Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Dar bye bye...
i will miss you badly
Sure crying in da nite for sure ^^
Thx so much... THANKS YOU....!!!
buying so many thing for me for bringing to there...
u're humble..generous...
Mummy also bought a lot of thing .....lol....my lakage wanna explode !!!
i have no following the rule for bringing jz 1 bag...i bringing 3....
i hope i have no left out anything important...
Gosh...! Dar remind me to bring more "underwear" coz happenned "underwear stolen case"
wHAT can i do?? JZ FOLLOW
today quite happy lo ^^
Dar take OFF for accompany me....
the last day be with him...not arguement, not quarelling, not fighting......
sweet sweet.....
went JUSCO ....
and kim garry for lunch....so so so delicious !
miss da holick ice so much....and of course the stone rice....chrispy rice ^^
JUSCO having big renovation...we are unlucky !!!
yaiskkk !!!
today also the first day sitting in da car driven by dar...
dar...u are pro la ^^
i am pig ^^ cant drive well
first time dar taught me driving a car....
luckily...no any accident happenned !
today also first day, dad came to dash restaurant for dinner...
Dar...u are so happy rite...? me too...
Dad said they will come after i went to ns....hope so...
HOPE tat...after i back....2 family will be more closer...haha...
can joke around like ur's mom wit the other...
HOPE dash's mom stop spending our dishes also...
HOPE..i can keep my skin colour fair...after i back....



Wan Kar Lok
Cute ...!
he said he like me ^^

DAR....tis is a test tat we have to pass through within tis 3 month...!

we got 3 years of good foundation in our love...

we will not easily break up jz bcoz of tis proof rite?

we will miss each other badly...but we still got chance to chat by phone ya...(hope so...will got good connection at there)

DAR...hope u can do wat i like as i told you and waiting for me for coming back ...and let me see ur's changes ya...

you knew wat i wan rite...?

i wanna see a complete picture of ur's wit all new !

fresher look...short hair...fit....well prepared .....

hehe...all is external features ...

what ever..i love you...dar...

thanks for being my love one...and i lucky to be ur's love one....!

Wait me o ........!



Sunday, March 16, 2008

"MuTiPLe PaRtY" ??

TiS day are so meaningful and full of joy from the begining untill the end ...!
The party tat day is for celebrating Ketam birthday, Ice marriage, and farewell for us who is goin to enter the 2nd barch of NS !!!
Saw many old fren...they changed a lot jz within 3 month...some of them also remain the same la ...no changes ! still tat 38 !!! (i'm talking you, SU YEE)
Hate the BUffday gal so much la ! KETAM, she paid for the steamboat and dunwan accept our money ....dun be like tat la !
althougth u had leave the sch so long time....but u are still take care of us, always worry of us if u know we are having trouble, always sms me, writing letter for encourage me ! And the word u wrote to me always made me feeling so warm and touched !
Dun waste those money for buying us so many thing la ^^
save it !!!
no matter how hard it will be in the future...BE BRAVE !!! U are brave enough and u are so independent ! KEEP ON .....u're my heroin ! ur's papa on the heaven now sure be very proud of you !
Hehe....ketam are so cute la ^^
if she know we had bought her a cake, she sure dunwan come ...!
bcoz, she feel shame shame tat we singing buffday song for her !!!
tis is the first try for her !!! ^^

She cant escape liao ~~~ haha

Su yee and me....

Mei kuan and mi ^^
not yet ready la T.T

Ice and me....besties !!!!
goin to marry lo ^^
althought i cant attend for your's marriage dinner.....but i can see u born baby ....!
i wanna enter operation room !!!

So nice ....

Friday, March 14, 2008


Today should be happy de, but something happenned is out of my control !
I went to SEGI college wit dar....of course mummy is following too....we had lost our direction >.<>

aiya...not so happy ar....i feeling i had been bluffing by them !

Ok...the matter is like tat. I had make survey about the college, and i finding which is the cheaper one and i tend to goin there for study la....limkokwing....theoneacademy....taylor....YA ~ those are expensive !!! i had discuss wit my parent , they told me they cant suppport for the burden.
No choice la...i have to choose the cheaper one....

