Monday, June 29, 2009

iT's on TODAY !!!

like the classic song of MJ alots! - Heal the world.
miss him alots in a sudden.

Sister has been quarantine started from today, she must be happy because she isn't welcoming by her school. Ha! How about me? I got no where to sleep, anyones willing to lend me their bed? Ar, i don't care...i will be sleeping with my sister tonight. If i got infected,that must be so enjoyable coz not needed to go to school. :D

Ar, i'm just trying my BEST to evading myself from the heavy assignment and the stupid Malaysia Studies Exam ! Wat's wrong?

So pandai am i, my mind keep reminding me the QM exam is on tomoro. Unfortunately, it's on TODAY. Well, first tried to do a damn and simple revision 30min before entering exam hall. Good! i think i'm good enuff ! LOL...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Leave me NOT !!!

27th June 2009
The happy day with ma babies girl. : D'
really really happy to have lovely friend like them.
Lunch at BC.Will never go there anymore.Bored!
Date Japanese Food next time ya. STart saving from noW!
We're tripple that day....called us Tripple *>*

Vicci, the poh bought SeLiPar

Vicci is Windy

Blowing our hair in a wavy way

Hang's face is loooong. :p

Shirley Wong Changing hairstyle SOON.

Hand in hand.We're UNITED.

Thing aka soh-Ba-lack . LOL

On the way to Drive-Thru MCd , i guess.

I love this so much ! Thing and me are twin !
Hang is the exception. ==
( I'M still holding Hang's chocolate Sundae in this)

(I'M still holding in this pict untill...........)

The sundae gone ~

We didnt the dissapeared of the sundae....


Then the sundae was found under Thing's butt !
The charlie angel just keep shouting.Gosh ~
why the girls can totally didnt realize,finally the ants get hapiness. LOL


Besties .

sleepy Soh-ba-lack

Hope our friendship can last forever.
i know that legend wasn't true ! I deeply believe that Tripple can always be together !
Hope Thing broke down, then not goin to Taiwan anymore. Kaka...
Leave me NOT.
l.o.v.e YA...

A tragedy...

Thursday, after lunch with ms Jenny,Tencent and Dawn...
While i was walking the way to Block A ,
an oversea student was falling down just right in front of me ><
I forward to lend my hand to her
And i think she's really seriously injured therefore she couldn't walk
Luckily and fortunately Tencent was there also. : D
i have no choice but to fetch her to the nearest clinic since the UCSI's clinic was closed.
In short, i was RuShinG here and there on Thursday. Mess!
After all then have to meet up with the guys and to buy the cake for MJ.

Friday, as i promised to the oversea student
i gotta send her to the bone setter Sifu which i know since she has nobody can bring her already.
I was IN A RUSH again.
because she having MidTerm on 1.15pm
so i have to send her back to UCSI after she finish massage on 1pm.
Repeating To and Fro for the 2 days....
I was starving terriblely after settle the girl
Thanks for Dash bring me lovely lunch. : D
After all, meet up with the guys to Pavillion for Transformer.
Cloudy and me, almost fall asleep in the cinema.
I stand for my sleepyness bcoz everyone rates this as a excellent movie.
For me, Transformer is a "Boy movie" that consists of Giant robots and fighting. >.<"

she is a pretty girl.


About the oversea student, she is keep calling me for my help now.She wants me to bring her to a better Sifu to cure her leg. I know helping people in trouble is good, but i dunno should i give her further assist or not. She is really totally a stranger just fall down right in front of me. And me, as a human with conscience helped her one time, second time....and should i help her the third and continues times?

Dash just keep scolding me stupid and asked me to ignored her.

I'm not regret what i have did but i'm happy that i helped a person in difficuities.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To act according to self ability

talks....talks....talks alots today.
Just feel like sharing so i dropped by at your house :)
I'm really happy that i always having true friends which will really stand by me when i got problems.
my life is just so simple,but i'm happy with it.

ooo i cant mixed in your world, too tiring ,and i'm unaffordable too.Tak LaRat lah. :(
so To act according to one's ability. ooo

Don't know why.....i feel so Yeah now.
eXcited !
Received nice mails, i appreciate alots!
i heart my daddy,mammy,sister,brother alots!
and Eu dash chen, good Job! can wake up early already? :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

20th June 2009 - Port Dickson

The group of US
Dash @ Me, Daniel @ Cloudy , MJ, JiaWen,Eunice,Danny

Had one night trip to Port Dickson on Saturday....
Whoots ! the soft white sand and the clear blue sea make the citizens syok craazily
the nature beauty of the beach really can makes relaxation
Didn't get to eat any Seafood at there, mmm.....Atleast eaten 2 prawn in the last stop, Tomyam?


