Saturday, January 16, 2010

The feel of imprison

i'm here sitting right in front of my computer
facing this stupid dead machine on 16:15pm
this timing....
this kind of weather...
supposingly should be with my Bf.

Obviously i'm not with my Bf today...
Back from yoga class and straightly sleep untill 3pm.Guess what? the yoga class is on 7am!!! It's tiring......
after breakfast with the peep and teacher , i straightly jump on my bed and have my sweet dream !

Beh Tahan lah !!!
i think i got hidden penyakit ! Why i always so easy to get tired ?!
and i have suspected to anemia....
how to check?
haizz, not to think so much,back to sleep !

So Tension.....i got 2 homework on my hand now.
this "nightmare" finally has come back in my life.haha~
ShirleyWong, u suppose to finished it today !!! How to say if parents are bringing you going out on tomoro?

After atttending the classes, i only have discover I'M NOT CREATIVE AT ALL !!!
People said, if you pay some effort on it,creative can be cultivate.
Is it true? HOPE SO.

i feeling abit Boring right now, that's why i shitting alot at here.
i so wanna have a movie today.....seriously.
but from the inner of my heart,i know that's a impposible.
sound so hopelessness, seem like the 7.0 earthquake was just going happen in Malaysia.
bla bla bla~
Hou Sienzzz ar.
next week gonna work already !!!
arrrrrgh !!!
Hou Sienzzz ar.
Sienzzz dou mou de dengg arr !!!

Nowadays not easy to be a student.Especially when you're studying in a private university. Study+Work.

I WANT GO OUT ...N.O.W !!!
Sienzzzzz Arg !!!

Shouting a alot at here also NO CURE, nobody will bring me out if i keep on taiping alot at here.Just had some FREEWRITING at here, as teacher adviced us atleast do 15 min of FREEWRITING in our daily in order to improve our writing skills.
As you can see, i did it.
Such a hardworking student ever.
thumbs up*clap*clap*