Tuesday, March 3, 2009


location : UCSI lobby
Time : 2.47 pm
Date : 3 march 2009

waiting of mummy now...


Once i enter the car....
mummy ask : " i wan to ask u a question, and u hv to answer me honestly ! "
i always get worries to this circumtances !
Yea...the question is link to my Dar...and that was all about the Car ...
seem like mummy very angry of that. Seriously.
But, i guess mummy and me will never know untill all the thing exposed by the "8 po* ....keke.
so i called up Dar....
finally he admitted
and everything is alright now.

mummy and me will forgive u , my dar !
and finally, U 're still the ONE i can share everything to you.
i was so scare this happen will influence our relationship, seem i got nobody else can believe to in this time, this period.

This social is SO fake.

Pheeww....luckily, u're still the ONE. ^^

lastly, i know why i was so moody jz now....because i got six sense huh !

Date : 4th March 2009

Presentation Success !!!

i was in Blue on that day
Then, i back to home tend to have a sleep instead of Nap
because i know i wont sleep for only 30 min.....
sleep is to kill time, since my home unable to connect to the internet and since Veron date me On 3PM....what to do???

around 3. 40 pm, she only reached my home. Sign !!!
what else to do ??? instead of girl talk??? gossiping???
they're still nice....looked nice....bodyshape nice....talk nice...everything nice....
had hi-tea in Tanjung....
Memorable, coz Sharon paid for the bill ^^

haha. No fight. No fight.

my life will remain Peace.


i changed !!!


Dar bring me to night market at the night....

super duper happy. Hooray....
i think No any argue and fight will be appear in my life anymore.

so....i will stay peace wit my dar forever...forever...forever....

The day wit him will be one word : appreciate !