Monday, November 30, 2009

My next plan :D

Last friday was public holiday, so the parents were freeeee.
As usual what we usually will be doing on public holidayss is go KLANG.
QUITE BORING.But when you know you gonna get delicious food from there ,you'll not ever refuse and regret to be there.
somemore, this is a rarely chance to gather with ma lovely family.Muacxs

After getting the very satisfied Lunch, we went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi.
it's shopping time !!!
How long i have no do this "activity" already?
so, that day i was really appreciate it and enjoying. =D
i want Moreeee !

i always follow mummy, the others follow papa.

Before back, we have tried on Klang Bak Kut Teh :D
Well,this is a must

Fat cheeks, wanly lips, uninteresting hair....


The next day = weekend = working days
That was the last weekend for this project.
Well, i still trying my best to prepare the drinks, do detailing and sell the product,
although it's not easy, because nescafe body partner is more expensive than other's.Most probably,it may be the most expensive one. >.<" The comsumer may getting lesser due to the price has no any discount already. working make me get closer with aunty , hahahaha.
They love me ^^, because i joking and talk crap with them^^
They even tend to intro their son to me^^

Sunday, the last day............
Had my lunch with Kiki, she is always the one cant let me go .ahahahaha
ok lah, once the company got project in Maluri, i must go and grap okie?

my desire on chesse cake has been maintain for such a period,so we went to secret recipe,
but i didnt get any satisfaction at all !!! Blame it to KIKI !!!
She keep insisting on ordering GOLDEN NUDGET CAKE .

this is definitely not the plate of my cake.
Never mind la, as long as we were enjoying the time we had together ^^
muaxs Y


Currently i'm not having any job , i have rejected all the job.
the jobs isn't really tiring me, just.....................
I also don't know what actually i want.
Mayb i becoming lazy,i'm seeking something less working hours with high pay.
after telling my mom i have rejected all the job, she keep nagging on me.Anoying! >.<"

And yeah, not to forget the year end sale is coming !!!
Christmas also coming nearer and nearer, i think most of the cosmetis counter also having promotion pack! HAHA,gotta used up 1/4 of my saving to grap whatever i needed!!!
saliva drop~*
No worries Darr,The ShirleyWong now just will waste the moneys on whatever she needed ! No wasting anymore!!! Because she hardly earns all the money.By the way, beside keep planning to award myself, it's time for me to buy some gift fo rmy parents ^^
so my saving gonna decrease .Never mind la, i love youuu ma :D

Thursday, November 26, 2009

QM? nah......

Monday is my test 3, then another Monday gonna be my FINAL already !
Nothing to be worry, it's died easy !
Easy than what it is !!! only thing i should be worry about may be my low capacity brain.The brain always so forgetful .
I'm strongly warning you, Don't forget about the test on Monday kayz??!!
this internal mark is very important for me !

About this silly QM....haha!
i want to score YOU. :P

Friday, November 20, 2009

This week is so Tiring


am just came back from UKM hospital....
struggling in the emergency room about 5 hours!
i always hate to go general hospital...
nO worries, i'm not the sick one.
If yes,most probably i'll just go the private one because i got card.
this time is my grandpa. He's over-age for all the medical card.So......
Actually we brought him to Kajang KPJ hospital this morning, but they reject to give surgeon and they shirk responsibility to Pantai Hospital.....Once we reached Pantai, they asked us to UKM

Grandpa is seriously ill , so sick....
he has no stamina at all,he try so hard to lift up the bottle just to drink water by himself. Getting thinner and palid within several days.
i said, i wished.....i want to see you every years ! Stay strong my dearest Gong Gong!!!
Love You.Y

* * * * * * * * * * *

Yeah....December is coming, the most common festival to call to mind in December must be Christmas.
Not a christian, but very enjoy the atmosphere and ambience that giving out by the christmas day.

Got a called from Bel to interview yesterday.
The very rush one,i determined to attend.
Got nice christmas costume to wear on wor, why not?
But then, go there just to wear the costume and take picture to show the client because the client want to select PRETTY GURL wor.

PRETTY....this word very sensitive.ahahaha.


Me with the costume. i know i'm very CHUBBY.
As a courtesy, luckily i did ATLEAST some make up before i go.
FInally the officer not satisfied lu, they want something EXTRA ==
stressssss.......i dunno how to make up de lar !

