Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 1 in UCSI

Here we go....the first day in UCSI.
we were on time just nice to the orientation bcoz it's just like what we expected it was not goin on time jz like what has written in paper.
So, the event is started after our bucttock sat down and several camwhore was taken.

this is our usual action ....

the event started by the "cold joke" talked by MC and the stupid *snake game* !!! we did involved in the game" of course", bcoz we were trained in Ns to be active and enthusiastic . haha.

see?? the *snake* behind there is so damn long

the time is passing like age especially hang hang and me divided into different faculty.The lectures up there talking non-stop ! But the point is i do not understand and not interested !

luckily got my jia wen and winnie

So, me and my new fren decided to SkIp the class and go accompany Winnie to giant to buy some daily use appliances.
yea~ here my new fren

winnie -from kuching
jia wen

and we did a visit to winnie in-campus hostel...with carrying a lot of stuff "naik bukit" man~

lose calories again~~ haha

Then, we went back to the hall room for the course selection seasion !!!
three of us under SSLA faculty , pronous as the *SLA* students
ya !
this is the worst part, goin up and down, left and right !!!
Just to find the sociel science department. tiring T.T
i thought the worst part had passed for today....who know???
we gonna go to different deparment of faculty to seek for the time table of certain courses !!!

why they cant jz done everything for us to choose?

nvm la~~

we're young. ^^

then....went to library for course selection.

luckily the computer didn't *bully* me


lastly.back to home...

what a full-filled day .

my new chapter of life is begin next tuesday


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All about fren

September will be meaningful in this year....
alright, this is the month of my birthday and i will start my studies in coll on sept 2nd ~finally~
i keep on feeling that i have start my studies tooooooo late !
wastin alot of time. omg~ there are more than half year i have been waiting for. And, i think beside of NS and part time job i had been wastin half year staying in da house for NOTHING !!!

i'm a piece of shit ~~~

In btw, eventually i confirmed dar's mom unable to support the amount on education and managed him to work. Hope dar after several years of working experinces can successful opening his own business .
hehe...really cant imagine what will happen after several years when i got finshed my studies and how goin on with dar's business ! and now sound like, we'll be into different status of life after all.

abit worry , but excited !!!

tomoro will be the orientation day in UCSI.
what is the feeling on mine??? complex~
i was too long time being lazy in house, in a sudden wanna get up for study....
feeling so weird, but excited ! haha
really no idea what the thing i needed to pack in my bag . omg***
oh,yea ~ the peer that is goin on with me is hang hang and nick
haha, nick is not the point la...he is jz a normal + ordinary "banana" that i have been meet !

which meant my nightmare jz started ! haha

Yea, she is hang hang ! Eventhough the time we know each is short but i miss the joy and laughter that happened in NS becoz we're close !!! i'm still remember we got a long pillow talk in dorm while we got MC(tis is so hard to get it beyond than u can imagine)
but, jamie is currently not "available" by us, she is so far at subang !

sob sob....miss u girls ~

i always telling myself, Ns made me gain alot....coz of u girls ! making a :( ---> :)
another is MayWen...the one whose sleep beside me and make me stay back in kelantan althought i can go back my home with the qualified of form6. haha~ really feeling that she got a real and big power can made me stay back.
or....mayb i put FREN the first??? but, since we back from kelantan untill now, we never go out for gathering yet . hehe...why?

me, maywen, Wai

me, maywen, Thing

ya...finally LiSuet !!! she is really a sweet gal that i have never meet b4. she use a wholeheart to treats every fren. We got real fate , we know each other from primary>secondary>Ns>same dorm !!!
i admitted, i was feeling so bad when get know we'll be in same dorm ! But, as day go by, you had really help me alot !!! You of course know my temper, tat's why u always leave me a distance when my face turned into different.
Got one night, i'm feeling not well...i was laying on the bed , grouned for the feeling of viomit. She sat on my side, and touched my forehead , comfort me ! She even like a mother gave me pat lighly on my back to asleep me.
i will always rmb this circustance in my life.
Thanks you !!!
throughtout Ns....i got whose my true fren ! and my dar not yet broke up wit me in da 3 month. haha. satisfaction !!!

