Saturday, October 10, 2009


computer is nothing for me.
no network is okay with me.
not feel like starting the computer every single day also....

why being like this?
or i should ask myself, not starting the computer IZZIT very abnormal behaviour for a 19 yrs old adolescent girl? nothing to be suprising ShirleyWong...

Sleeping and watching the drama is your currently favourite hobbies.
So you're indeedly not need any facebook,blogger,youtube and msn to kill your time.
So i just lack of some music in my life =(
i want MP3, or am i outdated?
People now are all seeking for a i-pod shuffle bla?? i cant even taip out a proper name for that latest young people desire.Damn!

What-so-ever !
and yeah,I need a camera...
when and when only i can own one?
hmmm,if i could have a chance for one, which one should i choose for?
hmmm....i like taking "close up" object =)
i want a camera....i want a camera....

Lastly,yeah yeah sushi king promotion is coming and i'm waiting for it...
right now is 2.05am,and i'm hungry.

i noticed....
my writing always so r-a-n-d-o-m