Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Exploding soon

i visited to quite many country but
the most unforgettable one is the BuBu island which situated in Terengganu.
cant help falling in that.....

"when only i can go there?"
i miss the coral and turtle there, i couldn't get myself totally no connection to this island, because the sea water is containing my B.L.O.O.D.....haha
Don't get me wrong, that bloody thing is happenned in several years ago when i was diving in that sea and i had accidentally get my leg slashed at the coral >.<"
it's a painful yet excited experiences ever, because i was fearing about the shark or fishes would come to me after detected my blood .ScAry~

Seriously, i can feel my strong heartbeat in these day,especially when i laying on the bed....
i think i'm too tension.....
Not my wish wanted to grumbling a lot about my works at here, i know i mentioned numerous time about i'm intensely busy these day, just.......
i feel tension....
really tension..... untill i wish to express stg at here.
The homework just keep on pump out in my mind when i'm about to rest, i do ntot even get my short nap just now after my 5pm class.
besides the homeworks,I probably having other thing to worry in mind,...
about what...let me figure out....mmm hmmm.....
is stg like >> 1)...2)....3)....
i will not tell out . No offense.

Recently i would also wondering.....when, when,
when only i can get FREEDOM? i mean the REAL FREEDOM. For instances, when i'm allowed to staying all night long with my friends? haha.

it's 10pm now and i feel like going out .
bring me out to anywhere as long as i can get away form my works.
I just can say,i'm kinda self-contradictory
i don't like he being so free, but i will keep complaining when he's not free
i don't like my parents to being too controlling, but i'll feel lost when they're not controlling
i was keep complaining i got too many homework, but i indeedly love my course.