Thursday, May 28, 2009

Satisfied day

I spot myself in picture !
This was a gathering at May, can consider as Big and all the 5sc2 chinese dudes were there.
The boys turned to manz....Me? Have i turned to womanz? I dun wanna !
Hmm...gathering? i remembered i just chat with used-to-close familiar faces in the gathering,such as SuYee,LiSuet,YihShin,JiaXian and Veron my baby.
The others........blablabla.
No comment!
sometime, we've to admit that we really cant change one's mins and character.When we found that we're really not suit them then we can just let it go......
not compatiple= not compatiple=a true fact ! =cant change.
anyhow, glad to meet you guys again!
26th May
Had a movie with Him at cheras selatan instead of leisure mall.
Actually leisure mall is better to walk...any doubt? and leisure mall got what i like to eat such like BoBoChaCha,KayaBall,Waffer and ChuCheongFun !!!
in addtition,leisure mall got SASA,BASKETRobbin,and Popular.....etc
Suprisingly i like Leisure mall so much huh....i guess is maybe I'M TOO FAMILIAR TO THIS MALL.
Haiz....i get everything i want in this mall since i was small untill i grew up.
Had a comedy ,yeah~ it's really brighten up my day! But after the movie,Dar nearly left his handphone and wallet in the cinema.><
Car key also suspensed to be lost,but finally we found that it was in the car.
Watch out before u get your ass off the cinema!

Everything goes smooth....untill i found out there was a night market nearby my housing area!
because we intented to go the "mamak" that has been inmmersed by the night market.
Well.....i finally drove in that crowded and MESS road,traffic was so stuck .Everything was in a MESS lah....blablabla.
Been scolded loh, coz nearly crashing the vehicle for 3 TIMES!
sienzzz jor loh.

Had a great day!


27th May


Had Mcd Saver Meal as brunch todayy.....The Keat keep complaining about Mcd sucks and the burger only managed to fullfill 1/2 of his breast.Bla~ Then,the guys keep talking about the football stuff,about which team winning.Blablabla~

The time for the match is 3am in the morning of 28th may.Currently is 1:06am, more 2 hours later the games will start.Watching or not? i guess i will be sleeping at that time,cant make it to watch luh.Daniel,Nah Nah Nah~

Then, is time to exercise!
Yea~ i found that we Bull-Shitting all the time! no care venue,with who,and time.
call us 废材 ! cheers ma!
really exhaused ....sweat like nobody business! Ugly till the Max.
No care loh, i waiting all the way for Dar arrival. Yeah~
had some good food in night market. Satisfied day!