Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unforgetable day Ever...

There was a damn heavy rain out there just now. Unfortunately, the rain fall happened while the pathway dar and me having our sweet time in night market. We really unable to predict the wheather at night with no any symthom and thunder......

A very first experience Walking in the Rain ~~~ A scene we use to see in indian movie :p
suprisely i didnt get angry on him of brought me playing in the rain, on the other hand, I enjoy it soooooooo much ! Lastly, a unforgetable day added in my list.

We didnt thought to get wet at first, but it come too fast untll we cannot escape....So we just walk+run in order to prevent all the useless action. The 99.9% clothes were wet, so we didnt care anymore. Feeling so amazing , carelessly walk in the rain. Without care about the problem of getting wet of the clothes, and the vision by the other's drop on us......
tHe only couple walk down the street...! VEry memorable day......
i think everyone was watching at us with a weird and curious @.@
Heard many sound of shouting while walk+run+eyes closed....wondering why???

Unfortunately....we were situated at the end of the street when the rain started to we get to walk a quite far distance to reach SHELL petrol station for our car !
Hand-in-hand passed through all the impossible and ostacles. haha
It might be a Rare chance to play in rain in this society and country. People might think we're crazy or immature.

The pants of mine keep falling when we rushed to get the car, because it was too heavy already after absorb the rain water. Luckily my "hippo" waist still can support ^^ And the plastic selipar which i wearing was sooooooooo slippery !!! omg~~
The worst part was....i cant managed to have my eyes opened ~~ The drops of rain are so heavy and such a big drop ever tried in my life ^^ haha

Luckily, i'm still here now......Because my dar all the way for me. Lead me the way while i walking with eyes closed.

Moreover, i also quite worried about my eyeliner+mascara+ rain water =HOW???
forturnately, i still look nice !!! from this "tragedy" can be proven the brands are really good in waterproof...Skin food, not bad not bad ! VOV, not bad, not bad !


However, Thanks Dar !!!


k0eY said...

wow...sweet ya~~~
oh i see
u r using skin food'product~