Sunday, July 19, 2009

I so LOVE the NS gang

18th JULY 2009

I think it is nearly 1 year we never meet Jamie the cutie rabbits, so yesterday was the dayzz.
so Jamie finally driving, yeah it's so happening, she's driving after many time of exam failed. HoHo. I think she is much more "powerful" than me huh, coz she always to and fro around SJ,PJ,Puchong and Sg.long .
you're my heroin, rabbit Jamie.

Omg....i've not forgotten Eu leh , TanPitThing!!!!
Meet Eu soon too.

i so love the NS gang !

WaS not in mood ....but i know the mood will finally appear when comes to camwhore.

the first venue, toilet/washroom/restroom.
and actually she wasn't that tall as u thought.LOL

Pictures below are about a skinny gal and a chubby gal

she said i'm stylo that day

Yeah, giraffe long face VS diamond shaped face.

Lunch at PASTAMANIA, while waiting Jamie the rabbit.
we can't wait to see her changes in this certain period of separation...
who knows, no any changes loh....
and pls ignore my "penagih dadah looked" .

i looked like crying all the time...wondering W.H.Y.

The low-fat SUGAR.


The PhotoS day of US.
no idea why Jamie can keep bump into familiar faces in every place, eventhough in toilet also. So we tak penduli dia.

i can see the mess of my hair, no worries, treatment SOON.


i mean the leg behind

My hair smell good okayzz....

the beauty of BLur...

Mirror is our's always best friend

HaRRy Potter is the movie of tat dayzz
We're NOT Harry fans just simply whatever lah....
the girls just waiting the movie to be ended, nowadays youngster really not wisely using the money. LOL
however, i love Emma Wayson so much. She is gorgeous !

the 2 megapixel camera ....

Slowly....we show you the Jamie's hand and legs

i love this !
thump up*

She is my cute rabbit .

Tripple again....

Last time US....
omg...i always thinking the lifez in NS , we always laughing.Don't we?
Thanks to the rabbit, i've changes so much....
from sad face to smile face. :D

The disturbia - Hang

seeking for Yoga sportBra....
tata....the price is just little higher than what the teacher selling
which should i buy?

i love u guys....
remember the forever charlie angel in Cancun park,Kelantan !

I love my mom so much.....
She give me some $$ after heard the conversation between PitThing and i....
i will promised Eu not use it in the unnecessary thingy...
i go cinema for all the latest movie, this is a "shouldn't"
i will self-examination . Muax.
Happy is can be very simple.
Together with family with the favourite programme show
a plate of Pan Mee, Soya tong yuen , Popiah, nian Gao and apam balik
i feel happy with what i having.
hope they will allow...
pray hard hard....
11 days of Job, related to books summore....
i beg you to allow me to work ...T.T