Monday, January 4, 2010


it's a week late for this New Year Eve blogpost....
who's care? as long as i wrote it !
and when i'm about to writing this post, this has remind me of my last year's new year eve.
after finished update this,i will go older post to have a look on what had i did on passed 31st Dec 2008.
This may the advantage of blogging guaaa~

That was a simple but meaningful celebration for the last day of 2009 .
simple as we went to Leisure Mall again.....
Stepping into 20 !!! is 20 !!! should be mature and is time to do something up-to-grade and classs.....haha.
Dunwan to have any
skin touching touching with the strangerss on that day so no way for me to included in any countdown event.OR suppose to say "Don't count me IN in any please !"
nowadays perceived 只要懂得知足! 平凡是一种简单的幸福

we got Basket Robbin.......on 31st Dec !

and Subwayy !!!

真的是,唔肥都假啦 !!!

After all, while waiting the others guys back from their job ,we went back home .Dar wan to try on the new contact lens that bought from sharon.What i want to say is......I'd tried my best to help him !!!
we took almost 45 min to wear it in the eyes. May be an hours....i dunno !
as long as ,we DID it okay?
it's not easy !!! Especially when there's not your own pair of eyes!!!

When there's finally come to an end.Really likes finallyyy.....
(the outcome is the picture below,his eyes so attracting)
Then we only off to Yulek for steamboat + countdown with Wilson Vyston+GF,Nobita and Forgotten What name.....haha
That's my favourite steamboat restaurant so farrr.
The Tomyam soup is so niceee. YumYum.

Got Fireworks somemore !!!!
and the Firework wasn't just several second that kind last for 5-10 min that kind !
OMG. i feel touching,never thought to see any firework on that night so thanks alot for the rich people who stay around that housing area who paying so many money on the firework !!!
and our table is just nice for that fireworkssssss.
fabulous night,wasn't that?

Happy 2010
i'm late again.....Teehee !
This year sureee A GREAT YEAR !!!