner of 0880 is gone. The present also belonging to him. ^^ congrat congrat

that's all...........


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

walao e ~~~~
i'm now in "free and easy" cafe !!!
i'm here since 11am...untill now 2.23pm...i goin to stay untill 4pm later....!
suffering !!!
SIX hours !!!
where to go???? no idea .........!!!
why the class on 4pm and why my first class finished on 10am???
Tend to take shuttle bus later , haha.....have a tour one round then back to Ucsi ! Wahahaha...
this is what a person goin to do, when there is really nothing to do !!!
i'm *enjoying*

help me ~~

Sunday, September 7, 2008

a wonderful Sunday ever

Have a very sweet dream yesterday.
and my dar is gonna laugh at me after he see this for sure.
i'm in mood today.
So, i manage to make some drinks for my family.
some healthy and fresh drinks
lead to a healthy life
we must wash all the vege and fruits before we eating.
especially, when we wanna squeeze fruit juice together with the fruits's skin
bcoz eating or drinking up whatever fruits along with skin, can get more extra nutrient ^^
most of the vege and fruits contain many pharmaceutical chemistry or chemical fertilizar that can harm our body.
-TO dip the fruits and vege into water for an hour.
celery + apples
is good for patient who is in high cholestrol.
that's why i making this drinks for my dad.
the product coming out with 3 layers...
first layer used to be Bubbles...
remove , stir , drink

balsam pear + cucumber + sugar


we're not recommeded to add sugar in homemade pure fruit drink, but it's too bitter !!!

damn it.

pimple may Away you after drinking this.


Proton satria...

i'm coming....!

What a best buffday present that i have ever receiced....

thanks mama, papa !

Riduculous 6th night

I had passed my birthday....
with you. eventually
i got wait untill yours arrival in the night of 11.20pm , 40 min b4 my bifthday finish.

thanks...for everything YOU Did.......!
atleast know?

i really never thought that you would come my place in the night after the phone war.
it's so bad, after knowing you have bought me a cake and present and the whole family of yours are waiting my arrival to restaurant.

but i didnt attend.

hep !!!
All of this is really out of my plan...
i really unexpected my mom is goin shopping with your mom yesterday
and my mom cancelled the celebration on night by herself !!!
all of this is bcoz my Mother had confirmed the invitation of You ...!
and the worst is .....i'm totally blur about it.
Why dont you give me a call?? if you can call me to telling me "All is Over, i'm giving you stg tonight."
i'm sure goin !!!
the cake prepared will not be wasted already.


guess wat i did yesterday???
really no manners......!
and i'm regret on it.

i didnt attend for the celebration that organised by you and yours family
althought the attendence of yours mon !!!

Wanna say sorry to her, she is begging me to open the door for her.
and i had reject her and lockED myself in the room.
sorry for knocking the door for so long time, but 'm still refuse to let you in.

i'm really so STUBBORN !!!

i'm didnt meant to do that, I having some misunderstand with YOURS SON that moment.
everything is really get on my nerves
the sudden attendance of yours mom in front of my house really terperanjat me !!!
poor me been teasing and almost no celebrating my birthday with you~~~
poor aunty by "using" by his son~~

so, Dar...
i know this is once of the suprised you giving to me...
i spoiled it....
what to say is........
yours plan is not nice, not perfect ......!!!
and i'm sure your mom had "balck list" me
you see....... !!!
i really can feel your parents do "sayang" me. As what you say,
i treat them with bad manners, they still gave me call in night wishing me Happy birthday.
i love you all...
you all are my second family
promised ,No next time, k?

This final could bring BIG regretful to me, We have to pay for this time lesson .
I think this is due to our quarrel just to vent one's spleen and understanding.
The main is MISUNDERSTOOD ~~~

thanks for everything yesterday.

i'm so touched of your present on that time, and on that place.