So, i found SEGI ! i had contact them for more information....ask for fee...tis and tat....finally, i'm happy ! coz the fee is resonable around rm20k including foundation and degree, the facilities there are great :)

but.........they cheated !!!

or i stupid???

Coz...the total fee are rm50k stg !!! i wanna cry


the rm20k stg is the fee alrite....but total up is rm40k stg...coz on the phone i never asked for exam fee...MAHAI ! Yer !!! how can like tat de ??? MAIN BUSUK...!

The exam fee is around rm10k stg.... >.<

ok....tis is the REALITY...cant easily believe in other ppl...jz a little step I had enter the social life then i got the "retaliate"....

We got rm1000 rebate ....(tis is another secret between the causelor and us la)
nvm la...we are goin to take loan !!! it is better without depending on parent...i wanna pay back myself after i earn money ! really~

Or...mayb i will change college after the foudation course !!! :)

haiz...aCcomodation trouble has no solve also T.T......

Hope we can get the loan succesfully....

the campus not so good la...choices are limited...

shhh....there are no PRE-U and A-level also.....


After finish preceeding all tis stuff...
We went back to DAR restaurant eat mum-mum
so hungry...
mummy and me love the food there....muacks !

Hope i can go there next monday then...
my last day in selangor.....

Dar had talk alot wit mummy in da car...so funny !!!

so touched...seeing u did all of tis is jz becoz to improving the sentiments between u and my mummy ^^

thx ya...i love you ***


Five days to go......
I will leave.......
Today no mood........
so i am here now...........
I went for a hair cut...... abit regret about that !
my lovely long snake hair had gone ~
becoz my hair was immutable and frozen, it was in a complete mess too....so i did tat decision
Nvm....i should not be regret ! tis is my decision .
hope my hair can grow faster and longer....
last time , my hair was so long....i tink it might be inconvenience when i joining the camp !
the new hair tat growing then, sure will be more heatlty and nice !
I not dare to telling my dar about tis........
he loves my hair so much ....so how??
Well, he will still love me of course without my long hair .
Dar......i wanna cry :(
FOR MY DASH...............
I wish i can have a heart to heart talk wit my Dar...but no chance so far !
i wanna hug him and tell him many my inside feeling like last time we did.....
huggie ***
i really hope tat u can be more considerate ...
u could treat me good, could concerned whether i am cold, hungry, tired,angry, or feeling not well....But , sometime, u could not !!!
U could talk softly to me sometime also....or u could talk rude to me >.<
Mayb i am the troublesome ONE....i admitted !
and...one thing, i wish u can know and change jz for me is...........
i know i'm too innocent and having childlike acting...For u , i am not good in guard against to the other.BUT I will try my best to protect myself .Gv me some confidence.
and, FOR me, u are too sensitive !!!
If u love me, u should bring me hapiness !!!
my hapiness is wat???
Dar...i wish u will know wat u should do for my hapiness !!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Result Day"

Today is the DAY......
The day important for all the former Form 5 student !!
ok...i got the result like wat i expected ! satisfield la ....haha ! Can i say i am too easily satisfied???
Today after taking the result. i went Time Square wit Joanne. She is nice, we hv a lot of subject to talk ya :) hehe....scary ! We hv the same view of various kinds of territory, no matter cosmetis, dressing, personality,sex, frenz........ ^^ although she got not so good in Spm...but she is clear about her interest and she might choosing the rite thing to do now! I tink she is better than me now.... :)
We meet dar at there, and we shop together. :)
We are goin to choose some present for ICE ...after several window shopping. We bought her a Betnovate Cream.
Joanne had introduced some mask for me.....The thing there are sold wit wholesale price !!!
it's definitely cheap ! there have various type of mask wit different function...a boxes wit 10 mask and it is cost RM 15.
i bought a box....Dar bought 2 boxes....giggle*
After some walk, Joanne and me decide to buy more one present for ICE. It is a baby stocking wit cute hippo cartoon stamped...ICE, see how much we sayang u and ur's baby !!!
Lastly.....we went home by bus @
Dar used to goin back wit me de, but today no....
BCOZ my frenz was there...nvm dar ....!
i cant wait for tis coming friday...^^
i will see dar and having frenz gathering there at nite !! it will sure having fun there ^^
bubye ~~~

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MeaningFul Day??? Nope !!!