Pillow talk session with Dash, talked loads about the human attittude & behaviour.............
iN a sudden, i miss her a lot.....
we're the most compatible frens ... ^^


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Economis Done

Whootss !!! Finally done Economic Mid term paper.
should pay more effort on this...Precaution.Precaution.
No more dependent, toward to independent.

Monday, June 15, 2009


my lifezz is so boring,lack of stg called ... ....

i love money more than Dash ==
angry on me.

Or anyone wanna to know W.H.Y ? :)
without money, we couldn't add petrol, no petrol, no car running, no meeting.
without money , no movie , no buying new outfit , no branded bag/watches , Outdated !
In short, i should love money more,because everything is comes to Money the first
No Money also No Dash lah

I burning away my DESIREs , to .......................................
to get wHat? i'm not so clear >.<
i just feel that, i have loads of wishes to be come true...
i'm satisfied with my family lifezz, fren's group activities,just i feel so hard to meet my BF........
Reality always bring us broken heart of WonDerFul , i guess.

I wantz my looked-free BF send me back and forth from school everyday.
I wantzz my acting-busy BF buy me Everything that can be wore on my body like last time he did.
I wantz my not-really-free BF bring me out for food/drinks/alcohol ? at night.
I wantzz my actually-Tension BF holds my hands walking in front of his fren to showOff.


I wantzz

I wantzzz.....

i wantzz to Punch STG, can be someone. In other to release my temporary-out of control-emotional-unreachable-Desire.My Desires was burst out like an explosion ! ARR!!!

To my endless Desires : Stop running plz...i was chasing you like hell....! @#$%&!

Because of you , i burn all my desires, wantzz and needs !!! I willing .......... :(
but its hard for me. SO HARD!
Anyhow, i think i was Born to being like this always my lifes is like this, ostacles there always to block us !!! i hate eu,God !!!
Why u can let Daniel and Cloudy meet always,studying in the same coll !!! Many many more...Sharon and Andrew lah,Eunice and Gun lah.....and BLA~

i GOIN to 2 DAYS 1 night trip with friends and BF soon.

Status : can not wait
burning Fats.

My hair like shitzz right now

I miss night market PanMee !!! i wantzzz....i wantzz....... !

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday night- HoiTong Restaurant

It's Friday Night ....
since dad already got his own programme so mum planned to bring her 3 lovely children out for dinner :)
i called up dar to join us for dinner,with his existed will be more fun !

Sadly, he couldn't join the dinner coz he was busy to go LoWyAT for some stuff and blA~
Initially the plan was to go Serdang,HoiTong BBQ Steamboat but mum was like lazy to drive and she said she's starving seriously so she doesn't want to go so far WOR....

quite dissapointed...
but it's okay, i'm a cincai person :)
suddenly house phone rang..............mum pick up the phone.
Whootss, it's dar !

"i want to join u to Buffet..."
" Mum cancelled jor, bcoz u dunwan go....."

so end up Mum brings us to HoiTong . :)

wondering why i wrote so detail ><

Yea, this is my second time to this BBQ Steamboat Restorant.
It's all about BUTTER with BBQ ....we used up so many Plate of BUTTER to grilled the seafood ><

i ate in many oily and fattening thing Ar~~~
nvm loh, i did it in the usual already. ><

No comment on the food, bcoz all of the foods is steam or grilled by ourselves.So So loh, just enjoy the joyment while grilling thing.I guess...
the seafood is okay~~~
i didnt get to eat prawn , chicken wing or drumstick.....
Dar just grilled loads of Pork to me ><

and mummy get 2 chicken wing griilled by DashChen ><
i ate 6 scoope ice cream=3 cup
Mum ate 9 scoope of ice cream= 3 cup

(*o* )

Unlimited refill is worth or not? i have no idea coz the seafood looked not so nice ><
somemore i thinking, te restaurant has Loss or Profit ....
haha...stupid me's a happy ending and had a great Firday night.

A mountain of MidValley.

they are really so cute. Happy to see they swim happily:)




Thursday, June 11, 2009

We're born to be in a clz

#### Primary Gathering on 10th June 2009 ####

Attendences : 12 out of 45???

