Sunday, July 27, 2008

HeLLo yogurt !!!

feeling so free at home...
got some relax to prepare my driving test !
if friday never happened that "tragedi" now i sure attended my last day work in time square, then i mayb get my total salary about rm 450 within 4 days !
never mind la !
as my dar said me " u're looked too silly "

saturday,KIM, the f&n agent asked my help to train the new promoter in giant....i feeling i'd owe her alot so i went to giant to did her a favour. Amy, the new promoter she is older than me but i hv to act like a senior to teach her >.< i jz simply explain the over-rall about Alive yogurt and teach all the stuff la....i was so careless , forgotten to bring all those information of yogurt for her....but i'm believe my explanation is better than any paper detail ! haha~

after i leave and got my butt on the curtion, onli realize i'd a very very important thing forgotten to tell her...WHO IS OUR SELLING TARGET ?????
as the supervisor told me last time, our selling target not the aunties, uncles, students, OL, IS those other branded yogurt buyer !!!

nvm la~~~

i tink our f&n Alive yogurt will be famous once a day ! people will know what is best for them !

and i got lastest news is buy 1 free 1 from yesterday!!!! worth la !!! mayb ppl will thinking why were there selling buy1 free 1 ??? is it goin to expired or they dun wan to earn more?????

Actually our yogurt selling rm2.59 per can***WOW***the price is definitely higher than other branded. RIGHT?? bcoz it's higher quality ma..hehe !
And the purpose of selling so worth, earnless bcoz wanna to let YOU try the latest and new product on the market now. Let u all get more selection of buying yogurt.....


creamier , larger fruits chunk , 100% natural pure fruits ,no perservative, no any artificial sweetening and colouring

we are not jz selling taste, we are also selling function and wellness

each flavours got their own function..


the words BELOW is copied from the Alive supporter's blog

I’m not sure why more advertising dollars haven’t been spent to publicise F&N’s ‘Alive’ range of yogurts, cos I think they’re pretty damn good. They’re certainly better than most of the other local brands out there. I like that they don’t have the typical super-sour taste that most yogurts have. They currently come in four flavours:

