Monday, February 2, 2009

Kuching Trip..

It's been like years in Sarawak...
Time,or should i say "second" passing so damn slow at there. We got plenty of time to kill but no way to kill. Somemore is 6 days 5 night !!! And we learnt a lesson ! Don't ever go any vacation during CNY where the place IS majority chinese. All the shops are closed...Even worse in Kuching, because they living in a healthy lifestyle. Shops normally close at 9pm and it was raining season within this period. Swt.

We reached Sarawak, Kuching at the second day of CNY. Without Doubt, we got nothing to do there....especially the first and second day. We just walked around the waterfront which was just in front of our lodge , walked shopping complex which was "empty" with all shops closed, have our breakfast-lunch-dinner at the same place ,walked hundred of time of the same street-Main Bazaar. Whenever, Whatever, also ONE WORD.......walk.

a place we must come to every night.Waterfront.
All way long the street was incrediblely still.
A very nice Chicken Rice which was just situated at "Ya DAK street". So cheap jz rm 40.
very good taste ABC which was jz located beside the wet market.


i found a lodge from a wedsite
it was NO.2 after Hilton Hotel.
I not goin to stay in Hotel but Lodge bcoz lodge jz like a home. And the price is cheap. This lodge is called KUCHING WATERFRONT LODGE. it's very conveniet to stay in because it's situated in the centre of the city. *Main Bazaar the antique shop, waterfront, cinema, parkson, sarawak plaza, memorial park, temple, restaurant, india street, carpenter street* ALL those just several steps to reach.

The lobby of the lodge. Full of WOODS furnitures and antiques. Sarawak got many kayu balak ma. WiFi was available in the lobby. The structure of here building is very unique. Abit similar to Melaka house which is very LONG.

television is modern one placed in the lobby.

the smoking area

Can u guys see how long is it.....

here the kitchen, Everything is provided....Microwave, spoon&fork, plate,cup, hotwater....
A place to serve breakfast.

This is another "opened-air" dining table jz outside our room.
we used to have our breakfast, tea-time and supper at here. And of course , a place i like to camwhore, with sufficient light.

all way long the waterfront planted various of plants and flowers.
The Big SponSor of the trip.^^

Kuching well-known "KOLO mee" is in white.

The cat statue