Saturday, February 28, 2009



Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mouth Shut Pls

Stupid Wednesday attend for the 90min class, then can ciao~~
Suprising my mom asked me to skip class .... Jz like what i said, she getting bored to sent here and there.
i guess i can drive after 2 month??? *Frequently PraCtising silencely*

What use to skip, if i cannot sleep longer. I'm still awake in the early morning.....
Recently hardly to get a good sleeping condition, pimples also grow out under estimation.

I found out i got save Money in this week...
i use it up in one afternoon.....swt
A aFTERnoon with ***Thing ***
Never mind....keep going the next week !!! Sure can save more !!!
Because i wanna get my shoes AsAp !!!
i got no shoes to wear.... My legs need protection....

let's see how i spent the moneys on Wednesday ba ~~~~
Yea.... firstly, she brought me to Jalan Peel for the Spirit, Roxy, MNg outlet.....
as long as i'm alive....i never ever know, There got such of place like that .There got Starbucks, Basket Robbin and blablabla..... ! Lousy me ~
Hmmm...i'm not understand : what is outlet???

Because i found an old shirt that my mom bought from MNG was still selling at there.
Then, i get myself a Tee from a Boutique and a skirt from a Boutique ^^

Then.....its the time to treat our stomach . Pity Pity my stomach never received any food from morning untill afternoon......
Tend to eat ma Stone Rice at Kim Gary, but finally we have our branch at Black CanYon.

Everything was pErfect....The only thing to complaint is the TomYam soup jz having too little of seafood inside. Lastly, the soup really fanstatically grumbling my stomach.... >.<



and i guess this may be the main purpose to catalyse the growth of pimples
Always wanna cry ....i bear the tears not to drop off and i keep the sadness in the deepest way of my heart. This is really hard for me , because i always tell out Everything to ppls whose i always put them as my dearest.
ME nearly considerated as no secret.
I do not know somebody like me , which is tell out everything can create such of many problems ......
i damages the image of my Dar in front of my frens....
On the contrary, i spoiled the fame of my frens....


i'm really Brainless ! sign !
Now...everything must after filter then only speak out.
i better keep my mouth Shut

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Now i realized..............
The bond was just so fragile................
yea, Dar totally never believe one of his friend , he always show the 2nd characteristic infront of his friend.Friends for him, is nothing. Am i willing to turn so???
Started not care, not to ask, not to be involved.....
Not-to-care doesnt easy to succeed.
not to deny, Not-to-care will be very useful to me, coz i'll not get influences by them anymore ^^
No matter wht they say,what they did, how they keep thing secretly, and How they feel about me ^^
feel so relax now....................after open-minded.
Thankx for my Lovely dar, always did brain-washing for me.
Omg..............really damn- freaking-fucking RELAX now .

Dar said

everyone has their own secret. So, do not exist any heart feeling when the others chosen not to tell you the happening.


Dar always remember me,

When i got nothing left to treasure , atleast i know theres always "a HE" there for me.

"a He" that mAy not exist in their entire life. And throught this , I WON already.

Yea...i got everything since i'm 15th jz i didnt realize and keep yelling FOR MORE.


Just NOT-TO-CARE about the annoying thingy ba !!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Station 1

The location of Shirley Wong is at Station 1 now....10:07pm
surfing the net for the information of Moral ASsigment....
they sing so sweet.

Enjoyable Outing.

Yea....long time never have outing with ma sisters , so it was full of joy and laughter.
OMG~ i ate 4 days of MCd breakfast ....Because we got loads of coupons ==
and we always can spend hours chit chatting at there.
the fats and calories accumulate like a mountain high in my body. Shit~

Wanna to have some movie on that day, dunno-why i was quite excited about the later on movie. Like a while never watch movie ....totally outdated about the latest thingy ><>


big head VS small face

shopaholic........ME. ^^
but, i think i've changed a lot a lot a lot.......

My seat-11.
Guess what?? we watched Eden-lake.
while the movie going on half way, i really frustrated and nearly cry desperately in the cinema

i closed my eyes and ears simultaneously (although i unsuccessfully to did it both)
really cant accept the story line begin like that, the movie make me so SAD.....sad.....sad.......Beside sad , no idea what to say so.
mayb i was just too EmO?
without deny, the story line was nice. It a true fact that we should pay on ....
sorry ya....i'm a person who may think in many way toward a movie , a song, a word.....

i totally cant used to the absent shoulder beside me, when i need it to lay on when theres any unfavourite scene appear....

i really too in-love to "manja" my dar....
every boys who sit beside me , i always thought that was HE and tend to lay down on their shoulder T.T.
Be caution..Be CAUTION....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

About what???

feel like never take a proper camwhore after haircolour...

today very semangat to enter the C.E class in the early morning, becuase this is the first time i reached school quite early ....this is because we used the eternative way, not bad not JAM at all.....

who know, CLass cancelled. funny.
then,everyone of us suddenly blank out and dunno what to do.....
everyday thinking the same QUeSTION: where to go??? where to eat???
not bad not bad....let's my brain funtioning abit , otherwise i may get my memory lost at the age of 30.