Banana and Pear


Apple and Pomelo

Aloe Vera and Nata de Coco

My favourite is the Banana and Pear one. It almost tastes like a smoothie, with tiny bits of pear thrown in for texture. The Strawberry is a bit ordinary, but quite generous with the strawberry chunks. Apple and Pomelo is interesting but the least sweet of the lot, and Aloe Vera and Nata de Coco is the sweetest but also lacks a firm flavour.This range of yogurts is quite watery, not thick and filling like some yogurts, so it definitely can’t act as a meal substitute. They’re good as desserts though, and since they’re low-fat, you can’t help but feel almost martyr-like as you reach for the bag of potato chips or the bar of chocolate.

~~~~i'm proud to been ALive promoter ~~~~~

Friday, July 25, 2008


today is the second day working as a Nikom promoter. i'm so tired, yesterday standing whole day and had the job finished lately in the nite. but today also attended will full prepared.
10.45pm i reached...sharon accompany me untill time square toilet for our last "preapare", then she went back to her work place. Today both of us been separate by th agency, she went low yat and mine is time square.
something happenned made me cried today. i cried.....
shame on it.
i bear no longer about it, and my tears keep dropping ....
wat happened?
i also dunnno...

can i consider it as bully???
i'm really sad la.....i dun wanna let them to see me cry, like that they might feel satisfaction, or jz i'm too easily cry?? as my closet fren, they sure know.
i really cant tahan , i thought about ran out from the shop and dun wanna come back again. Eventually, i did it.....Ya! I fired them...not them
i cheated them i went to toilet , then i bring my beg along and leave. I know i need a big i also went toilet, and keep myself inside there and had a big cry....cant stop the tears of my eyes, crying for a long time in there...i know i need a shoulder, and a word that can comfort me. So, i ran in a quick to take a cab and headed to dar's place. He never answerd me call today, he sure slepping. I jz prepared the money for my lunch today , no extra money jz rm15...luckily the cab made rm 12...
On the way, i still not yet escape from the sad circumstance, my tear still dropping...the driver sure very worry about me. He jz staring me from the back mirror, but never ask me why....I cant wait to see him, felling the distance so far on the way goin. Finally i reached, saw her mom firstly...i had no tell her bout my prob, but she surely know me cried. Then, dashed to find my dar, wanna hug him when i see him....omg, his's dad there wit him ! cant made it...........

i sitting beside the bed , he watching at me.....i cried again........
really feel happy to be wit him,he always make me feel sweet and comfortable.....

about my job...i admit i'm totally no any knowledge and experience about camera
but yesterday, i'd learned alot alot ...i'm surely got improve since yesterday because of the member days...standing from 8am-11pm...start from zero, got know about all branded camera for the comparison , wit the comparison i only able to communicate wit the customers....which is good to them....atleast also got 3 camera sold by my own ....finally also know wat is megapixels, wide angle, d-lightning, VR, optical lens.................

b4 goin to work yesterday, i got do my research online.....
i always put on my wholehearted toward my job
the staff yesterday are so frenly, they willing to teach the new ones, and made me gain alot

but today????
today make me see truely how the human selfishness..
and not to buy camera at there...
or i should go there, when the day i enter tat shop, i might be ur's boss
i'm not goin to
YOU !!!
jz wanna let u know, everything got their first time,
should gv them a chance!
i am not goin to talk more about a past tense for me....a bad experienced


++++++there are several pictures take from yesterday+++++++++

the scene of jusco
7.30 AM in the morning
they were rushing to get the low price sales...
i heard that 6 are already crowded by ppl.....
the time i reached there 7 stg, they already finished buying and headed to take their car!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

full filled wednesday
today had a date wit the promoters...moon, cindy and sharon !
we 'd rock the neway !
the girls there target on spice girls's song (>.<) omg ~
they really gone crazy oledi, singing +dancing+emotion+action acting like in clubbing !
i'm shocked...! bcoz i am quite quiet gal! i jz enjoying reading and shopping
happy (^o^)
after then, accompany sharon to mid valley interview. By the way, also find myself a job there together.
i love money!
i'm addictted in earning $$$
non stop of working!
so. sharon and me went for Nikon road show in mid valley for interview They are urgently need promoter for a month of roadshow, so? we have been selected lo ! we have totally no experience and knowledge in camera. And my home using olympus and canon ...haha
we will start our job TOMORO ! haiz...from 8am-11pm...tomoro will be in-house not fair. We will be selling in jusco bcoz of the member day ! (ya~ the time is loooooong. i abided for it) hate it !!! for promoter, we had black list for those hypermarket like giant, tesco, carefour especially the strict one @@@@ JUSCO !
no dye hair
no long nails
must tied up hairs
black shoes
black pants
no handphone
no wallets
no bottle
about the salary, there are some trouble between the agengy and us there! It made us lost the reputation from them !
they cheated about the salary...imagine work from 8am-11pm jz rm100?? they hide bout the over time spending ! but now, all the trouble is settle ! okay~
this job is 24-27th , afterthen,sharon and me will be separate to different places for the roadshow.Hope i can get fun then.... T.T
the coming days will be busy, and will be seldom "blogging" bcoz beside of the prob of working and also the prob of license !!!
ya! tomoro and friday is my driving practise, and MONDAY will be test . I rather to work and evade from the test ! ya~ change the date for test needed to add on rm50 ! no choice! i have no time .
i'm promised, after tis road show.i will concentrate on my license and studies stuff !
GOD bless me

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The uncle jz called me justnow...he wans me to learn the last 4 hours driving lesson tomoro. Seem like i'd evade to attend the lesson since the last time i had crashed down 3 batang of tiang and accidentally leave my leg away from the klac, then .....
i had never been tat desappointing since my first lesson , but i dunno wat's wrong wit tat time.
that "tragedi" had definitelly kill my mood and confidence !
untill jz now, i'd decline for lesson for tomoro.
the point is,
my driving test is on next monday !!!
i'm not fully prepared.....
i do not know the uncle had comfirmed tis date for my driving test.
he is jz imformed me !!!
i'm so panic....
i must appreciate my last 4 hours lesson....
must...must ....must......
my dar's car been crashed and dun hv any car for me to learn at home..
i wan cry liao la...

Monday, July 21, 2008

today suppose to relax in house , bcoz the last week was so tiring of the job !
something unfortunately happenned !
my hp has rang ~
she called me again ....
coming my house again....everytime she comes , i sure got outcome de !
i'm not good in reject ppl !
plusing i'm alone in house also...lonely ~~
we have lunch together today...hang comes along too...
we went conounaght...!
have some girl-talk there...and planing our 18 years old buff day ! excited about it.
soon ~
after that, went to hang's house....
playing around in the room....the present of THING, always make us rugi one....rugi in the case of money and our body T.T
she always touch our private place...damn it !!!

hang big butt



Wednesday, July 16, 2008



recently quite interesting wit this disease- anorexia

feelling sad to see the girls suffering from anorexia !

but, did they feelling so??

because from personal experience and by reading article about this campaign (in Italy it's been highly discussed), that people who have this problem do not see themselves thin and they don't understand that being too thin is a problem.

the French actress Isabelle Caro weighs 31kg and has suffered from anorexia for 15 years. She appeared naked on billboards across Italy yesterday to raise awareness of the illness, but also to promote a fashion label.-NOLITA
The photographer of tis advertising is Oliviero Toscani.

“I don’t think men want to see skeletal women, and I want to say to women with fuller figures that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.”

!!!You can die from this disease !!!

surely no one feel these women are attractive.We must stop this obsession with being too thin. i was a bit disgusted about the pictures.

know more about tis disease from searhing online



now !!!


why they wanna suffer like tis? eating good food for them is a sin .

i tink i will not ever never have the chance of getting anorexia ~

i love ice-cream, chocolate, pizza, french fried, yong taufu, bak kut teh, kfc, J.CO donuts, rocky....

yum yum ~

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Virgin for u ~

Road show @ subang jaya

Doin part time job recently. As a F&N promoter .....selling fruit juices !!!

tis company mia FRUIT TREE having road show for 8 days , tis is a sudden decision of doin tis job! bcoz i'm a replament for the unrespposible promoter. Tis can consider as my "virgin job" also....never been for working b4 !

so far, today is the third day . Normally we goin 5 places per day, a car with 3 promoter and 2 supervisor !
tis job is
-quite tiring !!!-
keep asking the ppl to buy...sometime might be "begging" ppl to buy...

haiz ~~~

