Monday, March 10, 2008


Hi.....i am a newbie at here !
Actually i creating a blog for improving mia english !
haha :)

i'm eighteen !
Ya, i am turning to be a "real" adult tis year ! actually i am quite jumpy to being an adult :(
i tink is because, being an adult have to carry o lot of sense of responsibility.

Sometime i would tinking not to growing up, always protecting by my parents arms..haha :)
i know tat will not comes true, i hv to face the reality ! so.....
let's be clear-headed !
I am a newbie in tis society, i will face differrent of troubles, challenge, dispute , difficulities before long T.T

***Soon ***

-i will be in Nasional service(next tuesday)
-i will leave my dar for 3 month without calling each other, wothout meeting, without sms and lastly without crying.
-i will washing up all my clothes without my mom helping
-i will stay away from parent nagging....
-i will step my foots in college life
-i will be able to drive
-i will meet up different personility of frenz....mayb they will be in different skin colour ^^
-i will leaving in college hostel....and far far away from my family !
-i hv to paid all the thing myself...without using parent $

I should be more independent then and there !!!^^