Friday, January 29, 2010

Some update on Friday 1446

Today is FRIDAY....
is my off day as well as my sweet day


Whatever, i'm not going to do it now....
i'm actually waiting for my Dash coming to bring me out
we're going to chulan tower for dar to close case! Yeah~ today is closing day!
we'll be going to Low Yat for DSLR !!!
oH Yeah ~

Hope to get lower price at there, most of the courses has started to distributed the assignment already, including photography class! and i think I'm the only one havent get my DSLR .The worse is the lecture wants the photos by tuesday but i don't have this proffesional equipment,how can it be.....?

Haha...this semester really paid a lot !
an DSLR is more expensive then my laptop, AGAIN, how can it be....?

I couldnt walk My journey without my shoes.

this is our first photography homework....
this is indeed a good experience, we can get to know the different kinds of beauty from different timing.
But i still cant understand, As Mr.TEH said, how to determined a good photos is very dependable and subjective.Then, how to consider a really good photos?

This is belong to Tencent

i like the tree very much, looked so creepy

Really hope i can enrich as many knowledge as i can in this semester.Although i got lack of sleeping time.In addition,working in my lovely weekend is exhaused and that is indeedly wasted my time for my homework. No-More-Working for the coming request !
i Don't wan to fail any of the subject.

but still You can date me out, Don't mind to disturb me !!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't ever think you can see my Photosss.Muahaha

My DashChen is a handsome man.
Good + Handsome = Extincted
i love you

Not Going to Upload others photosss.
It's incrediblely undescrible ugly.
Feel like wanna DIE when re-see the photos.
Muahaha....anyhow, it's my problem, the photographer is quite PRO and as we can see he's very patient man in taking every photos.
But still, sorry to say that..........I DON'T LIKE MY PHOTOS !

Assignment and Drawing ...
Please slow down your speed to come in my life.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who sucked my creativity ???

i having a sustantial life currently
Quite tiring,but the life quanlity is good.Personally thinking this kind of busy only qualified to consider as L . I . F . E.

Studies should be like this, i guess.

Last week follow Dar to PJ main company of AXA to accompany him for meeting.No choice, i'm too sticky, sticking with him is my all time favourite.I got to know my DashChen got his own table when i visit to his office.OMG......
Actually i'm not sure it's really his seat or not, i just saw there're several pictures of him sticked on the table....ahahaha
Anyhow, his working environment is neat and clean.

Brought along my homework to do.

In proggressing.

Please choose AXA.

The cup he using in office.
Conclusion : My Dash is the cutest guy that i have never met before for my entire life!!!

YYYKeep on moving DASH, Go Go Go.YYY
We got nothing, but We're young to fight for life !!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back to my studies life....This gonna be my third week of studies,everything going smooth.Subjects selected had been approved and fees had paid, which is also mean my degree course is officially started !!!

The always problem that i meet is PARKING PROBLEM !
This should be every single UCSI student most hectic too....
To prove the fact, each of my Bf and myself already get 1 saman!
law and regulation not allowed cars to park on yellow line and UCSI guard now started not to allowed us to drive in anymore on the high traffic timing(12-2pm) due to the FULLY PACKED inside and upside the hill .SO, WHERE YOU EXPECTED WE CAN PARKING ANYMORE ???

Sometime, i would even think of those who double park their car is EXCUSABLE and FORGIVABLE ... ahahahaha!

Well.....Back to studies which is also mean Back to old town


This semester got alot of DRAWING WORKSSS !!!
We totally drew 22 pieces of product in this 2 weeks , let's say
i had 12 years didnt drawing already....left out a lot !!!
my creativity had been killed by myself....

What u expected??? i'm not a design-study student okay?
Drawing skill like me is ACCEPTABLE AND EXCUSABLE :p

As u can see,those are not impressive at all !!!
laugh on me.....

Here comes....
The product on WEDNESDAY
i DID it !!!
the point is i had no choice,lecturer forced us to pass up in class and draw everthing INSTANTLY within 45min, i successfully did it in 45 min ...
OMG, normally i will take the whole day just to make a better idea.....
This has shown , i'm kind of tension needed to produce a fast product.

This is emphasize of LINE.

Moreover, this is emphasize on the SHAPE of the object.

another 9 blank boxes awaiting for my processing....
Tension, because i looking for the BEST.Paying very high requirement for my own works!
Not to forget,i'm a perfectionist !


