Monday, January 5, 2009

School Routine

EveryDay gonna wake up at 7.oO am
is Everyday.......................
after all the lessons, i will be back on afternoon....
and the point is, i have loads of Time to kill !
i need a job, do i ???
(yes, i do)

today was the first day of sEm 2 ^^
many strange faces walking around ya.
Welcome to UCSI. haha.
i'm finally a "senior" huh....

i'm really doing nothing staying at home now...!
hmmm, will i make more friends in the lessons?

form 4 me


To-Do-List :


@ the pocket money of this week gonna be "frozen"= totally cant use

@ Shoes = rm150

@ Lens = rm 50

@ Keychain = rm 13

@ Hair COLOUR= remain the same 1st

@ Hair style= rm 40

@ Jeans = mum sponsor
@ Tee= hope to get 20 pieces. HAHA

Haha, dar gonna faint after seeing this
Joke...Joke...but i'm serious with 6 out of 8. HAHA.