Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year ! ! !
This blog already accompany me for one year. my sweet 18 .....
i will try my best to update "you" often ya !

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Be HaPpy???

Depression ???

What is depression? i heard this hundred time in psychology class...
our lecturer seem like handle loads of people that undergo depression, i have never takes it seriously before ...

Untill recently....
Getting more and more news related about the stars commit suicide no matter Korea, taiwan, Europe...
the died of eddy which was really freaking me out , beacuse he was also suicide
i found somebody jump down from tenth floor inside Time square while i having window shopping...

they give up their life unconsciously, that isn't their mean to do so. It's a mental disorder, it's thought to be caused by an imbalance of brain chemical and other factors.
YOU may wonder why it had to happen to THEM. The fact is that anyone can get depression

The way to cope this is try to think positively, it's important to have high self-esteen. And....i think the most important is to Express ,so having a trusted friend is necessary, a friend that we can rely talk share...
Some peoples may have really no friends, but they may be can share with their spouse....
if u have no spouse no friend, the family is existed for u ANYtime ^^
Don't ever swalloon all the troubles into yours deepest heart, it will be painful untill the day you unable to abided...

Don't even try to kill yourself.....PLS!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas ...!

MeRRy Christmas
Went back from Klang today....
Yo...Klang again, no any new place to go meh??? No choice lo, Malaysia is a very *boring* and *dump* country BESIDE the tropicana Beach. i'm lovin it.
i will go enjoy the sunshine and sea every year when i grew up, the meaning of grew up here meant= i can afford not to depent on my parents. ^^
What a waste , i got a fair complexions but i love Beach.....gosh, cant imagine all the turtle swimming around me (>.<)"

Deeply fall in love with 牛皮shoes...recently. So SUDDEN.
May be i found my style finally, but there have not much shop selling woman 牛皮鞋. On the other hand, i can get man 牛皮鞋 everywhere. And......this kind of shoes not cheap! it's surely above hundred.Yesterday I found it so hard from a shop (the only shop) ....T.T i cant leave my eyes on it.
i think what i like is a lil bit different with the others while the youth now prefer the shinny and colouful shoes. HAHA!
i have NO FATE with the shoes recently !!!
it's so hard to make me take a fancy to those shoes that are hot selling on the market now, UNTILL today i found a shoes which i think that is so nice and i wanna buy was already out of stock
-.-" sienzzzz la
That mean i just can continuously wearing my canvas shoes untill the appeares of my ideal shoes ...i don't wanna !

this is what we called as Ballet??
"she" might be challenging me. LOL

My christmas present from mummy....

Such a big Burger for me...Yummy~

Daddy spent loads as usual TODAY. This is the disadvantages of simply take holiday as your's wish!
No matter , deepavali, haji, puasa, hari raya adilfritri, New year, christmas.My daddy will OFF automatically....SO busybody. No working day will spend more. We spent rm200 for our lunch, because the big fish cost rm70++ ,and the others just normal dishes without seafood. OMG~
it was a NORMAL phenomena in our NO matter lunch or dinner time, because my daddy is make sense on Eat ; but i rather to use that money to do others thing >.<"

Lastly......... wish u all MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Christmas EVE

My heart flew away to Dar's place in the early morning, i cant wait to meet him in the afternoon.
Finally has a Target to do on that day........
i planned to go on 4pm. MAMA suddenly changed T.T she wan fetch me on 3pm. My plan also changed, mama fetch me to instead of taking bus ! gosh~
i'm so touched....Mummy always simply find reason to fetch me to the place i wanna. muack*
i'm so panic on the other hand....
because i have not ready yet. In a RUSH, one of my len LOST !!!
Of course i will lost it, because one hand holding mascara and eyeliner and deciding which one to be eliminated, because i have really no time. Another hand holding len...............
....i have no idea...
so i wearing just one len to GO OUT.
i'm insane.
but luckily the len which i lost is the left one, the eye which is i consider as Blind so never MINd~
What a special DAY ~
Two different eyes.
I reached too early so i have Damn many hours to shop....
T.T Damn borig to walk alone...
althought shopping is one of my hobby, but NO MONEY meanS NOTHING!
Therefore, I got the permission to go low yat earlier ^^.Planned to celebrate countdown wit my dar so i have to wait dar untill he finished working. (T.T)
i thought i will be passing the hours like age in dar shop...BUT, haha dar bring me buy thing which is consider as my christmas present "gua". ^^
thanks loads lu....
then, i received jiawen called=she was coming , NOPE, is "they" were coming all way long from serdang. hehe...hoho...wahaha...
i saw Sandy. Finally saw her.
she bring me to visit her work place which is just located just upstair dar 's working place.
She getting thin.....thinner and thnner....
but she is happier. ^^
She said i'm shorter.............Gosh~
i think what i suggested last time was right. ^^
Throughout the difficuities she met at outside, she might become stronger and more mature, brave as well.
I got a feeling.........wondering why the feeling so strong.
i wish her bf and her can marry in the future. Although the time they be together are not long as anyone.BUT, without doubt, they sacrifice a lot toward each other. And they did passed throught the difficuities together. ^^
i think i will be visit sandy again once i goin to visit my DAR.

