Thursday, September 24, 2009

My little shout out

Where your promised Mr.DashChen ?
Waiting for you to bring me out for breakfast from morning untill now... ...
i'm hungry now, and you have borrowed my car.
I got no transport out for food.
Your handphone is out of battery
Most probably you havent get it charged
my numerous call to you had flying to voicemail.

Where are you?

I thought today is Friday
Daniel date me outing tomoro and i told him "I have to work tomoro, not free."
no idea why can i being so unconciousness.
Due to reason = TOO F.R.E.E ?
Yes, i think so.
attending only one course in a week , the others day remain so free .Beside keep calling Dash for bringing me out for F.U.N, i got nothing to do at home
bb Do admit, i'm very enjoying this type of life style

tension-free situation ))

my dad started to complaint i have too little time for them
Back very late night these day
Parent very unhappy with it
They nagging with my sister
i wanted to have a closer interaction with them
In my deep heart, I love them, nobody could ever replace them in my heart
but why i feel the GAP btw us?
i'm even closer my dash's parents.
sob, i'm so sad
i know all of these can be solve
I'm the KEY
I'M the one can unlock these locked door
Shirley wong,If you think you can, YOU CAN

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raya Holidays

Attended for the BBQ sessions in one of the secondary house on Monday night.
I felt the warmth of the old friends.
Attendance : Lawrence, Stephanie,WenZi ,Kelly,KahMun,Veron,Fei Fei,Sharon,Pauline and WaiOnn....

I looked very pale again x.x

i think the friendship of secondary friend is the one can last for long and unbreakable one.They knew you better,they are the one who have to face you everyday last time,they saw you been whipping by the teachers.On the other hand they see your various aspeck of victory.

I miss my gang of secondary friend in a sudden....
SuYee,Ice Tang,LiSuet,Ketam,Elain and MeiKuan.

They are sweet friend of mine. Caring and the innocent one.
For others, they might just a very ordinary peeps or bookworms of the school.For me, they're intelligent ,caring,treat friend sincerely and the most important is They Understand Me Well =)
hmmm, i'M NOT SURE i think most of them had finishing STPM right now??? I'm not sure wbout what are they curently doing because most of them are not using either facebook or blogger or even Msn.Due to this reason may caused me have less opporturnity to keep contact with them beside using SMS.
Haha..i don't know WHY too..

i miss you ,babes d

Lastly,i really hope you guys can faster sign up for a Messenger account

n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

On the next day, i have my breakfast with my family at Makhota Cheras (my 2nd home) .LOL
no idea why my dad wasn't in a good mood on that day. =(
Luckily got my sister, i think she always know how to cheers my dad well.
Finally my dad just E-M-O la, need to get people attention .LOL

Before leaving, he teased on my mom by not waiting for her to get into the car,then pretending the car is going to go while the others had get in the car.LOL.
i think this is the fun that should have btw a pair of old couple.

Afternoon, as DashDar promised he brought me to Sunway. Finally somewhere different.Pheww~
Wilson brought along his new gf also, the dota queen. This gf is gorgoues ! Cun ! Cun ! Haha.

I tiep all my fringe up with confidence.

We went to buy ticket at first, the queue is so damn LONG.
Wilson had booking for his's ticket with his i-Phone, so Dar asked him to find wireless to book for us again on the spot

the good news is he get to book the tickets for us .
the bad news is he has wrongly booked for the penang GSC for OUR's ticket.
oh my mama.....

So, we ignored the movie part and go for FOOD. fringe is back with me after few hours.

Octupus sexy mouth

My hair grow very fast.
Just a blink of eye, the hair has become longer already.Damn!

Thanks for the shoes ,Dar !
i rotated the wrong way for this picture,so as you can see i was actually stepping nothing.

His used-to-it Expression

I saw a boutique in Sunway, the tee,the dresses,the sneaker,the bags those are definitely MY STYLE ...
Dash bought me a bag and a dresses from that boutique.
Oh yeah baby, i'm excited for it.

The last station we went to Cheras Selatan for G-Force
very nice movie...
cute mouse, yes! for me they're just a mouse ! Aha !