Bel and me

my face was reddish, because i simply apply the blush on my cheek
simply lor, i dunno how to apply at all.

well, 90% i will not get this JOB
because i cant give total 7 days completion for this job,and they're not allow to find friend for replacement.
secondly is I'm not a prettyyyy !
Quite sad and disappointment.
NEVER MIND, studies is more important ma =D

How to say....
Recently got many high pay and relaxable job, but those job just not in the right timing !
issshhh !!!
this is what-so-called 查身而过
haiz, 至少曾经“穿过”。哈哈

Tomoro is time for working again. Nescafe , i'm coming!
pheww~ i said i want to take rest for temporary .But i failed to do it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

GrandPa buffday

GrandPa Birthday !!!!

Last Sunday DashBaby was invited by my parents to attend Grandpa Birthday dinner,i felt so happy because this is an obvious sign showing my parents have acceppted Dash as a part of our family member.

Such a long time the WONG's family have no gather together already, even the big day to chinese people we also rarely to see them all together.So it wasn't needed to be suprising if the same thing happenned on that day again. Hmmm, never mind la i think the rest are also very care of my grandpa one, especially Bee Ling ! Although she's far far away at Sydney but she's the most caring daughter ever for my grandparents.

Almost Everyday she'll call back for regarding, send nutrition drinks through DHL after knowing their health problem,buy car for them,bringing the grandparents to travel around Shanghai and Sydney.....

Personally couldnt gurantee i can do whatever she did in the future, but she's definitely my super example.

He was so happy

Happy Buffday !
Must stay health,stay strong.
I want to see you again in every year.

See, got so many new faces greeting you in this year.
All bringing their gf/bf. including me ^^
Grandpa must stay happy !

not fully presented,The grandchildren of grandpa


Monday after attending class,Dash came and sent me home because my car was with him.
Was raining cat and dog after the classs....WTF!!!
am well prepared to fight for the weather, i wore sport shoes =D

Then we went to BengKeng restaurant, ntg special.....
Evening, Dash got meeting in Chulan Tower.I got nothing to do so i followed.

He looked great with this red colour Polo shirt =D

Well, first time meeting of his majority colleague.....
the insurance agents of AXA is quite united,and aggressive
their slogan " Top 5 ...."
"Top 5..."

without doubt, insurance is VERY IMPORTANT for us !
ESPECIALLY when facing financial problem on paying the medical expenses.
No medical card = Wait to die

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I want a better weekend

Currently staying at home Y
my sweet home is my warmth shelther when i got no place to go ....
so sad is Saturday, BUT
DashBaby has a meeting going on in KL from 8am-5pm, AND
i'm got no choice to staying at home.

Wanted to shout loudly as i can, but couldnt heal any of my loneliness an boredom right now !
Summore my carrrr has been taken by my lover!
Wanted to meet Kiki up to get my facial thing but NO CAR!


Yesterday went to YoGa, we'd skip more than 1 week class....
so after the class ended , my whole body sakit again especially stomach ! Used a lot of abdominal strength yesterday ! Perhaps due to this, i can get a flatter stomach.


This morning received a secondary fren call....
we had chatting on the phone about 25 min, haha, i was seeing the time because i worry she gonna pay a lot for the call. She's still the same, still very nice. =D
Happy to get the chance to chat a lot with her, wanted to chat longer but worry her phone got insufficient credits.TeehEE....
So, we planned to gather again after everyone's STPM ! After Dec 9th !!!
STPM is really tough ! i admire her.....she's still that capable in her studies.
i told her " i've failed the easiest subject in my foundation, and bla bla bla "
and how much do i feel ashamed to myself.
On the other hand, she told me she's placed on the 5th in the ranking of her class.'s not a easy Job and she did it.
That's why i said this girl always make me looked like a failure, a useless one. HAHA.
Think at the bright way, her achievements bring me motivation.
From her successful, i would think PEOPLE CAN DO IT, WHY DON'T YOU?

Y I always get a lot of useful inspiration from this group of girls, i just cant wait to have a gathering again , gonna make it real soon !
By the way, i really really hope they can do their stpm very very well since they've putting loads of hard efforts on this 2 years.God please bless them and allow them to be accepted by their desire ideal UNIVERSITY. Y

It's 5:05 pm right now, i think his meeting is ended....
is time for me and him now....tata

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's about the unlucky Monday

Last thursday
finally dated Miss MayWen out for catching up season!
it's been 1 years we've never meet each other already after we "successfully escaping" from NS. =D

We're the girls didnt been abandoned by our BF during the 3months NS period.
We're also the girls who didnt break up with our BF in that super dangerous period.
We're always the one NOT calling to our family BUT BF, once we got our handphone on friday evening .
Once we got our hanphone,We're always laying on our "papan bed" for the "cook phone porridge season".

lotsa sweet memories.