The scene when Out of current happened !!!

talking about Ns, the third barch is coming back on 6th sept. Tat's also my birthday !!!
willing to meet her soon.
my lovely ketam !!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

i WAN my oxy mask

my skin is getting worse recently...
the worst is....
my coll is goin to start soon ~
this can make me lose confidence to face my new friend !


really cant understand why, my skin getting worse since i back from Ns
i Think is the quality of air...dunno~ i really no mood if i unable to have myself a smooth skin.
i tend to buy OXY MASK from Sasa on last wednesday when went shopping .But really found not at there. Was i Blind?? oR Sold out???

oh no....


Yeah, i did it !!!
i succeed the driving test. Damn easy . man~
is it always needed to suffer abit money loss only can done my mission ???
i will always remember my Number.009 . HAHA...
the side parking and 3 point turn goin very smooth, after i passed the "mountain".

the weather in the morning is freaking cold...looked like rain is coming, i thought my test is goin to delay again. Luckily not need.
i got know more about the merit on myself.
guess wat??
** i can calmly face the difficulties or challenge. **
hehe, am i ??
can i say that, if i really can solve my trouble steadly, how could i failed last time?? hehe. i'm just can surely telling you, i have no any nervous or panic last time. And that is the main point, i failed !!!

jz like what my mom sent me
Boleh !!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

HI, little mountain !

Tomoro i'm goin for my driving test.
i must PASS. must !!! a bit worry . sob sob...
mayb it *delay* for too long time.
jznow dar got called me. i feeling better now.
hope, we can really work hard for the future.
we're coming.


Everything is passed....
he is turning into 18 already, nothing special on that day we jz celebrate in his restaurant with several relatives. I well prepared at 12 stg , then his mom coming to fetch me, not him. never mind...what i know from his mom is when he get know his's mom is goin to fetch me, then he straight a way fall asleep untill so late.Then, his's mom brought me to shopping with her, no choice. So, we're quite late only reached there but He ever did not realise.
i know i should not argue or fight with him on that day. So, i did not.
Well...i abided for many thing recently. I do not know when i gonna explode !!!
Do not know why...i know many extra thing about him...he hide the truth . i really got abided, and i do not know what to do. We're consider as adult now, we grow up. We cannot like b4 what we do. FUTURE. this always comes out from my mind reminding me !

he treat me bad? not at all. Good? not at all also....recently ever feling bad. Sorry for that thinking and feeling.
sometime, i jz feel that he not good in *detecting* women feeling . And he is not good in cure-ing of that.
and, he can ask for forgive but he doesn't know what the*** of his fault. sob. sob.
how can ? how can recently some bad decision comes our from my mind. How can i can changed so fast. Too fussy ??? i hv no idea. Today the worst , coz my parents gave me many pressure and the words they said let me got many of imagination.

i'm so sad....i do not know what to do. i really to discuss with him, everytime we argue he also did not give me the chance to talk, that's why now the feeling accumulate too much in my heart and wanna explode !!! BOMB!!! ....i never had this kind of strong feeling b4 for that "decision"
hope he can give me a call, when he saw this article.
soon, i'm goin to start my school life. There have much time for us together anymore.
Hope thing can get recover and improve instead of getting worse.

okie. let's pictures do the talking.

tis is his 2nd brother from granny.

our baby?? nope


i wish our relationship will not comes to the end bcoz of little silly matter. All of these, can be solve. Mayb he doesn't know what is goin all right now, it is better let me get enough time to think about that.

Today is Saturday ~

Here is it....23rd Aug !
althought is not my day, i'm also so happy....
later dar is coming to fetch me,then we go to take the cake. Yesterday dar had celebrated with his dudes wit korea BBQ.
nvm la then. If today we argue again later, i will try my best to make him drunk, haha.
he is coming, i getto to get myself ready lo~

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today is thursday

Mummy bring us to makhota for breaskfast again. The scene of this restaurant also the same when the last time we came > no customer !
totally no customer ~
it's better ,coz we could get our food faster.
and we got noticed a funny thing in that restaurant since we in the car...hehe...a BEAR doll sitting on a chair... cute the boss put the bear on chair and they having their breasfast with the bear.
then, while we're eating , the boss shift the bear to a baby chair again...

my mummy~

then, headed to bakery shop for "stg"


it was a adorable girl on the cake ~

the bro and sis waiting unpatiently in the car.
then, we went to mom's fren boutique to fix my tudetop, lastly we headed to jln imbi seek to the TING SKIN &LACER CLINIC...

