Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God teasing us

Why would you let this kind of thing happenned on Him?
i wondering have the God ever loved Him before? Or God organised those happening with purpose?
Why Why Why
Can u,God let Him living in Peace and allow him to strive for his goal?
He got nothing from you but u gave him broken family,homeless,burdens....now you take something from Him again! Something which he has to worked so hard to get it,and something that motivated Him to keep going. In btw, this evil "something" also is what that make us apart now! On the other hand,we need that "something" to be together in the future .Is a real together no doubt.Like building own family,having our own house which is one and his ultimate goal to chase on.
But, u took it away.
Therefore,there will a long run to get back that amount of "something".Our dream izzit flowing further from us?

"Smooth roads never make good drivers

Smooth sea never makes good sailors

Clear Skies never makes good Pilots .

Problem and hassle free Life NEVER makes a strong person

Be Strong enough to accept the challenges of Life Don't ask Life , 'Why Me ? . Instead say 'try Me!' "

Dar,aren't you?
Let's say, I DO.

Dar...i like your's optimism. :) sadjbf

i hope i can earn many many many, uncoutable money ! Cut down unneccesary outing from now on !!!
Don't worry dar, i will staying at home as a good girl do.Be loyal to you and wont change in my entire university life just waiting you to ask "can you marry me?" and most probably i will say "I do"


Snow white outing

Happy + sweet meal that i prepared for my Toshiba boy.
the rice actually is in Mickey Head shapped,just i couldn't get a ideal lunch box for the decoration. sob....sob....

Had a very yuck brunch ever in TimeSquare.OMG.
We should get ourselves a donught and a branded franchised drink instead. Regretted! Sign!
bad mood,bad mood.

Mission 1 : Success!


is invisible

it doesn't mean it's nothingness.
God will lead everything ^^
cheers baby.


Recently get hungry very frequently, i was like getting hungry after half an hour i have eaten.I woke up at 12.30am yesterday to cook MaggieMee.Damn! All the yellowish half-liquid thingy is accmulated under my skin already. I've never hypnotize myself,really,i know my body size very clear.Nobody could do so.
urgh......(it's time to move it,move it)

i need money....Big amount of money to join the babies to Bangsar for "hunting".
In order to go "hunting" successfully with satisfying,i think i should start saving my pocket money on food !
Then, i maybe can get an ideal body shape for the dresses.Yeah!

stress....i want to pay digi postpaid bill by myself instead, and the parking fee of my school also.Can i do that? I think cut down the money on food is the smartest and best choice thou.

how about my lovely malaysia pulau pulau trips?
never mind....i think i can earn that by part time job! i wan roadshow job !!! I have quite a while no working already.Was i already been blacklisted by the companies?
sob sob....

It's all about money
no money,no talk
without doubt
Money is the only thing make Peoples keep going !!!
Let's Runz ,people!

Saturday, April 25, 2009



我 佩 服 您!!!


haha...abnormal shirley wong is here.
Just finished chatting with my cousin
he told me " Yea, today somebody born in the same day 20 years ago"
*Happy 20th Birthday Ivan Wong *

Ivan told me many of his frens were dying for PR course, because it is all about writing!!!
Oucsh !
Beside of giving up on PR, i should pay more to improving english?
As people can see,my writing like shit right now...
i still do not wanna give up on PR ......how?
Keat....when are you willling to lend me a hand? i admire your's writing very very much,no cheat.
who can help me?
in order to be a success PR, most probably i will upgraped myself to become a
Good english speaker

Ivan's sister's baby boy born out at Syney...
mean this baby should be his nephew...
what should i call this baby as he is my cousin's baby???
i think he is my nephew too...kaka
Maybe i can just call his name,BUT his name is so darn LOOOOOONG ~
pity boy

his name

Ernesto YiXuan Silva-Leyton-Wong


handsome boy looked like LUCAS.haha.

Ivan was worriying how ernesto gonna fill up his exam paper when Ernesto grew up.

haha...welcome baby boy.


tomoro is my dad Birthday...

and we celebrating the birthday at Dar's shop, coz Dar bought a "SUN HOT" fish for my dad as birthday present. HOU YAU YENG ar. kaka....

cant wait to eat this fish.....

my stomach is starving now.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Monkey...Monyet !!!

the muscles all over my body is PAIN.
really 失败 !!! This is caused by lack of exercises...
However, i got fun with the wednesday badminton games and the night market walk with dudes.