Actually peoples often read my blog and get know UCSI always class cancelled, and i would like to know What will they feel about this university. OR i better don't write it down the next time. ^^

i have no camera to use now...
pity pity...
left a SLR at home only...
stupid SLR , SO damn complicated nor complex to functioning....
What....ISO, NIGHT MODE, blablabbla....
hope to get my "mini camera" well fixing soon....althought i hate olympus so much.

may be a sugar in our daily life.
but, it may bring tears too....
perhaps the tears appeared cause of touching or hapiness...
perhaps peoples can always ignore about the love and goal on OTHERS first.
its nice to say but without an action, especially ME.
(ma sisters will be absolutely agree with me)

Yea....another 2 OUTING will be on tomoro.
Let's forget about the Test anD assignment ^^

A lesson

Think twice
Keep the mouth shut
abide for everything.
is a way to maintain a friendship and especially a relationship. ^^

Saturday, February 14, 2009


its been a while i never write down my routine nor my daily life....
Mayb my life was too meaningless.HAHA.
In addition,I not think peoples like to know more about what i did, in case anyone whose fall in love with me,and they're willing to do so.
I do not know how long i have no touch my book since the 2nd sem started untill now, the research about the assighment i just left it untill the last minute....Very-irresponsible-ME.
i must BANISH the laziness from my life !!!

I have cut my lovely thick hair....
PLS accept the new-ME.
Dunno-why.....i keep feeling hungry recently....
keep eating ....
untill i cant accept : why i turned like this?
Talk about EAT. I went to OLDTOWN for numerous time in this sem. UNtill i drop and feel vomit.
we impposible to cut the relationship with OLDTOWN .
HMMM...i think i can...if i go back earlier after the class ended?
LASTLY, I addicted to the food that selling outside of library.

Yeah...wanted to re-dye my haircolour this morning. But then end up with treatment only.
Because many people like my hair ^^
Yea....the story is begin like this, mummy date me breakfast before we go saloon. Then, i felt many peoples staring at me. TeeHee. The aunties praise that i looked nice with ma hair...and the main role-my mummy....which is the one cant accpet my hair-colour also said my hair colour looked nicer after 2time of washing. So, she trying best to convince me not to re-dye lo, later the colour comes out may not nice.
So....we still goin into the saloon, Not re-dye BUT treatment lo.....
My hair shiny shiny now ^^
HAHA...helloooow Eunice, hellooooow Daniel, hellooooow Tang.
i know my hair very nice, and i didnt re-dye. Don't worry ^^

Today is Valentine....WOR.
Dunno how was my friend celebrate le....
SoHappy that i received 2 valentine present from frenS...
You see...FrenS are always there for YOU.
So sorry , i have no buy u guys anything...
Next Year la...
Exchange Present on every Valentine ,Christmas, and blablabla then ON lo....^^
heart EXISTED, a kiss also can de ^^

Monday, February 9, 2009

Great VS bad

My stupid dar forget to bring his handset to work...
careless man!
i feel like shout out his name now ~ ~ ~
Something should be happy happened in MA family on Saturday ^^
Really happy, dad said it had been a long time never "BINGO" since my brother born out.
I think what i wrote will make u guys misunderstand...keke.
Whatever , i feel so happy but it's not so good to tell out.

Yesterday We went to 1-Utama...
quite a while didnt went there, i attracted by the Foods there instead of clothes ^^
i tried a "egg white tart" ...Yum Yum...
taste just alike the original one, but less fattening i guess because the absent of egg yolk ^^
Then, we go *see see* abalone and those expensive bird nest.
hehe...just dreaming about how the wealth peoples live their life.
Then, BAKA me went into TOPSHOP, FOREVER 21, LEVI, and blablablabla....*see see* again. HAHA. however, no matter, what happened WE must also use $$$ wisely ^^

But !!!
i really cannot stand FOR the Camel Active shoes anymore....
I still remember , Dar nearly buy me a pair on thursday ....Jz the stupid salesmale ruined everything. LCLY !!!
You think my dar cant afford to buy me expensive shoes huh??? Or u think i'm not qualify to wear the shoes??? MOTHER XXxxXX.

wHO know?? My father goes into the Camel Active shop yesterday...
I was like "don't !!!"
then, no choice, i followed. ^^
it's so suffer to spot the shoes Again Again and Again.
Guess what, my mummy willing to paid 50% for the shoes.....
TOO GREAT but TOO BAD , i decided not to buy .
^^ i also dunno what the hell going on me.
dAR, i want hug hug.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Suprising Happening