Dash bought me quite a lot of thing recently
But i treat it as i owing him first.
Once i got money i will pay back.
Boyfriend is good, we can return them money whenever we can.
now i started to work...
i got my own pocket money from parents every month
That's more than enough for my daily use
Now what i have to plan for is to earn RM 1177 (1ST MISSION)
that's my retake fee.
After i earn more than that only allowed myself to use my salary to buy whatever i wanted.
Mission ON !
owing dar $ $ $
Here is the Invoice

Monday, September 21, 2009

Working in Ampang

Finally get some rest today,
remembered i got my legs so painful on the previous 2 days due to the new shoes >.<"

Incognizance I can get to sold quite many of the toothbrush ^.^
Working in Tesco is enjoying because without any too extravagant rule to comply with.
i can even talking on the phone and eating KitKat ^.^

Hope to get job in Tesco Cheras the next time. Nearer and conveniet.
But Tesco Ampang is nearer for Dash to pay me a visit =(

Nearly forgotten i've been invited to a BBQ party tonight,
i have no car....Gotta walk luh....

Friday, September 18, 2009

I want to go O.U.T now.

Dash Dar got meeting in the morning today...
and me, as usual always woke up very early in the morning.What can i do to kill time...?
Actually i got many thing to do...
Exercise,sweep the floor,clean the desk,change the blanket and bla....
Just not feel like moving because tomoro i gonna STAND & TALK for the whole day and i suppose to have a honey friday today. Teehee~
Didnt followed mum for breakfast, because dar promised me to find me later.Bringing BaoZi
Feel like burning money later, deciding how to burn...
Bring me out please !
hmmm,have some sushi later?
i-so-wanna !

Currently reading *Secret* it's abit too late to read it, and i found it was so fun and true.
What u're thinking will be truely happen.So do being positive thinking !

Yeah Yeah......I love HOLIDAY !
Say Bye to Mr.Tommy on Monday and Tuesday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Went for product training yesterday...
Wanted to drive myself, but end up i have no dare and coincidentally Dashchen was still worry about my safety so he sent me there :D
actually i'm not so happy after knowing it may take hours for that training, because i don't want him to wait me in the car for hours again like Monday. For me, his time is money cannot be wasted by doing useless thing. happenned and he did it again.

Thanks dar. muaxh!

dYou're my superMan.d

So fast, i get my job for this coming weekend already.
Its been a while i have no working as a sampling promoter, can i do it ?
My explaining like shit yesterday while training, have to improve myself in these day . I scared i will been tested by the product supervision who will be walking among the customers.
Will they walk toward to me and say : *Suprised ! You doing a good job/You're really the worst promoter that i've never ever meet !*
OMG,that is scary.

We got a very profesional occupational name so called Brand Ambassador =Promoter
cheeers *
aGonna talk in detail and asmile hardly in this weekend. Go...Go...Go....!!!

After SUPER big jam, i rushed to Yoga class...
Yesterday class was so scary, i know my limited of ability so i stopped the teacher from pulling my legs to *somewhere* ....i scare of death

actually i was so interested of taking pictures of every posing i did in class, but i couldn't . May ask for sharon to help me the next time.
Yesterday, my teacher was doing magic again so i quickly capture down the posing she did.Haha! Sharon was much more faster than me to take out her camera huh....funny.

She is so flexible

After that, i went to night market with Dash dar :D
starving for food so we got PanMee and Soya Bean Toufu Fa Thong Yuang for my dinner at there. Both of my favourite food :D
*thump up

Then i get myself a boxes of apple mask , a T-shirt, 3 pair of cutie earings and 2 books.
OMG, The fake CroP shoes are so C.U.T.E ...
I WANT ...!!!

Lastly, we have some chocolate ice shaving at 100YENS before we leave, when everything is melted, it's no different wit chocolate milk :D
so nice...
nah nah nah....
Happy happy day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Seafood that i've never tried

ShirleyWong was so bloody lazy of updating the blog these day !!!
not a necessary, but i really want a lively photo album for myself so i'm here now.
It's tiring

By the way, i want to force myself to be efficiency and keep my blog to be A.L.I.V.E ....
Beside any of the happenings,events or individual matter, today i gonna post something about the food i had never tried before in my previous years.....


The very Pure and Pale me was being a very good daughter in the previous lovely sunday to accompany my dad to somewhere to buy fish.Wasn't sound so good? The W.H.Y is as everyone knows DashChen mother is doing restaurant business so she do knows where to get cheaper and the best seafood in KL with the wholesale price.
As aunty knows my dad was "morbid interest in FISH" so she want to bring my dad to have a look. The W.H.Y I followed is because i wish to meet my Dashchen in weekend so we tagged along.

Just showing off of my nose.

So the shop is located at Selayang...

The six aquarium which is with Lobster, king crab and geoduck were seriously have my eyes stick on they at the first i walked into this shop. They are just so real and lively right in front of my naked eyes, since i have aften just see these kind of seafood in television.....

