Saturday, May 30, 2009

the taste of NS

Mrs. shirley feels like having an outing with PitThing,Maywen,Jamie and WoonHang ...
especially Maywen and Jamie the taylor gal....
such a looooong time we have no meet already.
Yesterday saw a local TV programme called NS project,Yo! All the unforgettable and meaningful memories fashed in my mind ! Damn it...
Dunno-Why caused the tears.
Maybe is my mother. First time heard her crying,when i leave her.

The show just showing the first day how the trainees gonna be to their own allocated, the scene was so sad.........(the trainees are the yound artist,singer in Malaysia) .Cheh! so unfair! They only have been dispatch to the nearest Kem which is at Sepang.

Gosh~ how to compare with Kelantan,Pasir Mas....

they're still very near with their parents,they're still in their hometown...
Anyhow...i was so interested to this Local programme and i would continues watching it for the coming weeks but just couldnt sure the date,time and channel of this programme.

last but not least....I really feels like dating with the girls LE !!!
Soon, PitThing gonna abondon me to taiwan jor...sob sob....
so, girls plzz make the first step le !!!
Since,all of us also love FOODS, can we really meet once day to hunt food,or hunt for some nice outfit = outing (in simplified)...T.T

me ,again be the one for the first step?
i hatezz you guys,BITCHES !!!

LOL.....i'm serious!

Siew May Wen, SEE... i still keep turtle in nice ^^

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My disaster...

Zzzz Bloody Assignment attacking into in my life zzzZ

i remembered i just start my new sem for several weeks only neah~
English foundation works? Can i really take it as easy as ABC once a day?
i have no dare to request mummy to let me take extra class in British coucil...i no dare...
i'm really seriously wanna study English.
i wantz myself to write like a journalist.

gonna involve in group work againzzzzZ!
hope everything will be smooth ,like taufu Fa. KAKA.

I'VE LEFT OUT MANY OF THE TUTORIAL QUESTION.Lastly, i'm really noob in Economic,dull witted in the line or curve of the graph .Bla~Bla~

Satisfied day

I spot myself in picture !
This was a gathering at May, can consider as Big and all the 5sc2 chinese dudes were there.
The boys turned to manz....Me? Have i turned to womanz? I dun wanna !
Hmm...gathering? i remembered i just chat with used-to-close familiar faces in the gathering,such as SuYee,LiSuet,YihShin,JiaXian and Veron my baby.
The others........blablabla.
No comment!
sometime, we've to admit that we really cant change one's mins and character.When we found that we're really not suit them then we can just let it go......
not compatiple= not compatiple=a true fact ! =cant change.
anyhow, glad to meet you guys again!
26th May
Had a movie with Him at cheras selatan instead of leisure mall.
Actually leisure mall is better to walk...any doubt? and leisure mall got what i like to eat such like BoBoChaCha,KayaBall,Waffer and ChuCheongFun !!!
in addtition,leisure mall got SASA,BASKETRobbin,and Popular.....etc
Suprisingly i like Leisure mall so much huh....i guess is maybe I'M TOO FAMILIAR TO THIS MALL.
Haiz....i get everything i want in this mall since i was small untill i grew up.
Had a comedy ,yeah~ it's really brighten up my day! But after the movie,Dar nearly left his handphone and wallet in the cinema.><
Car key also suspensed to be lost,but finally we found that it was in the car.
Watch out before u get your ass off the cinema!

Everything goes smooth....untill i found out there was a night market nearby my housing area!
because we intented to go the "mamak" that has been inmmersed by the night market.
Well.....i finally drove in that crowded and MESS road,traffic was so stuck .Everything was in a MESS lah....blablabla.
Been scolded loh, coz nearly crashing the vehicle for 3 TIMES!
sienzzz jor loh.

Had a great day!


27th May


Had Mcd Saver Meal as brunch todayy.....The Keat keep complaining about Mcd sucks and the burger only managed to fullfill 1/2 of his breast.Bla~ Then,the guys keep talking about the football stuff,about which team winning.Blablabla~

The time for the match is 3am in the morning of 28th may.Currently is 1:06am, more 2 hours later the games will start.Watching or not? i guess i will be sleeping at that time,cant make it to watch luh.Daniel,Nah Nah Nah~

Then, is time to exercise!
Yea~ i found that we Bull-Shitting all the time! no care venue,with who,and time.
call us 废材 ! cheers ma!
really exhaused ....sweat like nobody business! Ugly till the Max.
No care loh, i waiting all the way for Dar arrival. Yeah~
had some good food in night market. Satisfied day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Love you still...for the Nth years.