we have no place to go T.T
I think the best , is to having a party at home with several friends.......
that will be great and warmth. Because every restaurants are fully packed by peoples.

Something happenned....
i felt itch on my left eye, so i rub it.....
something which was dissapeared, in a SUDDEN i found it back from my EYE.
Oh My Len...! damn you....It was just like a magic Show@.@
seriously.....the lens was quite scary !

Pink man???
i have no idea......
lastly, we went to connaught night market to have our dinner
interesting huh??? Goin here and there just like nobody businesss.
Thanks Dar......!
ribuan-ribuan terima kasih KEpada Mu.
***WHAT a fastantic day with fastantic people and fastantic happening. ***

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On sales

EveryWhere ON SALES ! ! !
I wan go shopping instantly >.<"
this make me wanna scream again....
When only i can go shop shop shop shop shop?????
I turned insane soon....
I want a brand new hair-style also !!!
this gonna make me scream again...
Where is my money???
come back to me, pls.........!
i'm a vivid psycho!
party tomoro will be cancel???
Oh no, i gonna start planning now. . . . .

Thanks everyone ....

grandma cat's *RoBert zai*
grandma miss robert zai so much since she stay in hospital. So i capture some pictures to show her.

and Dinga visit grandma.

Thanks for u guys comment, u all are so caring!
i give my grandma a call yesterday night, *very paiseh le* because i promised to call her but i almost forgotten. I called her eventually before she fall asleep....she "sound" she was fine. In fact, she was really fine with her spirit just the whole body cant stand for the itch.
Within the 2 weeks in the hospital , grandma been shiftting here and there several time, from personal wad to public wad, then shift back to personal wad , and now she has been shift back to public wad
very troublesome.
The personal wad is staying a room alone and air-conditional existed. This is the different. I think grandma prefer public wad more because there got many "neighbour" can chat to....
She said she keep looking the patients leaving , and a group of new patients coming in again. haiz...this had proven , she stay there quite a period.
Don't worry lo, grandma will be coming out soon. We're sure can celebrate chinese new year together Geh!!!

Through yesterday conversation, i get know grandma will be trying another new medicine today and this is the LAST one. Really hope grandma will no allergic to this medicine again, otherwise the itch will be more serious. On the contrary, if her body can accept this medicine then she can GO HOMe la ^^ .
May GOD bless you, grandma.


heart-broken to see her being like this.


Christmas coming lu~~~
I'm so boring staying at home le, suddenly miss our school so much. May be I'M just missing my friends....COME COME COME and Date me le.

Monday, December 22, 2008


my grandma in serdang hopital now !!!
she is terrible sick T.T
actually she was staying there more than 2 weeks already, but it seem like the skin problem getting worse after eating the medicines given. I hate Those doctor. T.T
help my grandma.
she just ate the medicines that given by the goverment hospital which is "free" then her skin problem started and getting worse now. The skin is dropping down when she scrash her skin ....the whole body is reddish like been hurt by the hot water.
Allergic?? why cant they solve it faster instead to let my lovely grandma suffer.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Gift

What kind of Present i hope to received??

Nikom DSLR D60
olympus suck!

Lv big volume
can put all my books inside ^^

wondering which branded???
or anyone can tell me which is suit my style?

a New hair style
present's is so boring and annoying

ArrrH ~ ~ ~ ~
i'm just such a girl that admire branded .BitCh
i think this behaviour will be last untill i'm the age of 60??
actually, all of that just my desires....
not a must i must get it. Or those can consider as a Target, a Goal that encourage me to work harder in order to get what I WANT

but, if i failed to do so??? if i becoming more and more dependent to my husband after i married???
because what i am now is what i not wanna to be...understand?
+++i'm definate a vivid dependent girl now.+++
This is due to i adopted in a good family that i can easily get everything from them
i had never work hard for the car...laptop...hanphone...clothes...higher education in private university...
i even rely on my Dar after i stepped in "love"
movie, breakfast,lunch,dinner, hanphone, transport, watch, bag, legchain........
but sometime he also couldn't satisfied what i want just like what i asked for recently so i have to be understanding. Therefore i did help him when he was in difficulties......I think this is one of my good??
When comes to my studies, i rely on help me (>.<)"
gosh~ *fainted* I'm just a fifth wheel ! ! !


okay, The hopes In the Christmas=New Year 2009

i can get a watch and a school bag la...i don't have a watch really and the bag i'm using now was broken and i used it for so long time already since my secondary school. Many friends asked me to throw the bag because it really looked so Dirty. haha.