WE got no.49.....OMG...i guess we have to wait 2-3 hours man coz the patient tat jz go in is jz no.19....

we went to eat passes the time, but eventually we really dun wanna wasted our time at here, so we went bring bro to has a hair cut .then, i have a drink wit sharon and pauline nearby my housing area

This is wat i saw when we walking along the street to passed our time in clinic...


Never see lobster b4

haha ~

edited, coz having panda eye

Yesterday went a crazed shopping with SHARON, old old old super old fren . I'll remember this day Forever !!!

from day to night

15875 stepped !!!
lose lotsa calories on that day....
btw, i feeling like practising cat-walk while shopping, coz we're in high heel ~
i think the words that we talked on that day also MANY...non-stop chatting !
mouth and leg also exhausted @#$%!

finally, got lotsa gain
hmm...i tink i have no beyond expenses gua~
i'd promised myself to "behave myself"
the dearest one......
my dar like jz "beside" me giving me some "aDviSe" + "NagginG"
with the hp, disturbin my sweet time ! >.<
help me~
nvm la....

last but not least, i got a hope !
i wish i can get my own a car SOon ~~
bcoz no car really make trouble !!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big day coming

The days passing so freaking fast , unconsciously passed half year.
and the Big Day of mine is coming already....
b4 mine is dar's buffday lo...
this coming saturday is it ....
like to see dar happy face, today met him and he shown me the excited face again. Damn funny, like a child waiting for a day with Full of expectation !!!
Really wish he can happy like today everyday. That's why i like to gave him lotsa chocolate.Making him high everyday ,every moment is my purpose !!!
muahahaaha !
i really hope dar can stay in better condition sometime, althought he has no complaintment bout it, but still wish he can get what i got. But, i'm clear about one thing , that i cant satisfied him forever. that's A FAMILY and a warm and fragrant HOME.
i hope i can make it in the future, but now.....that's a reality that cant change. Sometime, thinking in positive way may make us to feel better ! So, dar may be thinking there ur's both "old folk" is still alive tat's enough . Don't think too much okie?
i will always remember what u told me last time, when the time i know u a while ago...the thing we chat is always covered around by the family thingy....and got once, you told the stories about your's family untill u cried...i still remember...bcoz i crying along too..
poor me~
i think tat's why i love u .....u're a man that put Family the First place ; Fren the LAST
i know i will not wrong for choosing you for my forever partner in life.
am i falling too deep in this age???
i wanna give you more and more than u expected !
bcoz u're one of my target to pity on...
really hope to celebrate the Big day wit you. dar...
pls allow me to do so...
transpot is a prob?? i'm not willing to let this prob be a ostacles on it !!!
really wish to see your's happy emotion !

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The whole day of Sunday was so boring. Almost looked like a handicap on the bed...sleeping~sleeping and sleeping !
But i know tonight wont be bored bcoz LEE Zhong Wei on behalf of Malaysia was goin to compete with the Lin Dan from CHINA !!!
It's a Gold medal fight.....i really really hope that he can be the winner in the game ! it's surely not just me hope that, is whole malaysian dream ~
especially my brother...haha...i think Lee Zhong Wei is his most admire idol, i even got saw he got leave several message in the official blog to support LEe.
LeeZhongWei VS LinDan
world's second VS world's first
fanstatic ~
we got lost
never mind~
i tink it is really hard , he carrying a lot of pressure to bring back a gold medal from olympic!
in the LIVE show, we could see there are how many china supporter there .The voice they shouted really can covered up all the malaysian supporter sound !!!
we really cant overlook the powerful of LinDan !!!
(althought i still aggrieved about the result)
we got silver .....finally
when only LEE can win Lin le???
mY bro is totally upset about the result, he is very crazy about badminton, and also a super fan of LEE . Dunno when is it, he started to play badminton until kind of *mad*
he even record the video that he was playing. But, pity him seldom got other to acc him to play so, he jz playing wit the wall....
so noisy man~~~
especially everytime he *SMACK*
with damn great exertion!
tis noise pollution already maintain in our house for so long time.
suffering ~~~
our family could see his disappointed face after the 1st also 2nd round.
he hates LinDan so much...he said .
he played wicked....he said
he played with ruthless.....he said
he even turn the channel when the medal giving ceremony is goin on...
it seems like he SAYANG Lee very very much !!!