Just several of us have attended for this gathering,but as what ShuXing said :" it's quite success what ~~ "
I can see the *love* in 6E for anyone who willing to attend.Kaka....
We are so love each other....right? Kaka...

Yea, the New Era boy plans to have another gathering in December again,a trip or whatsoever.He sound so serious but i think nobody likes giving him a face of affirm.HAHA.
On the other hand, i feel touched also lah,since he has trying for his best to gather everyone to be in UNION again. HAHA.

Topic of the day is " Should bf paying the bill all the time when outing with the gf?"
and Jlim the pity who suggested this Topic had been shoot by the girls GAOGAO on that day.
loads of fun lah and got many lessons from their talking.
Some of them really able to talk like a couselor or whataver.

And the champion of funny owner is ShiChee who had spoken "a sentences" which is really laugh off my stomach *Meaningful & Romantic huh*

Just hope that he,JLIM dun ever try to against UCSI anymore. We have 3 UCSI student here VS you one New Era boy. *devil*
Ya....ON ON ON. The gathering will be ON ya!

We were born to be in a Clazz...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If you hv no idea what we've been through, pls keep ur mouth shut.

Congratulation my dar, had passed his exam.
this might his another turning point in life...
I'm confidence, dar sure can gets some result in his new job :)

You're always the hero of mine
GO ! go and find out your hidden talent !!!
For me, i always think that the best carreer that suits dar the most is Lawyer.

if and only if, there have no such of word as L.A.Z.Y
i think it's really not easy to be independent ,especially in earning money. JiaYou !!!

Born as A boy, male. The life may be tougher.


Bought a pressie for him yesterday...

No suprised jor loh...coz if i'm not telling you the purpose i went there, sure kena GaoGao jor de. Anywhere, haha! such a loooooong time never buy u pressie le.... *Guity *

Hope u'll like it.
Went to Sri petaling yesterday...
Returned the places where we meet.....
which is PTK ,Kasturi....which is the place we get each other closer....
Recall ones to repeat, Arrg~

so damn many memories between you and i are all happenned at there.
For us, these are the memories we got throughout the years.

Somebody asked me, what the most crazy thing your's bf and you have did? and do You got any special memories with your bf???

i thought i have No.......last time.

bcoz, seriously i have no any official celebration for Valentine,buffday,100days,1000days,aniversary day with ceremony before.In truth, i would grumbling also......ON the other hand, i would think normally those guy with more ideas on those tactics to girl usually or most prob is a playboy.Bcoz, they're experienced ><

Now i think the quetions is Stupid and lousy. .Yes.Of course!!!
uncoutable !!!
From parents not allow > allow

Dar, let's find some day to recall it. :)

Lazy daugther ever....

I cant remember how long is it i have no help my mom in housework.

Better to staying at home, as a good girl do.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hustle bustle of life

I went out for the previous days....
from thursday untill today...
Exhaused !

I drove to Kuala Ampang again , to fetch this baby.

This wasn't my original plan for Friday,but i changed it just because of the begging face of Daniel. So finally i brought along my Dash along wit the gang.

You have no choice to say No, i guess.

Firstly we went back home for my shower time,coz my hairs was in a messy and oily status.Women always takes time to be prepare so i opened Eden Lake for him to watch. Suprisingly,he didnt feel any uncomfortable or disgusting toward this movie. He is Cold blooded or the effect just too fake? However, i do not ever dare to go downstair to watch the movie for a minute.Whenever the actor started to scream or groaning, i also following to scream on upstair. Cowardice is me, I'm cowardice. =.=

After Keat's house for gambling (of course not me!)
We Went to Kajang, my hometown for Satay.
Actually i know where's satay is better in the town but i think i better keep silence. (Although i WASN'T for the whole day)
*Malaya Satay* is nicer ,Daniel ! They got the real Ketupat which is really packing with the "leaves", bawang is bawang, timur is timur ! =.=
sorry, i was born in a family which is very particular about FOOD, and my boyfriend family is operating in restaurant business.
I'm a very cincai person :)
What i need is something that we can put in the mouth and masticate when we're in dead hungry.

Had loads of fun on that day.
My engine turned ON again...totally lost control , i was hyperactive.

People dunno sure judge on me with my crazy laughing and high volume of speak. Aiya! whatever! i feeling so free to being myself :) Mask-off time.


This was another outing on Saturday ....
Several of us had date with the young lecture, Jenny.