Ahaha! call me SAKAI ~

They looked so delicious, don't they?

I just so love what the way he is...


Aunty Jenny was picking up the still nice and fresh died creatures in the water.

Because we are not affortable to buy the undied one. Aha....
So we just waiting anything that is died, then on the spot we pick it up and buy, this can be 50% cheaper to buy compare to the living one.

1KG RM228, how to say if the king crab is to be above of 1KG??

mean RM 684 will be cost for a 3KG king crab....
such a Luxury

adik-beradik Spider .....

In a good luck, a king crab was died and we as the early bird get the king crab.

Due to the death of the crab, it's just about RM 90 for 1KG. So W.E the lucky one decided to buy it and have a try .

They also having this California Geoduck, i wondering how this creature can be eaten.

Ugly huh?
Adik-beradik Pennis (>.<")

There provided service to help the customers to processing the seafoods they bought.
I think the external shell of the oysters are harmful ,it's very hard and can easily get your hands injured.
i got my hands and legs injured from the oysters before since very long time ago when i having fun in Pulau Perhentian .The wound can be very deep (T.T)

Aunty bought these....
i'm not interested (>.<")

At last, we bought Soon Hock,Lobsters,king crab,prawn,Patin Fish, some kind of LALA and bla...
totally RM 660+++
Personally not really a seafood lover, curiousity make me feel like i must have a try on it.


with rich filling..dayumm

One day i will get very high choresterol and hypertension if i keep eating with no control....
no choices because i'm live for eat instead


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I got Gourmet's luck

Believe it or not, i really have gourmet's luck always get the chance to get something very nice to eat.
Hope this can last forever....
Going for my Soon Hock Fish and Alaska King Crab later...
saliva dropping *

Thursday, September 10, 2009

YoGa addicted

Quite stress yesterday....
c Both of my friend argue already due to some misunderstand c

Went to Yoga as usual , JoeAnn's friend joined us for her virgin Yoga class.
Yeah, as what JoeAnn said, Come~Come~ Everyone let's join Yoga Club. Aha!
All of us have a same idea is, we met a very professional and helpful teacher :D

Feel so satisfied with my Yoga lessons, luckily i had choose the right one at the first . I think i really couldn't get the real result from practising Yoga,If i joining my mother's Yoga class which is stated at Segar Perdana, in worse i may couldn't enjoy the real fun of Yoga.

My pants yesterday

i don't like it actually, just simply wear it as long as the pants can support the big movement and action and strong stretching during the class.

Lastly i wish i can become like the S.p.i.d.e.r.m.a.n which is recently climbed up to the top of KLCC. People said he is also a Yoga learner.

Let's work harder...

still many to improve, many sweats are to drop.....

and when i can do these, please call me as P.R.O and perhaps before 3O years old.


A party will be On later....Yaki Yaki again, thanks dudes !

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My 19th Buffday

it's been a while i have dissapeared in action...
Unavoidable, i'm officially 19 years old now, actually i just hope so much i can stay in 18 years old every year. Never mind, people may undergo different kind of experience and gains when come to different category.Cant escape, Just accept.
So, just appreciate my sweet 19....

I want buffet desperately, so i must go for it for my birthday!!! After searching and searching, i was thinking of ICHIBAN Japanese buffet which i had been there when i was 14 years old? and the price is just around rm 50++
But the problem is, i don't know where is it CANCELLED.

THen the next list is's rm 80++ for dinner
Too expensive, B-Y-E.

Then Dar thought of bringing me to AH YAT ABALONE because Dai Hong is working at there and now there are having promotion set lunch which is around RM 60 per person. But Dai Hong said it wasn't worth at all with the mini-cute- little- baby abalone . So just Forget-About-It

Finally we went to YAKI YAKI ...
the Japanese Barbeque Buffet...

The charcoal barbeque

limited Dessert

some unusual frigtening tasted of Basket Robbin ice-cream.

and the greenish creepy juice provided.

However, we still enjoy the foods so much.
As a thrifty super good girl, i seldom simply burn the money in daily so i have been yearsss never been to buffet already. So we did enjoy it so much. .TeeHeeee.

The Barbeque King


from sharon f

from eunicef and Jiawen f

The chicken brother from Daniel fand Cloudy f
2 i like it so much luh...
Now my sister using it as a alarm to wake my brother up. Ahahaha!
Today is 090909
the date is so nice for marry.
How much i hope i can marry on 090909. Envy**
i know that's impposible.
Dash Chen.....你要负责