Sunday, August 30, 2009

i have a happy holidays

Wow, here comes the S-U-N-D-A-Y.
not a sunny Sunday, but rainny.
The weather is so COLD now.....

What-to-Do later , i still have no idea....
thought of stick with my Dash babe again today, we stick together about 80% for this month.And once we no meet for one day we feel uncomfortable ,dizzy, nausea, and no appetite .LOL

Yeah, i got Neway member card already...
gonna become Neway Kaki already...
Keep thinking of going to sing k everyday now because i can get cheaper price.Aha~ But, as i know, weekend usually will be highly cost so no-hope !
hmmm.....i think i have deeply fall for singing already.

Friends, i can borrow member card to u if u need it :D

Finally , i got an A for my foundation in ENG...
happy but curious...
hmmm....i may wonder is that the kindness of Mrs.Jenny so i can get an A or the A obtained is truely according to my ability..HAHA

I think the true reason of A is because i got the tips la. HAIZ....
However lah...the results for other subs are not published yet, and according to my six-sense i will failed ONE in this sem ??? T.T
I want go to the degree programme without any incident .
pray hard hard.....

PitThing moi is studying in UCSI start from next week !
this is a real and reliable happening .Ahahaha~
gonna be closer ??? i guess...
But when is the sleepover in hang's house gonna BE, that we promised at the last outing ?
Since holiday is O-V-E-R .....
nvm luh, many chance in the future.. :)


Happy Merdeka...i love Malaysia, although you're dead bored

Thursday, August 27, 2009


escaping from boredom
sing k later....
but the boys are LATE, now is 2.53pm.
not worth if we're late to enter the room. #$%!@


The fun of my whole holidays is Playing-with-the-C.A.T


Reopen school soon,currently waiting of my results !!! Gan-Jeonk des ~

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dash Dar 19th birthday

When is the orientation Day?
No direction at all about when i have to go back to school....


The birthday celebration for DashChen was awesome !
The birthday eve has given to his "BROTHERS" and me, of course.
Due to various reason of the BROTHERS'S GF, i'm the only girl girl ... ... ...
Dar was planned to pick me up at 10pm, ended up he reached my place at 11.15pm


my mom nagging on mi so,he had been scolded by mi ^^

Cancelled to Look Out Point after all, we went to the biggest FUN FAIR that recently appeared in Balakong at 11.30pm. *this is the boys plan*

It's a new experience for me to go FUN FAIR in the middle of the night.

They eventually get some small gift and numerous cans of COLA for my DashChen as his's birthday present. :D

The ferris wheel is so nice,it looked so spectacular with the colourful bulbs decorating the whole big and round wheel.How good is it,if i got a better camera to capture down the ferris wheel.

After all we went to Serdang Lake walk for supper.DaR was really very like that place indeed. !

there was crowded with people no care it was 12.30am in the night.


i know You're glad to have me as your gf o~

They play a quite important role in Dar life too.
from left, Wilson.....Dash.....Dai Hong


The 23th August had reserved for families.
his families is including mi and my family of course ! blerk!

my mummy with entire BLACK. >.<

let's see

whose little doggie here...

heng heng

That Gucci just cant stop licking Heng Heng >.<


What a coincidence, the guardian of Tamil was in the same birthday with my boy....
According to the custom, the tamils used to parade in a group of hundred people on this day.Dar's restaurant and the other processing restaurant as well have prepared some drinks and foods for the contingent of paraders .

Just like doing charity
All the drinks and foods are FREE for them, and once the paraders passing by in front of the shop we have to distribute all the foods politely and sincerely ....i guess according to my observation lah.X.X

bEcause my dar's family did it....

Aunty Jenny had bought >RM 200 coconut ...
The coconuts are to used to T.H.R.O.W on the floOr and this is what we called as "buang 衰"

Here the guardian reached.....

Very beautiful.....

The paraders will stop and WE started to throw the C.O.C.O.N.U.T.S
while throwing, thinking of all the bad and unlucky thing ALL GONE AWAY......

Finally the whole street was full of C.O.C.O.N.U.T.S
> RM 200 gone ~

We get a white dot on our forehead....
new experience....

This is clearer.....

C.O.C.O.N.U.T.S everywhere, the road sure very Sweet.

India Boy....

Me is still Japanese Des~
paiseh loh...kaka

The restaurant was in hustle-bustle.
After all, 11.30pm only the cake cutting season....

this is from Aunty Jenny, Dash's Mom....
The surname was wrongly written, SWT. I think his mom wants her son to have the same surname as her's indeed ! KAKA.

This cake is from my Mummy...
Yeah~ is DASH C.H.E.N !!!

Cakes 死你。。。哈哈

One of three cakes is belong to his TONG SOU...
She is from Thailand...sawade-cup ! liang jing jing des!

Yeah...the dog is belong to her's. HAHA
Envy her for having a very caring husband.

 boy Birthday just end like that.

Peacefully with satisfaction.

The watch must wear as long as you can oh~

Because of the watch, i lost my entertainment in my holidays. kaka.