Oh ya, the top wish is i can pass all the subjects taken in sem 1 !!! I don't wanna RETAKE, it is so costly...I will get the result after Christmas so i sincerely hope my wish will be come true.
Ya, it was foolish to hope without action right???
But i did put my effort in my studies since the first lessons untill the last.So if i failed, it's also very unfair to me
and if i'm really failed....That can proven, i'm really a useless peRson.
Lastly, all my friends will be happier AND healtier .
Jiawen can get a ideal boyfriend. ^^
AS well as my family member.....healthy is the first !!! Money Second okay? Then, more income la of course...who do not like money??? huh?? huh???
Hope grandma can come out from the sad memory , be cheerful and knoe more friends instead to be slone in the house keep thinking of grandpa....
i love you.
Hope Dar can "naik pangkat" la, then he may get no reason not to buy me Bag jor (>.<)
and I'm sure dar sure CAN de with his ability and he is qualified to get it.
What is your's ,that is yours.
DAR must be healthy also ! Stop playing basketball after just finished eating.Last but not least, hope he can get more Off day ....hehe

I can still remember the time we just get to know each other through webcam....He changed a lot ! Thanks GOD give me such a big present , i treasure it so much !

The last time me, So Fit !!!

so, i hope i can lose my weight to 45kg.

k.....hehe. abit shy to say that. bye.

Friday, December 19, 2008

It's ended

Final Exam Finished !

no more suffer, tension and stress for TEMPORARY !

not goin to think the problem of whether i need to take sub-paper or retake the sub ! i'm enough for it.The exam made me older and insane just within the exam week.
mentally and pysically disorter !
I must do many many mask from now on to recover the ruined of my facial condition. Therefore , i can attend any of the coming party that will be fully fill in December-January.


i get know one of my secondary friend has passed away , which made me incrediblely shock till the max.
Eddy Wong ....hmmm....
a handsome, nice body shape but indelicacy as well as NO-Class!
i intensely hate him.Nobody would know what he did on me before ....
on the contrary,
this guy had leave loads of unforgetton memories in my life. He ruined the friendship between veron and me ,he spoiled my fame and he did molest me.
He was a very flirt guy,he always flirting around in the school and with his posses ability, term and condition, he really enable to made many girls fall in love with him, excluding me PLS.
He can couple up with a girl then broke up, then couple up with another girl again then broke up.....a non-stop "love chain" happened, and the main point was all the girls are good friend of each.Wondering why the girls begin so unconscious about the characteristic of this guy !!! Difficuit to comprehend that those girl who was goin to couple up with him, never ever thought that he was just a playboy after her friends ended up the relationship with him?? GIRLS be clear-minded la~
i was really very clear as well as understand what kind of "animal" he was . So, i'm can gurantee that i had never ever fall in love with him.However, he told me how much he love me, beg me to be together with him....
But, nobody believe me instead of my classmate. Untill he start not to respect me and simply touch me in the public-classroom.*School was a place full of Rumours !* News always spreaded with another of explaination . So i been humiliate by the peoples. I saw his true character that other's couldnt see. But, how other's value me ? THey think i'm the one be "cheap", grapped friend's boyfriend .....
The Silly and childish people just cannot classified which is the true and fake.
Then, they come up with a gang and surrounding me to scold me and someone tend to give me a slap. HAHA~ Their action really make me laugh when i recalling back.
But, i still remember i did cried for that happened because i felt innocent but helpless. I cried from school untill the evening.......haha. I think i may be too hurt and heart-broken toward my best friend .

actually, everytime i would feel that was really funny when i recalled all the past, On the other hand, i feel sad..Sad about why my Best friend not choose to belive me instead of her "flirt lover" + rubbish friend !

Really sorry...i'm not mean to related all the past which was really happened long long long time ago. And now everthing was fine.
but, this was really one of the unforgetten memories that mark in my life which caused fed up with friend .
But now.....He died ! i should pray for him.....
Forgive him......
What was happened just let it go.....

atleast, i'm happy now because i got EVERYTHING!
friends, complete family , and DAR which is almost perfect !
i love my life ....


