Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This week , i don't likey !

He has changes for me.
Thanks! Improvement is for going further.

I so-wanna this week to pass badly.
but it was like running super duper slow than the previous one.
i start studying my MOT and Pyschology from last Friday.
but untill now i'm just able to finished 1 chap of MOT and 2 chap of Psychology

And the both MidTerm is gonna happen in Thursday!
and i started to dislike Psychology.
Yes, it doesn't reach the level of hate.

Just feel dislike =.=

We will be studying total 7 chapter for the whole Psychology course in this semester .
and this coming MidTerm is coming out 6 chapter.

i was feeling typing F... bla....
but i will not. Because i was well trained to be polite. =)
What to do babeees?
Just keep reading, swallow it, eat it WHAT-SO-EVER to memorize !!!

What makes me so dislike this lecturer is........
she fooling us.
she fooling our group.
Yesterday, she told us, we're not suppose to choose the topic for out assignment...
i thought you told us : " okay, proceed it ! "
now you say C A N N O T !
I feel like crying, i feel like i'm a pest for my members. Is my false. Is my false to choose this ridiculous topic.

many many many more assignment are to be done in this period.
many many many more suffering and torment to be experience .