Thursday, November 18, 2010

my recent days

Seems like this blog gonna be closing real soon.
i do not hope so, but im really got no motivation on here.
Is holidayss, i got my time, i turned on my PPS every 11pm-4am but reluctant to sign in blog and have my write....
it turned me so lazy, no direction, and no doubt my writing skill got no improvement at all since i used chinese typing in almost all the previous post.

Tuesday, his off and he brought me to JoGoYa.
i never been there, so was the first time after so long.
There is a disadvantage or we can say goodness of owning a restaurant, he seems like didnt found any special on the foods because all the things can be eaten in his shop. SWT.
So wasted for him to go ><

Anyhow, im appreciate the lunch so much
thanks for the flower Y (stolen from starhill)

The lamb on his hand is only for VIP jogoya, but the VIP user didnt want to eat it and kindly sharing with us. Im not eating lamb, and he is 80% full BUT he still tried his best to finished it. So , in the end his tummy was round as a balloon. Y

Supposingly a happily day with him on tuesday,
i spoiled it
at the same time i lost my bracelet in IDK where
summore, my period is coming so my mood is swing swing swing untill i got my wire in the brain cracked a.g.a.i.n

was not a happy ending and im regretted.
sorry .