MISSION 4 = Positive Psychology
MISSION 5= Probobility and Satistic

Monday, December 15, 2008

Exam week

Do some update during this "Super period"=exam week ! (T.T) I wan cry la. Did not very well in today algebra paper. i failed to answered Loads of simple untill the max mia question! All the question really so easy like ABC but i looked it in the to difficuit way so i cant answered it. Full of regretful~ All of this happened also because of my laziness and at the "super moment" my stomach struggling.It yelling for food~ At the same time, i had felt up with those "too simple but unable solve" question, so i just leave the hall then searching for food .Pity me. sigh*
This story made a lesson= Make sure to eat before u go for exam.
Then, 2.30Pm is the turned of Writing ....!
The one can killed me without any consciousness.......
i worry this subject the most !!! As what my previous posted had written, i just got 3 mark out of 25. And, in today Final i have to write about 2 essay !!! Hmmm....I DID IT !
i may be not did it with bombastic word , idiom, perfectly grammer or exactly following the format.....but
I DID IT !!!
atleaast i succeed to wrote about 2 essay which was about 800 words for each.
What i had wrote may be non-sense, out of topic....atleast i tried.RIGHT?
Sorri to tell, i tend to write only 1 essay at the first, because i took over time in the first essay and it is 4.15pm already when i finished the first one and stupid me keep thinking the exam will be over on 4.30pm that actually on 5pm. Within that 15min, i keep writing....writing....and give up untill i realize i got another half hour to write.....then i finished.
Whatever....hope to pass @.@ i hate essay.
my hair turned into white just these several days, luckily pimples absent on my face althought i was so tension recently....
the scene on handphone we handed, during the exam
Dar's spend my sibling and me dinner a day before he start PCfair....
SAKAE , a place i will go if i want to eat steak...
Rainy day...>.<
Hmmmm.....dar treat me differently recently, because i treat him differently also ^^
we tend to change just to engage to get a better future....hoho
tHE size of the steak izzit bigger?? izzit more worth compare to other???it was taste good also.
No choice lo, we cant support to have steak at The Ship or San Francisco. hehe
However, i appreaicate also atleast i got a mouth to eat. Blerk !

Yo....PIKOM PCfair had finish....
who went it???
Dar always be busy whenever pc fair was organised....!!!
2 more subject to go ~
Jia You @

Planning for christmas, will be many people joining for the celebration !
cant wait...cant wait....
where to go??? Sure get fun !


MISSION 2 = Algebra & Triginometry
MISSION 3 = Writing for academic purpose

Friday, December 12, 2008


Seeking for vacation to go during the coming chinese new year.We wanna go Sydney iniatially, the plan cancelled eventually because the price of ticket had rise just within several days.
Dad giving me load of pressure , he keep telling me to book the ticket online earlier but i didnt get the credit card from my mom so how can i manage to book the tickets??? Furthermore, there are load of trouble to go vacation to Sydney....over bajet, excel holiday, the whole journey to sydney (from kl -> melbourme -> sydney) is depending on me. I asked dar to follow us, but he has no passport and he cant give me immediate confirm so i just ignore him.
Sydney has been cancelled in our list, but dad will not give up easily like that >.<
He tend to go any other vacation for his holidays...This is what he used to during the chinese new year...otherwise as he say "he will die"
i really busy recently, i have to use my time wisely instead to do survey of the vacation. Really no mood.
SARAWAK will be our next tend to vacation........
the price of ticket of 5 family member just only RM3000 instead of RM 15000(SYDNEY TRIP)
haiz....but i have to find the accomodation by myself ...
i'm so hectic !!!
i have no time, here it is final....then chinese new year is around the corner....
I'm out of breath due to the "too early" arrival of new year !
Give me some space to breath ~
Gonna ask dar to join our trip, then i will rely on him.
"you lead and i'll follow"


MISSION 1 = Film And Art,Done

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nightmare ~

Steal some time to express my feeling now
I got a nightmare just now....i been selected to PLKN "again" !!!
oh, it's damn real !
the camp is bloody super obscurity in the jungle, i have to climb a mountain after a mountain and swim to reach . Swt !!! The most scary one, OH MY TREASURE HANDPHONE !!! i must keep it myself. But i came here unconsciousness, so i didnt bring the charger. gOSH ~
then i met former dormmate Maywen, and i saw DILA too...haha. my buddy. we were like " we had joined the plkn already de wor !!!how can we have been selected the 2nd time???"
So, i determined to against the couch.
Finally, we can go back....hahaha....really damn happy at that time.
this wasn't the first time to dream about PLKN already, 2nd or 3rd time already T.T
it can shown, PLKN for me is a damn scary experience in my life.
Wonderig why this type of dream appeared in my dream and disturbin my sweet dream, i couldn't sleep properly yesterday le, later how can i get 100% concentration on my revision later?
A timetable is constructed for myself to study ! i gonna run for The hardship again after my lovely breakfast~
sTUdy study study.....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Presentation On PsycholoGY