C-2-tip Keat always put loads of different emotion on his face while playing badminton,beside that he likes to pretend funny character while playing thge games.
Yea la,Yea la....nobody will noticed you were after broke up with your girlfriend ya. ^^ he made me laugh off my stomach le@.@

hmmm...really so-wanna know how will be about my future,my life...
i wanna learn 紫薇斗数 !!!


me, having a very wonderful life now. Awake on 5am then see my sibling preparing to go to school then i would tell them " Yo ,i also wanna be like u guys,can go to school everyday.Haiz....i got nothing to do at home beside watching episod ,online and sleeping"

i like singapore episod so much!!!
and korean movie
" 六个孩子

this is my routine everyday, after watching i will go MSN and start video call with my Dar,and do some home stuff. Hoooo~~~~ wonderful !
Yesterday was a lil bit different=Dar off day
we wanna go some where different beside TGV and GSC cinema, so he bring me to VISIT MONKEY at ampang. It's somewhere near KL international School, that can consider as rich people and foreigner housing state. Bcoz the houses is build "on the hill ". KAKA.
Suprisingly i can find so many monkey gathering at that kind of place,you can see the monkeys coming out one by one from the jungle.People stopped their car at road site and feed the MONKEYS. And so as us.

before this, i thought there was a Park or what that provided seat or what.So i made some sandwiches and fruits . But no no no no....there is just a road. A road that full of monkeys.

i was really looked ill ....
any problem with my health???
the first monkey we saw at the half-hill
he is alone...with no buddies...
so, we treat he some peanuts !!! and apple!!!
this monkey very aware of human, he refuse to get down from the tree. So we just throw the foods to him.
Before we reached the place where most crowded by monkeys,
we ate our sandwish first...keke
this another type of monkey with long tail.

This lady bring a lorry of fruits and drinks to feed the monkeys.
You see, the monkey begging for food...

then she treat monkey "vitagen"

yummy yummy...

this is the one of the gengster...He drink "soya bean"

he got fit body shape,izzit him?

This is the king of the gengster!!!

he is FAT !!! See his arm !!!

Dun play play ...they will attack you X.X

beside of beware of the monkeys will jump on you and grap your face ,you also have to beware of your TOP....ya....while the monkeys were on the tree,and you're below them.They will being so naughty to throw you Mango or any fruits they have finished. Not to forget, they will PEE on you. That's not rain fall, is Urine.


Bringing SRL Camera the next time...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

BUbye sem 2

noticed myself got a period never chamwhore already...
no pictures,no colourful,no meaning...
so,i took one after i woke up

a brand new day started from today...
no assignment,no class,no alan Hoo, no mixed rice, NO EXAM.
Yeah!!! WE're temporary free from Exam!!!
see me smile?
had an simple outing with Sharon and JoeAnn on 18th April ,Saturday night.
for sharon birthday celebration,of course...
hmmm....just a simple gathering, gossiping and life sharing. Haha.
Headed to gilly cafe,because i unable to drive too far in the night...i'm half-blind!
Wow...driving at night,really so different!!! Luckily no accident happened bcoz i not really can see the car with their light. As people always say "AGAK AGAK"...
to ensure we can live longer,
so frens, let's take your's turn to drive on next time ^^

Ya, life is tough...
So what? SO CHEERS~
and, thanks for sharing loads of working experieces with us,Joeann.
We were so gay on that day ^^

Joeann planned to have a movie after the food...
hmm, so it will be a night movie without doubt, after think twice i joined.
Sorry about my boyfriend. Teehee
Due to my "failure" , i have to fetch Joeann back home first to take her car...bcoz i really cant drive to cheras selatan >.<
feel quite excited to have a movie at night,if we choose a horror movie that must be more excited !

it was an outing on 20th April.
the last day of examination...
i think i did quite okay for the 4 subject ,beside another one-introduction to Business...i really got no idea.Hope i can P.A.S.S . i heart this word so mum-chh.

went to Mid Valley for movie again. Without hesitate for movie because we got student price. So,why not? i get my wish comes true,finally i get a dessert from ZEN, Not bad thou...i think students must get themselves a dessert sometime ,for their break ^^
Omg, the people keeps discussing about the 2012 thingy !!! in a sudden, i feel i got a lot of thing wanna do, unfinished mission to goal...
i really wan to try to have my own family in my life span, can the earth give US more time?