i love you.....!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to myself

I'm here wishing me, myself Happy 18th Birthday
i'm officially 18 years old nOw !!!
Happy birthday to me....happy birthday to me....happy birthday to me~
Today i was trying so hard to make myself to be happy....
untill now..............................................................................
i have been laying on the bed for the whole day, really sad! cant imagine My 18th buffday just passing like that. Really no comment on it.....!
Okie. i should be happy !!! i still having alot alot alot alot of FRIENDS and the most important is FAMILY......they will always be there for me.
since yesterday until now, i have received all yours guys greeding via sms . Thanks so much. i'm appreciate it so so much. You all still put ME inside yours heart. ^.^
i love you all ......
Actually this year buffday is meant alot for me, bcoz i'm officially turning into adult . I really put my expectation too high and having a great desire to get something different today. haha. final answer is i failed to get it...!
Yesterday can consider as I never sleep....! from 12am to 6am. I cant do any explanation on it, why. I just wanna stay sms with my frens...but, haha they asleep. Nobody accompany me, i just keep my eyes opened for the whole midnite. My fren said that i'm too happy and that's why i cant fall asleep. was i ??? Not exactly.
Mayb i knew Why....
i may told you,i do not care about my buffday but i'm surely lying. I DO care of my this year buffday.
i do care it so so so much!
i knoe you have no money...coz i borrowed and bcoz of some reason cant pay back you instantly. I'm so sad to put you in this situation. It's shame to telling people that my bf have no money to celebrate with me. haha
Yesterday i wanna withdraw my money out to pay you back , not bcoz that i wan you to buy me anything. But, i understand your situation.
it's irksome when i'm failed to do so.
Yesterday i was so happy we can spend onli time together and spending the limit amount of money for our dinner and gift for baby gal.
i do not care to eat bad food, i can eat shit with you .
just make sure that i'm with you.
i did told you not need to celebrate with me today, 40% is truly from my heart. WHO know, u really no come...
man always never understand woman inside feeling.
i told you, i dun wan to celebrate bcoz i dunwan you to be stressful. You might be worry that the amount of money counldn't lead me a memorable buffday
that's why i telling you not to celebrate..
who know??
u get angry, and end up the call.
never come and find me untill now.
now is 6.38pm. i had passed the half day for nothing.
i thought you will come my house...
i thought we could have a little time to be together.
i thought u could hugging me and sing me a buffday song as i sang for you on yours buffday.
i not need a secret recipi cake. Mayb a muffin or donut , simple. but make satisfaction
you called me in the morning. Seriously i'm happy with that. Bcoz u awake quite early, usually u would never wake up on that time.
sure bcoz of me, rite?
you're surely asking me to go to yours restaurant.
i's boring. u knoe??
i knew this can save money, coz own parent business not needed to pay.
i dunwan...have you ask me why??
ALmost every , watever festival or celebration i went yours restaurant.
plusing, i'd comfirmed the date with my family. they bringing me to puchong to have a steamboat dinner together.
in the afternoon, you did called me again.
you told me that u bought me a gift and currently left rm7
you asked me, may us celebrate a special one this year with only rm7.
and promised to me. This is the last and onli year we celebrate like that.
never and ever again.
i didn't talk so much.
i'm refuse to go out with you this night.
this can make you, my bf into more shameful situation if we really go out wit onli rm7 !!!
I'm not look down you with rm7.
i'm jz understand, tat's impossible.
if we knew something that is impossible, dun let it happened !
i scare later what i wan, and you cant affort .Then you will be more upset.
but cant deny that, i'm quite touched with it.
i don't care to eat the lousiest food ever on my birthday !
how about you come and find me instead of goin out???
goin out is surely spending More.
i'm waiting you since morning untill now.
the time you called me already 12:36pm
now is 7.08pm
and sound like you not coming to find me.
What i wanna say is
but, i didn't tell you. I scared you putting yours wholeheart for choosing me a present, then i hurt your feeling again.

Friday, September 5, 2008

~Sis-tar baby full moon ~

Whoot~~ just came back from sis-tar baby full moom party.The scene of the party was bustle and cheerful by the singing of her granny~~
no wonder la, her granny has won a lot of medal and cup from the previos singing competition.
They prepared variety of food to serve the frens and relative.Damn many seafood~~ unfortunately i cant eat....
i ate b4 goin there , and completely full
Finally she got her baby born safely.She was a lovely baby girl ^^
What a conincidence?? Her surname is Chen well as my dar surname (many fren's bf or husband having thid surname le)
she having a pair of eye alike her mother.hehe
Before attend for the party, i got enough time to go around leisure mall seeking for the gift for baby girl...luckily and fortunately the class was cancelled.That's why i got time...hehe
But, i still hope i can get something special and meaningful for the baby. haiz...
nvm. i'm surely will ganti back de ^^
bcoz u're my sis-tar first baby !!!

call me JiaLing....

i'm siao ~~~

seriuos look...

go back siao again ~~

more and totally siao liao....
i'm looked so happy jz like i'm having baby by my own (o^.^O)
i laugh untill lost control , making her granny wanna reminding me to be careful caring the baby (>.<)

She is back to her mummy huggie again ^^

i love pink ^^

*~Yeah, frenship 4ever ~*


today is 5th sept, MayKuan buffday...Happy buffday ^^yeah~~~i got a present from my li suet too, thanks for your's chocolate. So sweet for me. haha

it's so good , i can meet dar earlier coz of the class cancelled like what i expected^^i'm so lazy...rite? not exactly....i'm jz understand those lectures feeling and attitude!!!

so so so so happy, dar got back his car and come and fetch me at ucsi.Dunno why, i keep smiling+laughing since i walking out from ucsi and the moment saw dar waiting of me in da car...^^ hope he never saw.Later he thought i'm gilar !!! haha

now what i wanna do is.....

withdraw my money as soon as possible

Dar~~~ T.T