We had talked nearly about 3 hours on the phone.
I felt unhappy, as well as you.
I went downstairs washed the unfinished washing dishes.
Pick a chocolate that you bought me....
Tend to get rid from the moody from it.
But the chocolate was a lil too bitter for me,it's 70% cocoa contained.
However, it bring me recover from sadness.I guess.
I so hope there's a bar of chocolate for him too.

Anyhow, i hope everything will be settle with really no heart feeling storing inside the deepest way of the heart.We used to argue.....last time.I found out that was no war happen between us for such a while already. I no longer the high volume girlfriend anymore,atleast this is what i think how am for now.How about you? I'm well-trainned by you.

You happy?
You're not...
I promised you,i'll behave myself.
Seem like i failed to do so.
Opposite sexs are existed in my life, a real fact for now and future.
What i did maybe not enough, need to be improve...
Boy-Friends? will still lasting forever...just in different way to interaction.I guess.
Sorry Dar...i thinking, am i have been closing in a cage for too long and that's the reason why i had act a lil .....toward MaLe.I will be change ya.

Love you still....5 years already !
keep it on is our mission!
Cheers you up tomoro !!!

Oh yeah~
Lecturer date me, us for movie....
so glad...
Virgin movie with lecturer...kaka.

Friday, May 22, 2009

PROM or not?

Time passing so fast,like dashing.It's Friday again.

5 days i didnt update here ! i'd never deny about that,my body is full of laziness virus. My third sem actually is full of mathematical,thinking and some theory thingy in my chosen subject. Need practices and revision to keep the track. Yes, i did.

This is what we call study! not alike with my semester 2 ....because the schecule was like fully around with sing k,movie,MidValley,badminton and bla~
Without changes, i do badminton and sing k in current semester also.....but it's equal with my studies,i would like to keep studies and entertainment in balance :) Yes, i did it. i guess.

Went to Neway today,after the economic clazzz. i FOUND that i was so hyperactive in these day,i could talk loudly and ask whatever i wanted to know .I got totally no image especially when the way how i was laughing.Playing like nobody business.Someone has *started my engine* :) The engine is running for a period,so it turning hot and no tuning point.It's good to hear that, but i will hope that person may not be forgotten to turn it off....:( anyone helps?

I do not know...this will be last for how long. If i keep it on, boys will probably stay away from me :) Or they might just treat me as their Bratta already. Sad.


OUr school organizing PROM.
it's really cool ! and i wish to go for sure,by the way i thinking loads of consequese.Go ? or ....
i used to asking myself "is that necessary,me to use that amount of money to buy this or use on this,bla bla bla..."

In truth, PROM doesn't a necessary, but a memories and it might be worth to had a experience to PROM in our lifespan.Especially college life.
And there will be many unknown factor in our life, so mayb i have no any chances to PROM in my future if i miss the boat now.

i have really no idea....
sorry for my friend about i couldn't give out a exact answer about going or not going.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

no more toshiba boi

i've done my accouting homework.Yeah! From tutorial 1 to tutorial 2....
i did it for the whole day,whole afternoon untill evening bla...have 3 hours nap at the half.KeKe.
So burden man, the questions were so many.I guess actually is not needed to finishing all,just i was in study mode just now so why not? finger swallon due to the wrong way of holding the pen. Little girl need some console.
first time i done my homework before sleeping time.Feel proud & relaxxx...


Wanted to watch Star Trek on Saturday, we couldn't watch it even thought we had bought the tickets.How-wonderful~~~

we sat down in the cinema happily,after found that there was no any advertising and trailer started so Dar and me started to play a game

i named the game as...

"男女大对变" ; "Denature you and me"

I became the role of Him,and he pretended to be who am i ....haha.

As usual, girlfriend(him) should laying on man shoulder and talk softly ; as a man,wahaha ......a very normal thing to do in cinema is to touch their girl,grap her breast.I guess. So i grap him one and hold his butt. nice man! You have a nice one. :)

We have a great game wasn't ? I'm sure he must be very enjoy at that moment when i xxx him. :) Have a very crazy interaction in the cinema,time reached but there was still no any reaction on the screen. Yea...technical problem so the movie been force to be cancelled.How shitzzz.