Good news

yeah, today got answered *Fish* called in the afternoon.
well, what and why does i'm happy is he told me he finally got a gf....whoo-hoo !! since long time ago, i have been asking myself, when only i can escape from this guy it is!!! wishes for him too...
since i know him, he work as a fishmonger....Forgotten when is it started the day already, form2 or form 3 untill now. Ya, he has been chasing me for so long time. He is such of anoying, vexing , irritating guy tat i never meet in my life ! i never fall in love with him , NEVER! mayb he is some kind of rude and low educated person ! althought i knew him long time than my dar, he also hard to attract my attention on him. Imagine...i got 4 years relationship with my dar already.
But, recently he had changed his working area to new zealand, he could speaking in english and more mature in thinking. It is a good change for himself ! that's why he got a perfect gf which is pretty and rich . oh man~ that's every man desire !
Hahaha...i do not know when my dar and me started to give him a name as *Fish*.It is quite suit for him...and this is a forever secret for him that we're calling him * Fish*
Usually i would never like to answer his call , coz i already got my bf...answering guys call can make me feel SIN !!! but sometime also got exception bcoz it is too fast responses and our hand can accidentally picked up the call while our hp ringing. Normally would not talk more than long then i will find any reason or pretending connection problem to end up the conversation ~
sorry------dar .
Hate him a lot for disturbin my life, even thought i got bf......
cant describe how much i hate him, he is like cant understand mandarin also....everytime i told him stop calling me, he is still call the next time. When my dar got answered his called , he pretended he never called me. SEE~ how spinleless was he? that's why i looked down on him *cowardly man*. All of this will end once a day . i hope so.
i still believe in myself, i WILL NOT BETRAY my beloved ~

Friday, August 15, 2008


feeling very bad now. I hate myself for being too easy cry !Hate Myself to being so stupid !!!
did wrong>cry did wrong>cry
Hate it !!!
i'm not a little girl again !!! can i be more mature???
i did something embrassing## i made shame on my dar and myself !!! and i cried for it again...althought it is useless to cry, but my tears dropped again !
Cry wat??? Rubbish !
unable to determined my dearest voice, said the important word XXX to another guy.
How can i be so stupid???
Cry sure annoying my dar. I thought i was staunch enough last time, never depending on anyone when i'm in far, i couldn't .
Everything i also need my dar help...everything i dare not to do, i sure ask my dar to do for me....i always push my dar to the dangerous side ! Never care for his feeling...
i COULD NOT done every simple thing also....everthing also failed failed failed...
Even my job anyone alike me??? the job goin on , but ran back about the little wronged??? then, went to dar place showing him MY USELESS with my foolish face???
Driving test also failed....made my parents sinless wasted the money .
about just now, i feeling very guity about that.
i'm really did not know that guy is not *you*
made you sad again
so--------------rry ~

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


recently found out a cartoon sound like my name !
that is WALL-E ---> wonG eeeeeeeeeee
funny ~
why does it called by WALL-E??? i think i will not know, cox i'm not goin to watch this movie. I even do not got the chance to watch my ^desire movie^
[ journey to the centre of the earth] also.
sob sob...


