Monday, March 10, 2008

Bodycheck ?????

How can i being so blur???

i thought before goin for nasional service, have to proceed bodycheck...

Actually is not needed !!!

Oh my god....

i woke up in the morning at 8am, and drink a bottle of water (coz i thought later get to proceed urine test) and tis is the first time i goin to clinic to begin tis kind of checking! it made me nervous ! u know??

after make sure i had bring all the document and credentials (>.<)" and After fetching a frenz, mummy parked the car, register, wait for the calling by the nurse.......


The doctor asking us >> Why are we coming for checking????? Are there got any illness so tat u all cant attend for the nasional service........???

unfortunately......we're mistaken @.@

there are only for they who tat having any disease , pregnant, or deformed only need to proceed bodycheck b4 goin to the camp.....for proving they are unable to join for the camp....bcoz some of them are having chronic or acute might be dangerous if they join it !

No wonder, my frenz went for bodychecked....bcoz she is pregnant-ing...!

HOpe she is fine now.......! dunno she is perposely having a child to evade the Nasional service or not ^^ haha

so, for us who are healthy. No ANY REASON for us not to join lo ~

i jz can accept choice !

or u wanna choose to be punishing rm3000 or above or enter jail for half years??

Seriouly hope i can enjoy at there.... :-(

Miss dar dar so much.....he sure working hard now !

gampateh dar....