Girl's power
we can walk although we're sick-ing.


i looked so "lady"

and she got no EYES...T.T

The last picture that we took together in This ended of sem 2 ???

anyhow, i learned alot in this Semester.


okie okie, let's write down some feedback about my ended Sem 2.

hmm,for me,this sem fullfilled by sing-k ,movie and friends? initially i thought i will learn nothing in this semester,but i discovered i get know more about computing during the exam period. Hehe,i took 3 computing subject in this semester and i have to read everything from the chips --> motherboard-->software-->program-->hardware-->programming--->machine language-->databases-->spreadsheets-->excel.

tough! but can enjoy while studying.AND get proven,we can do well for those subject althought we're not attending the class.

many thing happened in this sem too,let me grow in a sudden...Understand many fact and accept the reality.In between,i also know many new faces in this sem,some are now being my "close fren",not to forget the frens i know in sem 1 also getting closer and closer in sem 2...But majority of them will be continues their tertiary studies to degree or diploma year 2.No foundation anymore T.T

hOwever, we're still frens.Many chances for outing right?

good luck everyone!!!


currently is signing in in MsN.

MY Dash baby is on the line recently...So i got the mood ^^

yeah, i enjoy playing the word pad !!!

good day, people!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A sentences...

i'm absolutely agree...

Today is 18th.

a S.U.C.K movie i have watched in 2009

curse you Jason...why you can keep alive after dead???
it's unlogical !!!
the storyline is low-level.

the same bloody and cruelty movie ,
but now i got realized Eden Lake is much more better than Friday.
regreted not to choose Paul Blart Mall Cop
omg,Friday wasted my time...


Dar intro this goat's milk to me,selling in cold storage.It's not cheap to drink,Rm 5 for a tiny bottle...but it's undoubtable tastes great without the strong "goaty"odour of goat's milk and fresh. Dar was a lil bit too exaggerated on the way he drinking.......he made "meah...meahhh...." sound after drinking it.It's kinda Funny way to show how tasty is the milk.

Yeah,drinking more milk to make your skin smooth and fair just like mine.^^ Dar always give me everything the best,everything in high-quality....keke. Ya, i wan more!



woo-hoo, i wan a ZEN dessert next time !!!

last thursday ordered the wrong thing,and we cant used to that dessert which is a bowl of cheesy with brown sugar on top. Regret ! but ,nvm atleast we got tried something new...i will be back,ZEN !!!

and i noticed ,Such like a routine or habit....

i will go Midvalley everytime after the Exams.

Hahaha...I think this is what every UCSI students do.



lastly....Happy Birthday Sharon Heow !!!

As you say "Say BubYE with your teen's life soon ! "


Next mission : driving to Low Yat !!!


Go Bangsar with the babes...Hooray!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bless me...i can hear my heartbeat

stressing.....stressing.........................i can hear my heartbeat.
miss the past Friday alot alot alot.. Went for a movie-Fast and Furious as a relaxation after Moral Exam.
i guess everyone sure know how wonderful feeling is to be after exam!
Yeah la.....Just finished one subject,i was like flying away to the heaven already.keke. 4 tougher subject coming le!!!

really tension....tension...tension...
i wasted ONE day never study yesterday!!!
full of SIN on me, guity all the way i been.
worrriessssssss Now... i worry about Business!!! Can i able to finished reading it???
Why cant be more "lasting" ....haha. I mean in study.

Essay..........Essay...........I hate Essay!!!
My coming 2 subject will be coming out essay...!!!
is 2 subject = 4 essays
am i able to write about 2 essay about 300 words in Business examination?
it's about 2 pages !!!
Essay make in insane and crazy...
Without doubt, Essay part is always what the student hectic about,no matter student in primary>secondary>universities>working place.