We shared some of the L.O.V.E problem.
We have the same problem, but with different position and situation. HAHA.
i'd been the character of his BF, and she was suffering what's my BF was actually having. LOL.
well well, i've changed a lot okay.
i've preventing to go out with guys too much.Especially only mi, satu amoi.

Okay, we suppose to date more.
we gotta meet up soon.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

And Yea, i'm here to annouce my project is ended !
the last weekend is kinda hard to passed, due to the dissapeared of KIKI. She went to HK for travelling and only managed to come back on Sunday .
luckily got some new promoter are there + Planta Boy (Dash's Bro) are working at there to help me banish some of the boredoness.

Waiting of the coming of December, and wishing the project that recommended by my new friend is truely happening !
And my time to have some rest and spend some time with ma familyyy !!!


Something happenned on Monday.
a BLACK Monday
i've FORGOTTEN my mid term AGAIN !
OOCH !!!
My friend was informing me b4 30 min before the exam started,and i have no ever studying at all ! The worst is my notes is in my car, and my car is with my BF, BF in Ampang.
Shout also nobody can help.
i rush to coll...and do the last "revision within 5 min" before entering the hall...
i memorize the long forecasting formula in 3 min...

This is what's happenned in my last sem....and finally i FAiled this sub because of the insufficient internal marks.
Hope this time,NOPE!!!

no worries...
since i'm feeling quite okay for the mid term =D
in addition , i got another test 3 to top up the internal mark.
GOD still giving me chance. =D

nah nah nah nah...
After i stepped out from the hall, the rain is so heavy.It's freaking cold that day.
I was wearing selipar on that day because it's so comfortable especially after finished standing for 3 days working. >.<
Then on the way to lobby, i was ALMOST Slip on the floor. IS ALMOST !!!
So, i take extra caution and anxious for every forward step...
i've passed the most smooth and slippery place, and i'm SAFE.
wHo knows .... @ # $ %
i slipped and fall at the STAIRSTEPS that somewhere outside the nutrition LAB.
that's was the most painful fall.
The most painful is because many people have saw this "beautiful scene", another painful is my buttock and leg is really pain !

okay. Just let the sad thing goes by.


night time...
DaSH bring me movie and dinner !
happy happy
such a long time didnt catch up for a latest movie already
POKER KING is th movie of the night.

we'd Veitnam dinner before movie get started

Sprite + Ribenna + lemon slide

ddMY days gonna full of Joysdd
i think i got more time to spend with DashBaby already because his project is finished so same as mine !!!
Our project finished on the same 8th Nov .What the coincidence?!
i got lotsa books to read ......very enjoyful
just the buttock still very painful

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Working in Maluri

DashBaby came to find me on Sunday when break time.
Starving for Mcd very long time ago....
and i get 100% satisfaction on that day.
got my favourite Fillet-O-Fish , Nudggets , and Choc Sundae.
that was great to get what i want in my little break time =D
3000kcal in my body now.

It's the begining of the month, so many event is going on in Jusco .Our company products were having event as well. Last week totally got 10 promoter from E-Promote gather in the small mall. Wow.
When the event is going on,which is also mean, the clients are also in the mall observing us !
it's okay....
this is my 3rd week of working, after next week............I'M GONNA BE FREE, if nobody "begging" me for work lah >.< i think i better off my handphone in case anyone calling from office asking me to work and my soft-hearted could say "OKAY" with them.
because i seriously want some rest !!!

This is my new friend. *ahem* She named herself as K.I.K.I
Well, i like her name as M.O.R.L.Y i think that name is suit her better.
She bring joyful and fun to me during this 3 weeks...
Without her, my working time is grey in colour !

She is a permanent promoter in Jusco,so she do know the customers very well.
she remind me of which is the pervent one,which is the horny one and which is the dangerous one.HAHA.

Recalling back...........
i met several weird customer out there
haha, their question were always ....can i say as cute?
because it's related with me. =D

they would asked : " i want my skin to be like ur's, which one are you consuming one to made your skin so nice."
"i eat Nesvita ! "
It's true okay, my mom did told me she ate a lot of bird nest,soya bean and NESTUM as well when she was in pregnency ! NESTUM=NESVITA (new name)

and i met a malay women..
she was much more cute
she ask how am i taking good care of my skin,using what product wor...
actually i was thinking to answer " my skin is innately born like this "
end up i have no dare. Haha.

*That's all about my job.
what's my coming project? i want roadshow,doing sampling is tiring+killing !!! *