Saturday, November 15, 2008

* SG18 *

I encouter a Sexy cats
i hate cats the most, but the GoD fooling me by putting all the wild cats in my house.Pheww~ why the cats do not wan to go to other's house instead mine.I tink know the reason,why?? My mom was the main factor for being too kind to feed them. Normally we will cook 2 mangkuk rice + fish/ unfinished dishes in daily for the cats.

The sexy Pictures below may bring you desire.....(wasn't tat kind of desire which i meant is the desire to having a cat)

meow : "Look into my eyes...!"
meow: " come on, baby."



Anyone see my sexy long firgure leg.....
Yea, yea we saw ur leg...:p
This posing really ...profesional with the eyes closed

This abit rude......

hey....everything been see la!!!

Sexy leg ~

call me posing *queen/king*

meow meow......