Woohoo...today was a substantial day! mummy and me went to many places today jz to prosess all the procedures tat needed by nasional service . it's so troublesome ! :(

Firsly, we went to Bank Pertanian Malaysia to open an account. But i dunno where it is situated...jz know tat is somewhere near centre market. So mummy parked the car opposite kasturi there .
Soon, we saw a tall building beside centre market there. Tat's the BANK. yeah ! :-)

An IC copied is needed, so we were seeking any photostat shop......and the 7-ELEVEN photostat machine is spoiled !!! we're so unlucky..
Finally...we found an indian shop for the copied......

After filling up all the form......the staff key in all the data into computer.......we take number !
Eventually.....i got my account book and ATM card . ^^


After finished all this stuff....mummy wanna take her lunch at petaling street
On the way to there, we passed through centre market. I had tuition at petaling street there for 2 years or more ,it is near centre market but i also haven't been there b4.......today the first time !
Gosh...there are quite nice and clean !
Last time, i dun wanna go there bcoz.....the impresion for centre market is bad ...hot, without air- conditon, many foreign laborer, dangerous (bcoz all the artist are having long hair) hoho ^^
I'm wrong !!!

it's toilet is nice, its retaining malay culture....abit like malacca's baba nyoya style .


C U There Restaurant....

The whether is hot, mummy wan me to find a restaurant wit air-conditioner for her.So.............i suggested to go there lo...Tis restaurant many youngster goin . My mom a bit not suit for tat environment la , she was keep complaining about the service out there.But she has to admit the food there is quite delicious. giggle*

tis restaurant has many many sweet memories for my dar and me....we used to hanging out at there after our boring tuiton class...oh, miss him so much !

i still remember the dishes he like=chessy chicken rice !!! i had ordered tat today ^^ yummy ~

ice peace honey...

the wall is polluted !!!


Nite nite..gtg...sweet dream !


Monday, March 10, 2008

Bodycheck ?????

How can i being so blur???

i thought before goin for nasional service, have to proceed bodycheck...

Actually is not needed !!!

Oh my god....

i woke up in the morning at 8am, and drink a bottle of water (coz i thought later get to proceed urine test) and tis is the first time i goin to clinic to begin tis kind of checking! it made me nervous ! u know??

after make sure i had bring all the document and credentials (>.<)" and After fetching a frenz, mummy parked the car, register, wait for the calling by the nurse.......


The doctor asking us >> Why are we coming for checking????? Are there got any illness so tat u all cant attend for the nasional service........???

unfortunately......we're mistaken @.@

there are only for they who tat having any disease , pregnant, or deformed only need to proceed bodycheck b4 goin to the camp.....for proving they are unable to join for the camp....bcoz some of them are having chronic or acute disease.......it might be dangerous if they join it !

No wonder, my frenz went for bodychecked....bcoz she is pregnant-ing...!

HOpe she is fine now.......! dunno she is perposely having a child to evade the Nasional service or not ^^ haha

so, for us who are healthy. No ANY REASON for us not to join lo ~

i jz can accept .......no choice !

or u wanna choose to be punishing rm3000 or above or enter jail for half years??

Seriouly hope i can enjoy at there.... :-(

Miss dar dar so much.....he sure working hard now !

gampateh dar....



Hi.....i am a newbie at here !
Actually i creating a blog for improving mia english !
haha :)

i'm eighteen !
Ya, i am turning to be a "real" adult tis year ! actually i am quite jumpy to being an adult :(
i tink is because, being an adult have to carry o lot of sense of responsibility.

Sometime i would tinking not to growing up, always protecting by my parents arms..haha :)
i know tat will not comes true, i hv to face the reality ! so.....
let's be clear-headed !
I am a newbie in tis society, i will face differrent of troubles, challenge, dispute , difficulities before long T.T

***Soon ***

-i will be in Nasional service(next tuesday)
-i will leave my dar for 3 month without calling each other, wothout meeting, without sms and lastly without crying.
-i will washing up all my clothes without my mom helping
-i will stay away from parent nagging....
-i will step my foots in college life
-i will be able to drive
-i will meet up different personility of frenz....mayb they will be in different skin colour ^^
-i will leaving in college hostel....and far far away from my family !
-i hv to paid all the thing myself...without using parent $

I should be more independent then and there !!!^^