~~~~~HELLO, SIR/ MISS~~~~~

~~~~~~would u like to try~~~~~

~~~~~~ya! hv a try, tak perlu duit punya~~~~

~~~~ya, free!~~~~~

(normally they like tis word)

~~~~~try la , try la.~~~~~

~~~~one can jz for RM1 ~~~~

~~~~got 4 flavour~~~~

~~~~inside contain aloe bit and nata~~~~

~~~~~try la try la~~~~~~

~~~~~sir/ miss~~~~~

~~~~buy la....jz RM1 wor ~~~~~

~~~~~wei, wei , wei~~~~~

~~~~~DON'T RUN LA~~~~~


is akay....i'm not tat extravagant !
i can abide all hardness of the job.
tis job hv to able to standing under the sun , and able to talk nicely wit client even though they treat u unpolite
is okay.
so far...the client i met were all so nice !
they could bought a dozen dozen from us.
somotime seeing they all support, and praising our product is nice really feeling happy.

when we serve for the client a sample drink, then they reply us wit a THANK YOU.
hmmm....feeling so warm ~
next time , when i saw any promoter doin their job, i will learn to say thank you
wit them also. :-)

last time honestly, i would look down of tis type of worker actually. bcoz, i keep tinking they can find a better job instead of, they must be v low educated or they drop out from sch. But now i'm onli know...i'm wrong !

the new frens i met in tis job, they are studying too....they start working since very young.They are jz wanna earn more money for a better life instead of depending of parent pocket money. And tis type of job is flexible .

3 days to go
i might finish tis job...
i'm proud of myself....
i done very well....
tis is already a good tried for me....
i can easily start a conversation wit the customers....


specially today, we did very high selling ....
GAMPATEH for tomoro.

my dear frens.....
i'm the youngest ...
from left....CINDY, WONG E, MOON

the SEASONS 's soya bean being road show support !

they got big track ~