Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Saturday ...

It's time with the Girls again~~~

Had a date with my group member to proceed our pyschology assigment. This assigment is quite SpeCiAL, and relaxable. All the thing we need to do is Shop Shop Shop and Shoot Shoot Shoot....
anyone who is envy of us??? haha.....

In mama's car.
i hate my hair being so..... un-descriable.

As usual....A must to buy food for my dar. As a reward for him for being so hardworking to earn $$ also. A chocolate indulgence for you. muack!

Accidentally meet this fellow = Jamie Sakura @#$%&
at U-village. So miss you my baby.....

And Anne~~~
we having the same hair style
i looked so Pale ! ! ! (T.T) why????

Then have a lunch with another fellow .......called "KET PING". I 'll remember him, bcoz he having a same name with my "sistar". Whoot~~ Luckily he is 100% a guy.

Tried on a formal wear + Pale looked again
What happened to my healthy ? ? ? ?

The performance of ART. keke

They need your's HUG

The latest food in the CITY after J.CO???

I bought a shoes from "TanG" shop...

hehe. Someone may know what i mean...!


after finished all the photography, i walked in a super speed to take a CAb. A prom was there at night and i cannot late for it.Otherwise, my mom gonna *cook* me. I left about 40min more to walk from pavillion to T.S for the cab + traffic Jam hours. On the way long rushing to T.S....Cabs is everywhere stopped beside the road...But the price they apply is F*U*c*k*I*N*G unreasonable. RM 40 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Mayb my features looked too childish or what?? They must been thought i'm some kind of Anti-social never come out from home or city b4???

Money seem like very easy to earn ....*from the visitors from other country*

Fortunately, i just used around 20 min journey to reached my home.

House is the most comfortable place ....whoot~ suddenly got this feeling.

Recently really get bored of goin out, rather staying at home sometime.

" bECAUSE I cant smile without you....cant live without you !!! "

i cant smile without DASH Chen !!!

Dar was one part of my family already, goin out with him jz feeling like goin out with my family.
feel relax and comfortable~ ~ ~

i'm the photography on that day ^^











Last but not least, a Meow Meow for # JiaWen#.