Friday, July 4, 2008

i'm passing meaningless days

help me

staying at home is so so so so so boring
i'd finished all the house work tat i need to do .
but then???
well well well....i know i suppose to improve my english , knowledge, read all the newspaper ,take part in some heathy society or etc....while waiting of the intake of my foundation class....


since the day i back home from NS , I jz using my big buttock sitting, laying, sleeping in the house~


how useful of the organ of our body. BUTTOCK !!!! muack

i gonna totally insane @.@


Today dar came and fetch me for movie in the morning.

i was so happy, i thought i already can escape from the lonelless and meaningless saturday .but ..

after movie, he fetch me back....the time we together jz around 4 hours

i feel very unsatisfaction~ dunno wat to's a sad end, i groused at him, screaming..what i did to pulled him back to me also useless !

i understanded...dar get to go back to work for his okay..we're adult now, hv to get to work not like last time . i TRUST U can gv me a best life in the future.

atleast dar spending some time for me

u are still care of me, althought had some arguement yesterday..but we always would be alright after that. Almost 4 years relationship we got...i appreciate tis some some much! Meet you as my first boyfriend, i hv no any regretful. Ya...everyone hv thier imperfect and shortage. thanks you for abided my bad attitude everytime...and i'm also wanna thanks myself about i can vivid tink about my wrong after any arguement. I'm proud of myself bcoz can bear some of ur's deliberately provocative.

we're newbie in LOVE . we are learning to be better in LOVE . Arguement JZ to get a better LOVE . tat's why we are more than 3 years long.

i'm DOES having a nice and healthy hair. yeah (''.)

i looked cute wit my little toes

*~*~*~*~*~*~insane~*~*~*~*~*~* taste soup tat mum never ever cooked ! tat's why i capture down..

the soup made my whole day feel wonderful.