Yesterday was the Very very last Assignment and Presentation for this Semester !!! i nearly died ...
exhaused ~
Here Done, There FINAL coming !@#$%
*wondering why the simbol above can be link...*
Worry happened causes of insufficient preparation???? i don't know, and wish to know.
i passed the belated present for the belated buffday girl...A cap ! and a card ~
Don't wanna share to buying a present with others, mmm....(ask me why)
She is the special one...
and she do help me loads in my studies, i still "need" her in the future....hehe.



i had not much nervous in yesterday presentation, in a free mode....
bUt, something unlucky happened unexpectedly.....
there was always a trouble to display the power point on the screen. The projector using in UCSI seem like being so fastidious, it always rejected to link to the laptop, most of the laptop that the students brought also failed to connected to the project ~ including mine one
Finally, TOSHIBA Boleh @.@
and we always using other's laptop to proceed our work done...soooo troublesome !!!
Something happened, when our turn to present....Our work unable to open in their laptop !!!
I was like, "What problem again??" FXXX....
i was so comfirmed the file is transfered to Eunice pendrive, but why the file still cant open in this a Sudden, i thought of my pendrive !!! Oh pendrive also have the copy of the work, so i rush to find my pendrive but, it losing in action. WHERE IS IT????
**Some scene showing up in my mind ! The scene is about how terrible that my dar goin to scold me already **
so, we have no choice just let the other take our turn to present @.@
Then, Jiawen and Eunice found out the reason "why" the file cannot support so they fixed it, and i refreshing my mind and think...Where is my Pendrive!
Finally, i found back my pendrive...i left it in the photocopied shop !!! OMG !!!careless me!!!
Luckily, we still successfully to finish out presentation ...Huu~~
wHAT A narrow escape ~

before our turn, i was feeling so relax .......
stil have the mood to chamwhore !
cant believe my nightmare had begun to happen in the next minute !!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Meaningless title

Hey!As what my fren ,Tang beg me....i updating my blog onward now !!! haha.Just went back from sport with Sharon. Actually i was so tired after back from the school today, so bad that have to go back to sch on saturday. But saw hang hang entering the sch also when the time i back...feel a lil bit console. Haha. The whole last week was rushing the Psychology assignment. Now is "a bit" free for me to take some rest .After then, sOOn......Final reaching !!! I lost my confidence already due to my wrting Result @.@ only get 3 or 4 mark out of i gonna take the final about to write 2 essay ???

i can hear my heart-beat now...Boh Boh BOh BOH~

Seem like i have no any improvement in my writing since i starting to blog in english (x.x) No one can help me....i have to read more and write more...At the same time, i also cannot end up in blogging already...No More No MOOD !!! OKay lo....As what Tang wished. wahahahA

Pict-chas below were so "Rojak" ....Have a look lu~~~
The first 2 pictures is taken in Jiawen buffday celebration party... Forgotten what is the day already....Conclusion is, she celebration soooooo many day la....bla bla bla...

MORE PICCHASSS AT xxx Blog...(i think)

Had shoping with dar on Thursday...
Saw a cute car in Yellow and full of Simpson cartoon....
Nothing more to write...
Just as a memory to look back in the future...
tata x.x

Thursday, December 4, 2008

i'm waitiing for somebody in the Ucsi lobby now !
Damn Lonely.....
Everytime we meet, sure argue !!!
i know what reason to being like that....ALL BECAUSE OF ME ...
and minor causes by him.
bla bla bla.........
whatever !!!
I have NO MOOD TO BLOG anymore DAY BY DAY...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Jiawen

The role model of 3rdDec>>>>>Jiawen
now is 1:04AM, is officially 3rd Dec 2008....HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY !!!
a pre-celebration on Monday which is held at her house, a steamboat+BBQ party...
such a loooooooong time never attend for any party already.
my house also never have any party ever since i shift here .... Yeah~ loads of fun there ^^

sooooooo many seafood and various type of fish ball...
just all the VEGE lost in action (>.<"

First round : steamboat !!!

2nd round: BBQ



Yea~ the pretty girl....

he have the proud to take pictures with the girlssss.......
see !!! i was so enjoy the food. i looked so happy ^^

Yo....another celebration will be on later....
ENvy u ....
Love u , baby.
i need you
guess what??
i need her to help me in my studies !!! Lolzz....