Worries + excited for that outing.
Because worry about what languages and what should we communicate with Jenny !
In between, i was a very "indoor gurl" who not really like to go out . If and only if, somebody give me a amount of money to buy my desire, otherwise i would like to stay at home. :)
it's okay if the programme is to sing K ,movie or FOOD. Yeah~
Paid rm17 for 3D animation * monster VS aliens *
Cartoon always the interesting one, all of the stories might just come out from the imagination of the creaditors.I always love cartoon, no matter Madagascar,toyStory,stich and blablabla...

and yeah~
i got Thai Food for dinner in A WEI RESTAURANT with ma lovely family.
it doesnt a matter to have both lunch and dinner with Thai Food.
I Think the foods is undoubtable tasty at first, and i changed my mind when i get back home.......... thirsty like nobody's business.
however, i think i will go again :)
i miss their TomYam soup.
Why my life would always stick to TomYam?


It's Sunday = family day

They're same with me , getting bored from shopping ! Since we had went to Broca(Semenyih) on last week. So we went to BaGan Belalang today ! :) as peoples know, Malaysia have nothing to visit Beside the pantai pantai. The destination of today is also Pantai but it's somewhere located at Seremban so there wasnt a beach that having pure ,fresh and clean water.

Want nice beach and wonderful sea view go Sabah's beaches or the west side of Semenanjung Malaysia ^^ i'm sure going once a day

Many malay families picnic on the beach, they were like bringing along their pot,pan and gas there for cooking ....swt. They really got the mood

Many people go to the middle of the sea to catch crab :) sure fun!

Moo-Moo Cows and goats is everywhere on the road. They looked so adorable.

Then, we went to Tanjung Sepat for Seafood. In btw, there has a bridge called 情人桥.
Nothing special...untill my parents met their friends in the restaurant.
mmm.....come so far also can met friends. World is so small or everyone has enough with the hustle bustle of city life?

A bar of cocoa?

it's nearly 2a.m in the morning.
and yeah....I'm still on the line.
Searching some nice and meaningful love songs through KuWo.
singing it with the lyric.
Words is powerful, everthing can pour out through the songs.

Yes. I'm unhappy again.
Have anyone tells you, the person who is in love may get higher fluctation in emotion changing?

He bought me a bar of chocolate and send it to me just now.
He was crazy......
Whatever crazy action a gf/bf would do in their love period can be consider as RoManTic...

i love bf acting crazy thing for me, for proving me his love....his sincere.....or whataoever....
But, not on the AM plzzz......coz human on earth now started to be insane especially in the midnight or so called Morning. It was like Man turning into werewolf after the appearences of moon.
They would do whatever crime in possible.

however, i do appreciate it.

Hope everything will be fine.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sweet Day???

Travel all way long to kuala ampang for Dash.
Just for him as i promised.
Never expect you'll bring me for good food...
Just really wish to have a stroll around the small village and eat the Ice Kacang and Nasi Lemak which u brought me before.


Thought to recall back the feeling of the past, you carried me with the old motorBike.
I REMEMBERED i screamed so loud that time.Damn worry i will fall down.
Now i wondering, was me too afraid of Death, OR i have no confidence on you. >.<"


However, i love you still.

i scolded you for dunno-what reason just now. Just unable to specific out what the reason, but the problems is existed. Just many unsatisfied inside my heart, all of those exploded in a sudden. You did wrong? Yes,but most prob may be i was not scolding about that. I also dunno.


Mrs Jenny went lunch with us along. i Couldn't make it to the Nasi Lemak...
never mind, but in my deepest heart i wish to have only both of us.


never mind.
This is one of the reason why i love you too, able to take good care of family.

LOL... I ate nasi lemak, laksa curry, duck, 1/4 ABC ....

i was playing with the dog, while the auties gossiping
about the "磨豆腐" thingy.
Now i only know that meaning.

Gucci was like reducing in size...
it looked smaller than the older days...
actually if i got the chance to have a dog, i will not choose this type of breed.
In addition, Gucci looked like a fox.He is not my type. KAKA.

i like bigger size mia dog such as golden retriever.

Lastly...within these several days. I thought of what will be my future carrers. I take it so serious, and i put interest and hapiness the first. I think Job that will bring you joy ,satisfaction,hapiness and related to our interest is very important.
Eventually, i would like to be a part of wild animal welfare worker. WWF?
i just feel like to protect the animal from cruelty. :)

hope i can do it.