Sunday, January 25, 2009

B4 New Year

any illusion???
i wonder we look a lil bit alike in this picture !
especially the smile.
Yeah, i've succesfully learn how to smile ^^
Tonight is the day, the gathering of all relatives. I must dress up nicely, and let them praise me ^^ mission on.

DaR may come to me later to return the car...TeeHee !
can meet him....
I think he'll come and take angpau tomoro, as well as the First day of New Year !!!
New Year was a memorable day huh, bcoz i would still remember Dar came and get angpau last year....And that day was the first time he come and join our New Year breakfast with 光明正大 after more than 3 years we be together.
I think my parents eventually had accept him.
No choice lo, he's a good man ^^

The biscuit nor cookies Upgrated...THE volume incresing....
Stop !!!

another omg ...

i leaving to Kuching soon on The second day of New Year...I dun wanna...This is the first time we go trip with tour guide-free. I'm the tour guide for them. Swt. I'm the one book ticket, book lodge and planning destination...Damn tension !!!

Why i have to carry so much job during this lovely New Year? i wondering. Whatever, i must be positive thinking, otherwise, the one suffer will be myself. I just enjoy my trip BA~

Orang Utan waiting for me ya.

Wish me luck.

I gonna miss you guys huh....all of us will be far far apart during New Year.

DaR will be at Penang...

Jiawen will be at Perak...

Eunice will be at Ipoh...


i will be back at Sunday, and that is my time to grab angpau !!!

Beware of ur's

Happy New Year. ^^