*Sumtime, i hope to having a camera....the pictures taken are so blur with the 2 megapixel handset camera. ISHHHHH~ *




现在的面膜都好便宜 !!! 开心死了。


Thursday, August 20, 2009

No "take 2" Photoshooting.

20th August* 2009
Photoshooting Day

unfortunately the huge pimple on my face "exploded" the day before photoshooting .
no choice, not in the best condition today.
Suppose to say, i'm always in bad condition due to my giant body size, accumulated fats and sad face :D
summore the camera doesn't has any photo review and delete . X.x

Tensent, hmmm...he looked sissy in this picture. LOL
Yellow flower- me. Yellow always belong to WongEE.


Rushed to dar's place as i promised to him yesterday.
He is so sweet, come to me at 11.30pm yesterday just to feed me dessert.HAHA. No choice luh, me NEVER FULL >.<

Drove many kilometer todae....
Didnt expect i got to "drove" at there also....




He doesn't looked extremly handsome, but he can be in the future :D because he is congenitally born good. LALALA

He likes to playing with his tougue. Gonna cut it down next time !!!

This pictures is really so ugly ! Mounth open so wide and do looked like Jolin Tsai's sympolize big mouth >.<

No choice luh, he made me laugh. I think people in daily NO CHANCE to see me laugh like this.Because i shy........*neh, someone said i shy to show out my tooth* . Ya, right right.Bingo.

Today is a good day . Thumb Up*

Good weather, Good lunch, Good happening, Good cheese tart.............

More three days to go is the day, and tomoro gonna get the xxxxx.






Sunday, August 16, 2009

I want peaceful world.

i'm so happy, my friends are planing of mine _ _
i want buffet !!!
since Dash has failed to bring me there in valentine,and i think the foods there must be not half bad.

sandy chen .....where are eu? HAIZ.Celebrate bersama-sama lah !

why my dad cant stop buying clothes.
why my mom buying a new bag again !
why my sistar buying Michael Jackson album again.
why my sistar was like gone mad when see Michael magazine and album.
why my sistar can protect her magazine with found no any finger nail traces and creases.
why my brother being so mystery, sign up a blog silently and secretly.
why my brother always keep his room's door shut. Something un-exposed inside?
why my dash pamper me so much .

In taiwan, due to the tragedy many aborigine have lost their beloved and dearest one. Their house and their homeland been carry away by the merciless floodwater, the villagers just sleep peacefully under the mountain clay.
After the earthquarte in Si-Chuan, this is the second one.
i feel so scare, the power of disaster is unavoidable, irreversible and UNexpected. If the day will come to me once a day, i will accept it but please allow me to die together with my families and love one and whom i care.
It's intensively painful to live to see the love one to died.

i got no idea which god should i pray for, i'd never pray for buddha in sincere although my families were in buddha.
God is onli the one and only, i pray . I want a peaceful world.

a murdered case happened behind my house. A guy been shoot by a gun this morning.
Criminal everywhere...
everywhere un-safe.
As neighbour told us, our house easy to get the baddy attention.
our house got no money, just looked nice from outside.
in addition, start from now i will be alwasy alone in house.
safe me, if i did missed call eu. HAHA.

TO baddy : Dun judge a book, by its cover. :D

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My hands in pain NOW !

Situation : After examS. Finished foundation programmeS totally 15 subS . Tension-free.

Thing to do : Enjoy myself .
Improve and Upgrade myself, tougher life will be in the degree in Mass Com.

Hope : I can passed the papers with no any sub or retake !

Time was like dashing like lightning, already one year. Hi friends, we've been knowing each other about 1 years. Within this year, we know each other "more", really. Just like what XXX said, "see through". HAHA. Yes, me also "see through" loong time ago and after open minded i able to live happier and freely .

Learned to be SMARTER, otherwise rumours will generate and spread like nobody's business.

Wednesday went to Y-O-G-A
teacher praise me pretty :D
thay day was doing handstand AGAIN ! But this time using elbow to support the body.Before that, we have to measure the distance about where should our elbow situated on the ground.
Sharon and me "so clever" , situated the elbow at the wrong place and get our elbow badly hurt.

first day

2nd day

Yala, it looked doesn't matter at all, but quite pain because is Elbow so easily to get knock.
So, i still couln't do Handstand !!! Keep on practice ba, teacher say my hands and my shoulders got no power T.T

my hand pain pain, need somone to pamper. T.T


Nothing special, attended dar's tong gor saloon opening ceremony in PANDAN INDAH after acounting exam *Damn accounting paper make me fainted*. Many sawade-cup sawade-cup people there.

i thought i can get free hair treament / free hair wash/ free hair cut/ or free hair dye/ free manicure,pedicure ! kaka...thinking too much. Finally i get nothing


THE way to washroom. keke

the washroom. keke



all the foods are tradisional thailand food , not so suit my favour. :(


Pork-many pork in thai food :(

Otak -otak

Today is MR.keat big day ! happy _ _ th birthday, not sure, but sure very old.
I 'm so excited now, the movie today is *DISTRICT* .
cant wait.