However, Me......will not give up!!!
i must CURE this......cure this "not lasting" disease in Me.
i wanna be like my Dashchen, lasting and successful.

our leisure place after MidValley- leisure mall

While going to take car.....
Daniel Ho the photograher @.@ took this.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My dashchen is a Hero

Something i wanna say is
at now,at this minutes,this second................
i'm really sosososososososossosososososososososo happy, a undescrible happy !!!
congratulation dar, i'm proud of you very very much!
As usual, dar will be in charge for his company in this coming PC fair....
this time, he will be the main power (am i correct?) !!!!!!
really really really happy,my tears dropping just now when i received his call, (haha dun tell him) !!! i think nobody can know my feeling currently.
Dar,you're my hero...
recently you really super duper busy with your Job,sometime hoping to get a message from you also seem like a mission impposible. This is what i have to be tolerate for having a boy-friend like this,sometime might be suffering but i'm always telling myself..............i must keep it on !
and ..............we get some result eventually.
This is the first step forward to Successful.............i can see the terminal with the first step ever!

Yeah.....Back to my studies,its was like.......................................@BLUR@
everynight,i was telling myself: "i'm so tired,lazy and i'm not going to coll for the next day." but the next morning end up rushing to coll in a Blur mode. Actually i have no idea why am i need to rush? There was no class,but just self-study in the library. C-2-pid me!!!
and today.....should i be sad? i couldn't finished the topic that i have determined to finished .
My mind is so blur......... something keep flashing in my mind,and i don't know what is that "something". In short, i think many thing recently lu!
so i went back home early today.......but on the way home, i been "HON" by the car which following at my back !!! First time ever.....you know why?because the traffic light has turned green but my car still remain stationary .OMG. Really need 1000 times of attention on the road le!!!

okie...................it's time to eat again.Eating in all the books and notes.
Perhaps i got a good disgestion huh

Saturday, April 4, 2009

awake!!! awake !!!

*slap on myself*
what am i doin now???
Last but not least, i miss HIM terriblely...........................no cure without meeting.
do you know i hope to see you in every second?
no call,no msg,no meet today.Feelling so sick now. Who know?
yeah, i got a dream yesterday.I married with HIM.
but he's late for the big day of his's..How can!!! a dream or a real fact impressing this is how he being?
however,i got no chance to tell him all of this.He is F busy.
i'm partially died now.Final exam make me feel the"grey" of the world,no sunshine,no blue sky,no strawberries,no chocolate,no yogurt,no peanut donut,no MEANING...............................
i need huggies,kisses,and some conversation with you.
Can you abondan your Job for just a few minutes?Do you beware that your women gonna been takes by the others?
My days just alike with the single,no diferrent.
TO MYSELF不能半路走开啊。。。。。。!委屈你啦!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No level

Currently is my study week....
relax?? or i should get up to study at the next minute?
since i got never open my books to do my revision in this semester,beside when there was a mid-term.
i know i will have a hardship if i study at the last minute...Because all the subject taken is theory thingy,need memorizing as what a bookworm do.To prevent any of regreful,i must prepared from now on.
To myself : cheer babe...follow what the heart wanted,remember?
Don't ever give any excuse to ourselves.
Let's study ba.
Study week got no excuse not to go to coll for the following days,having revision class .It sound so sad,but mayb i will get some tips about what is coming out from the lectures?Perhaps,and this is what the lectures promised.So lazy to go ,especially i'll be alone.No choice,hmmm,i've asked Hang to accompany me,not sure will she "putting an aeroplane" to me or not....
wont!!! right???
i'm effin tired,dunno-why.And i'm so lonely.Home without anyone,and the love one is always busying on his job.So now i'm waiting of my sibling to come back from school comparatively other's sibling may reached home at 1pm ago but mine sibling usually will be reached home at 4.45pm.
pity them,but studying in private school is for their own good .Not as me.My level and standard are..........LOW...........somehow,i can considered as no level,no standard ! Shits!!! Shame on myself.People,pls laugh at me ba~
Tomoro will be my first time driving to coll by myself....without adult.
but Hang Hang existed la....
i trust i can....
then i can.