haiz...(seem like i'm always "haiz ""haiz" "haiz")
it can been shown by the word sometime, even taiping also
i admited i got problem with my personality, often resentment, blame and complain
###complaints are heard everywhere ###
sometime , i feeling i do satisfied with present condition . But, sometime i'm do not . Somebody mayb always rushing for the thing better for themselves, somebody may not. Who gonna tell me, they do not want to be the best??
when comes to reality, real life....
to demand for better will turn to competition
cannot deny all of this is due to COMPARISON or VANITY.
slimmer?? taller?? hair longer?? eye bigger?? smarter?? richer?? more and more clothes?? branded bag?? MERCEDES??bEtter background?? longer & thicker (haha)???
i turning myself to be better and nicer in many way...for nothing??? Nope !!! getting better on myself is many benefit, and it is also counted as giving a chance to self to achieve higher quality life.
guesss wat??
improve our characteristic, can give people good impression in order to get a better relations with others.
improve our appearances, get more job with high salary, raise confidence, self-respect and also can look up by others
improve bad attitude....this is a must la ! i'm surely got gain alot alot ~
improve $$$=i love money
lastly , demand for better isn't bad ! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ~
i should learn alot from you. my dar...
u never complainted about ur's life even u're homeless .Dar never been for travelling b4 even cameron highland.
u never blame for ur's parents, when u know they're not supporting some of the spending on ur's.
got more and more....
u're better guys compare than me.
poor me ~
i got totally different with u ...opposite !



It's not an unusual phonomenon if human being to exist racial discrimination and skin tone discrimination. But this strange affair unexpectedly appear in animal life.

Only snow-white pigeon can be a peace angel, biting a branch of olive tree flying freedomly , nobody even dare to touch one fur on it;s body ; a crow as black as ink solely been doomed to fall on evil days, it has to be spare none forever by the human.

White horse normally as a pet to aristocrats, only prince allow to ride on it to save his lovely princess. Black horse??? unless it can run very fast, only can be a horse race. Otherwise, solely just can be a animal that been use as a trailer on convey purpose.

White cat can string along with the princess; Black cat is solely to being a envoy for the witch.


Zebra, penguin, and panda is the cleverest. Smart one. They know to remain neutral, sit in the fence. Mostly of them are living in the wide field or zoo leisurely and carefree. Luckily animals do not know human being having this type of "skin tone discrimination ".Or else, either all the animals acquire to become in White body colour.

Monday, August 11, 2008


eventually this day reached !
my driving test day !
i got failed....
so happy....
let me tell u why...okay?
the failed is due to the over-confidence
that's all.
got myself a lesson.RM140 per lesson.
Damn happy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

happy family day

Yeah...there was a happy weekend i had passed ! finally my parents got free time to have a dinner at dar's restaurant. Dar and me have been waiting for this chance for so so long already. It is suppose is my turn to treat them to a meal, bcoz i got my first salary in my life....but unfortunately all my salary is saving in the bank. Hoho~
Many unlucky thing happened since we enter his restaurant (T.T) spoiled the mood and the circumtance around the restaurant are occupies wit shamefulness.
Firstly , mummy got her handphone serious drop on the floor when she goin into the restaurant...

and we were just sitting where the place the piece of ceiling falled down !!!

luckily never hit my dad and me , bcox we had sit jz down the ceiling...if not, whose gonna know what would happened???
fun rite??
it is consider as ***lucky or unlucky***??????
the tragedy is just happened when i was bitting a chicken, then i felt stg falling down from the top....feeling got a wind blow....haha !
and when i turned my head back seeking for what is the thing, i shocked ~ a piece of ceiling !!!
althought i suppose to feeling lucky that it has no hit my dad or me, but i'm still feeling very weird about it...bcoz the ceiling is really above the way we sit !
ok la!
god blessing us again !
thanks god.
guys u should know
this kind of tragedy happened in my dar restaurant *toward* my family, is how much shameful to carring on?
never mind la dar...forget about it !!!

dar and aunty is trying to reconcile the miss. *giggle*

illness me
illness me
illness me
illness me
illness me

tis is what the sis's product when boring

innocent boi


today just went for the open day in UCSI ...

no crowded with people there. Lucky~

finally got registered and got a tour around the campus....(T.T) The HOT weather made me cant breathe (>.<) when i reached the forth floor, omg... the hot air increased immediately when then lift door was opened . The point is, that *hot and stuffy floor* is where the place we play gym,basketball and other activities. how can???

Everywhere is hot hot hot la...moody ~

i cant stop compare the campus wit Segi...but, i know i have to stop tis action from now ! **fine...**

the orientation day is coming soon already...soon i get to go back my school life !


afterthat, mummy fetch dar back to his place...and we got our lunch time together again ^^
i got taste my favourite dish today...feel satisfaction !
happy ~
happy weekend