Good Happening....Good Happening.....!
I'm studying Computing so hardly now just to score FULL mark for the little test tomoro.
Then....Then.....Then hor.....
i noticed my lappie has connected to the wireless. *a wireless from where???*
Great !!!
i thought it can just last for a few second.....Who know, i'm still ON the line now.
That's why, i do some update here. ^^
Let's talk about today huh,
Yesterday was so tiring, due to the very excitment badminton in the afternoon , my leg also hurt already. Then....bla,bla,bla,bla 4 dudes came my house for Angpao.i thought i gonna take back atleast 3 Angpao from them....who know??? Only 1 from Tae mummy.
bLAblabla.....i got a very sweet dream yesterday night. because i went here and there. So, i decided not to school in the midnight...."hehe" i can make a decision in a sudden and in whenever. Forgive me.
so , i turn off my stupid Alarm! (devil instigate me to did that)
I planned nicely, because my mummy wont wake up in the morning unless i awake her.
Guess What???
She awaked me at 7.10am.....
i lost................................................................already.
Due to my guity, i get myself well prepared in a super speed.
we depart from our home at 7.20am >.<

i'm so fast, because i didnt change my sleeping pants and wore only selipar to school. Simply grap anything needed ....So what??? attend for only half an hour class LE !!!
I'LL will back at 9.30am.
That's why !!!

Something more fun happened then.....
CLASS CANCELLED once i stepped into the auditorium.
MOTHER xxxxxx.

Don't make me angry ar UCSI.
I'LL throw rubbish everywhere da....!!!

So, i follow the original plan lo....Join sing K with mA sisters , elsen and Keat.
HEHE...i meet you today. SUI poh !!!
~~~~ah THIng ~~~~
i know you're my blog supporter ^^
Hellloooow !
bye. Writing too much

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kuching Trip .

The day we depart from LCCT kuala lumpur.
i'm well prepared ,with all those sources and survey done....and here we go !
and i knew my nightmare was begin.....

i hate to take flight !!!
got strong wind on that day, so we feel like playing roller coaster while in the plane. KAKA, i was just exaggrate about it. Well, we're safely arrival.

The cloud jz like bubles.
we got 5 passenggers all way to Kuching, without doubt there was very inconveniet when we wanna to go somewhere else , because taxi jz accpet 4 ppl.(T.T)
have no choice, we must take 2 taxi from the airport to Our Lodge.
But after all, we got no prob about transport because the staff of the lodge were so helpful and friendly , they helped us to called up the van and we can go to the vocation we wanted.
Sarawak Cultural Village and Heritage Centre
i have no idea i went here on which day already...
i just know, this wasn't one in my list of my survey...
but i think pay a visit to there is a must also.
just the entrace fee very expensive which costing per RM60.

iN the van....

Rainy- Rainy DAY....

Firstly, we headed for a show which was performance "kebudayaan" . We can see different wearing of different Kaum....
i have to admit that, IT WAS JZ TOO BORING !!!



tHe longhouse was so tall !!!
and we can see the hole >.<


scary stair.....produced by kayu balak.

The houses jz too TALL



The below part of Rumah Melayu...
so windy and can do loads of activity at here...good idea huh.


A machine tthat used to "squence" soya??

It was so slippery all way long the journey....
Rainy Rainy day...
and this fellow "PK" a few time....wahahaha...

TopSpot cafe.
We manage to have some good food at the last night before we leave Kuching. Topspot cafe is a foodcourt, with no-pork serve. Malay and Chinese selling various seafood here with acceptable price, sometime even cheaper than other place.

We choose a chinese shop of course. Reliable.
But the service there so so Bad.
About 5 days i got every meal at Kuching, i found that Kuching so hard to find a "proper drinks".
They always adding WaTer into the drinks we order and makes the drinks tasteless...
so bad.

We got 2 big fish, 1KG udang kala, crab, 2 plate of vege, and a "dunno what" seafood....
guess what??? Only RM 205.
but the taste not so nice la. I guess people here not so mean to food.
I THINK this dishes is the best of the night, or it also can consider it was the most delicious food i ate in Kuching.
Black Pepper Udang Kala.The sauce taste was great.

Everynight, Everynight...we have a walk on Waterfront, because we got nothing to do in the night time.....
The waterfront actually very long, it u guys got attention the light behind me....

This was the last time, last night we're there, so we manage to take some pictures.

Don't put loads of attention wondering what i'm doin there.

Conclusion : Sarawak may be a good place to visit Orang Utan, Crocodile, rafflesia, climbing mountain3, waterfall, rainforest and OF COURSE the see the cultural of other Kaum living in Malaysia,such as iban, kadazan, penan, melanau. Kuching always the best place to get nice woods furnitures and antique ! .......I noticed that many peoples selling "KOLO mee" and chicken Rice at here.Black Pepper and pinaapple are a must to try at here. In addition, the street was tidy and clean ^^ and the people are friendly here. ^^
Last but not least, People who love Kucing must have a tour to Kuching atleast one time in your lifetime.