We got our movie replace to Demon Vs Angel.Not bad. :)

we left our doggie snack in the cinema T.T no any snack available to Gucci the dog.So sorry!i'm here appologize to you. Called us silly careless couple ^^

My toshiba boy was no longer a toshiba boy anymore. Never mind lu,change a environment during our young time isn't bad thou.It's your break time ............Enjoy it ! I don't think we can get more time to stick together while you having a break for this period, dear understand de ^^ dear also not interested to shop recently.In case i got thing want to buy then i may wish to go out lo.Hellow,What to walk in Malaysia??? I just in love with the pulau-pulau of Malaysia.Beside that,Malaysia=Nothing

Dash Chen...JiaYou! no look down you leaving you just giving youself a break,a rest ma.Tak your time to improve and upgrade youself in order to fit your career whenever there's a opporturnity.You thought you're a robot? Not working doesn't mean you're useless o.Dear still stand by you


cheers! good luck in your test.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i hate urgent meeting

my both legs are cramp-ing.
i guess i can get a sweet dream tonight.
Toshiba Boy very 3rd time come out to lunch with me :)
simply choose U-village lu, for his convenience.
These day hard to get appetite on foods, i ate so little every meal.Good phenomena! I remembered i lost 15kg in secondary school and the happenned of this phenomena caused it.

what a sad day...
he text me in the morning informing me that he having a basketball match tonight,so he maybe couldn't bring me out tonight.Worse is, when we meet in U-village he told me that his company got big happen ,a urgent meeting is existed tonight!

no staying in his company for the whole day,no outing, no fetching me home tonight..


no wonder....
i having a bad feeling feel like i should not go to find him today.
6-sense, should i love you or hate you?

today my toshiba boy gave so many tips to MunJun the driver o ... Coz i'm poor in calculation T.T never mind lo, he always fetch me to here and there...nad parking fee somemore. Thanks also.

actually i was so nervouse today,because i didnt shave my nails.....
Toshiba boi normally will be "yer yer yer" when he saw it.No choice! i rushing out of time,so i leave it like originally, luckily ..................suprisingly he said "nice!"
and suspensed that's the fake nails. haha. stupid.

He praise me PreTTy today :)
Outing tomoro night???
i desperately hope so.
Once i know there maybe will be an outing tomoro, i walk up and down in the time square to seek for some outfit for the date. TeeHee....
used loads again,over badgets!
why so bad?

took a cab back home today...counter cab naik harga already!
feel like wanna tell out rude word,but i will not :)
such a loooooooooooong time didnt take cab already,since everyone can drive!
nvm,be tolerate :)

i saw Annie today....
"Hi ! "


Today should be consider as a burden day for me.
Reason why is, a thinking keep crossing in my mind is "I want QuiT studies already"
Reason why again is,the subjects selected in this sem is quite hard...Beside this, i worry about my degree course selection.
I'm confuse.
am i taken the wrong decision?
We not really can take our so what called as InTeresT as our career?
PR or Journalism?

that's totally impposible to choose journalism as main course right?! My writing is so bloody poor! That's impposible to use this such of market standard english level to continous my tertiary studies. i couldn't.....
PR is so as the same as Journalism, is all about writing.
if i choosing that, i will be dying soon.

A soon-be aunty told me, i was too easily give up.
what can i do to myself for this everyday is motivate myself , telling myself i'm sure CAN !

however, i had tried so hard and nearly finish to struggling for my Foundation class.
There's no way for me to say give up NOW ...
Just expressing some of content from the inner way of my heart.

Wanna shift university when degree...
to concern the burden and trouble that might be appear to my parents if i really determinated to shift university , i must think twicely...
no choice, nothing for me to staying ...human beings are some kind of scary creatures,including me.okay. Don't perasan.

hmmm......scary creatures are always be there no matter where i shift,every nook and cranny :) so....think twice lu!
Do homework tomoro !!!
this is a must!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


我们一起在超炎热的夜市一起吃冰,我的他第一次吃到了100YEN的剥冰也好吃地兴奋了起来呢。他说下次还要在来 :-)
明天我就来见你咯,带了你爱吃的YAN YAN 饼 !!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anti cancer

stop blogging for a while,untill i feeling better. Amount of human fall in sick these day.Heaches,backaches,and dizziness once i wake up from bed,sofa or any big movement within the head,etc cough and sneezing.So i think i unable simply shake/move my head if there have no neccesary to do so :-( I hope these symtoms were all due to getting low-blood pressure or just having poverty of blood.I hope,i perhaps, i pray for it.....
Couldn't get a good mood recently because keep thinking with the gloom way.Crying alone somemore,because Dar was busying with the job while i was so lonely.
Cheers me with candy,anyone.
and my busy dar, you should know what i wantzzz. **PeaNuzzt Donut**