Saturday, January 16, 2010

The feel of imprison

i'm here sitting right in front of my computer
facing this stupid dead machine on 16:15pm
this timing....
this kind of weather...
supposingly should be with my Bf.

Obviously i'm not with my Bf today...
Back from yoga class and straightly sleep untill 3pm.Guess what? the yoga class is on 7am!!! It's tiring......
after breakfast with the peep and teacher , i straightly jump on my bed and have my sweet dream !

Beh Tahan lah !!!
i think i got hidden penyakit ! Why i always so easy to get tired ?!
and i have suspected to anemia....
how to check?
haizz, not to think so much,back to sleep !

So Tension.....i got 2 homework on my hand now.
this "nightmare" finally has come back in my life.haha~
ShirleyWong, u suppose to finished it today !!! How to say if parents are bringing you going out on tomoro?

After atttending the classes, i only have discover I'M NOT CREATIVE AT ALL !!!
People said, if you pay some effort on it,creative can be cultivate.
Is it true? HOPE SO.

i feeling abit Boring right now, that's why i shitting alot at here.
i so wanna have a movie today.....seriously.
but from the inner of my heart,i know that's a impposible.
sound so hopelessness, seem like the 7.0 earthquake was just going happen in Malaysia.
bla bla bla~
Hou Sienzzz ar.
next week gonna work already !!!
arrrrrgh !!!
Hou Sienzzz ar.
Sienzzz dou mou de dengg arr !!!

Nowadays not easy to be a student.Especially when you're studying in a private university. Study+Work.

I WANT GO OUT ...N.O.W !!!
Sienzzzzz Arg !!!

Shouting a alot at here also NO CURE, nobody will bring me out if i keep on taiping alot at here.Just had some FREEWRITING at here, as teacher adviced us atleast do 15 min of FREEWRITING in our daily in order to improve our writing skills.
As you can see, i did it.
Such a hardworking student ever.
thumbs up*clap*clap*

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What to write

So out date .....
outdated = no update
so died is my blog, many thing wanted to express but hard.
because i'm outdated.
what i have to do know?
what suppose to write in the latest post?
many thing stuck in my mind !!!
should i continues writing about my new year eve post???
i know i'm late,but still to greet


Happy 6th anniversarry for Dashirley!
no any specific date for Dashirley anniversarry day so Dashirley give the recognition to state first of the Jan as the day.
Better than NO .


Today first day went back to my studies.
Feeling so WooHoo....
sleeplessness yesterday, GOD-MAY-KNOW whyyyyyy......

Monday, January 4, 2010


it's a week late for this New Year Eve blogpost....
who's care? as long as i wrote it !
and when i'm about to writing this post, this has remind me of my last year's new year eve.
after finished update this,i will go older post to have a look on what had i did on passed 31st Dec 2008.
This may the advantage of blogging guaaa~

That was a simple but meaningful celebration for the last day of 2009 .
simple as we went to Leisure Mall again.....
Stepping into 20 !!! is 20 !!! should be mature and is time to do something up-to-grade and classs.....haha.
Dunwan to have any
skin touching touching with the strangerss on that day so no way for me to included in any countdown event.OR suppose to say "Don't count me IN in any please !"
nowadays perceived 只要懂得知足! 平凡是一种简单的幸福

we got Basket Robbin.......on 31st Dec !

and Subwayy !!!

真的是,唔肥都假啦 !!!

After all, while waiting the others guys back from their job ,we went back home .Dar wan to try on the new contact lens that bought from sharon.What i want to say is......I'd tried my best to help him !!!
we took almost 45 min to wear it in the eyes. May be an hours....i dunno !
as long as ,we DID it okay?
it's not easy !!! Especially when there's not your own pair of eyes!!!

When there's finally come to an end.Really likes finallyyy.....
(the outcome is the picture below,his eyes so attracting)
Then we only off to Yulek for steamboat + countdown with Wilson Vyston+GF,Nobita and Forgotten What name.....haha
That's my favourite steamboat restaurant so farrr.
The Tomyam soup is so niceee. YumYum.

Got Fireworks somemore !!!!
and the Firework wasn't just several second that kind last for 5-10 min that kind !
OMG. i feel touching,never thought to see any firework on that night so thanks alot for the rich people who stay around that housing area who paying so many money on the firework !!!
and our table is just nice for that fireworkssssss.
fabulous night,wasn't that?

Happy 2010
i'm late again.....Teehee !
This year sureee A GREAT YEAR !!!