Monday, February 9, 2009

Great VS bad

My stupid dar forget to bring his handset to work...
careless man!
i feel like shout out his name now ~ ~ ~
Something should be happy happened in MA family on Saturday ^^
Really happy, dad said it had been a long time never "BINGO" since my brother born out.
I think what i wrote will make u guys misunderstand...keke.
Whatever , i feel so happy but it's not so good to tell out.

Yesterday We went to 1-Utama...
quite a while didnt went there, i attracted by the Foods there instead of clothes ^^
i tried a "egg white tart" ...Yum Yum...
taste just alike the original one, but less fattening i guess because the absent of egg yolk ^^
Then, we go *see see* abalone and those expensive bird nest.
hehe...just dreaming about how the wealth peoples live their life.
Then, BAKA me went into TOPSHOP, FOREVER 21, LEVI, and blablablabla....*see see* again. HAHA. however, no matter, what happened WE must also use $$$ wisely ^^

But !!!
i really cannot stand FOR the Camel Active shoes anymore....
I still remember , Dar nearly buy me a pair on thursday ....Jz the stupid salesmale ruined everything. LCLY !!!
You think my dar cant afford to buy me expensive shoes huh??? Or u think i'm not qualify to wear the shoes??? MOTHER XXxxXX.

wHO know?? My father goes into the Camel Active shop yesterday...
I was like "don't !!!"
then, no choice, i followed. ^^
it's so suffer to spot the shoes Again Again and Again.
Guess what, my mummy willing to paid 50% for the shoes.....
TOO GREAT but TOO BAD , i decided not to buy .
^^ i also dunno what the hell going on me.
dAR, i want hug hug.