Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Day with Dar

Really need u guys give some idea about Where or What to do during the Tuesday and Wednesday Break Time le!!! Pls....
which is about six hours and six hours and thirty min for the another ....
i hate break time...i wan finish the lessons Non-Stop !
Yea, gossiping and Chit Chat seem to be the best time killer. Both can make time go faster...Especially about the Topic=Sex...haha....Well, we're officially 18th now,qualified to talk whatever we like. We have the right , right? haha.
i have loads of thing wanna buy le...!!!
i have no fate with night market....
why....why...why my family don't like to go night market and so my Dar...
Always get bluff by Dar...Always say wanna bring me to go night market but finally bring me go another place ==
I guess, i was too stupid...that's why i kena tipu. Or, i trust him "too much"...
"Whatever, Louser"
Wednesday night 9stg ,i have been waiting for my dar bring me to night market , who know blur blur me been sent to Beng Keng Restaurant ...( i know i gonna say bubye wit Pasar Market )
what to do? Take dinner with dar's cousin+ cousin's wife which were just came back from Hk.
So damn late to take dinner...but I CANNOT control myself , because all the good food was put in front my eyes. I guess i was the lucky one, to have Boyfriend who having a seafood restaurant. HAHA.
Prawns is always existed everytime when the arrival of Shirley Wong. HAHA.
Thanks a lot !!!
Wong Family really owe Chen Family a lot alot...
we not needed to pay for every meal taken with those expensive dishes! felt guity enough. How to Balas?
i have no idea how many plates i have to wash for them (>.<)
They play cards in the bad !
Never mind lo...As long as Dar Side Win $$$ . HAHA. thanks , cousin+cousin's wife.


Darling 's Off DAY.
i wait wait wait wait wait....
class dismiss as usual....i wait for someone to fetch me home as usual. I called my Mummy this time...Becuase Dar IMPPOSIBLE to wake up at 12pm. Not alike the last semester .
He asleep like died for sure at 12pm. No matter how many time i calling to.
Reached Home....i wait wait wait wait wait again.
I really miss him so so much for this week...wanna Cubit him sekuat-kuatnya !
then, we headed to cheras selatan for a Movie. Its been a while we never watch movie...Arrh...I missed loads of good film such as IP man, Boltz, the earth stood still...
we watched a film which was leading by Sammi and Eason...No idea what the named of the film in Eng. I rated it as 8.0 . Not bad ! ^^
Just too cold inside the thetre. Frozen~ a memory
We paid totally RM 0.40 to measure our weight amd height today. HAHA.
i was so daring huh...
i not dare to measure in front of dar last time, no matter how he pull me to the machine. HAHA.
Yeah....we're not FAT. we're "okay" ^o^

Yeah ...!!!
CNY coming!!!
everywhere was so "HOT" now...
everywhere decorated with HOT Red...
i love the atmosphere spreaded around, i smell the "CNY"
Well, no any expectation to get many Andpao in this year CNY. Never mind ^^
as long as everyone living in pink of health

Then, we headed to Beng Keng Restaurant for dinner. Dated mummy to come along...
*We played "fighting" in the room, HAHA. 38 Dar....Sometime, i could see the "inside him"= childish. HAHA. Forced me to smell your legs la....Luckily i revenge back ! * Teehee
When only we can marry???
when only we can go back to OUR house, i don't wanna to feel the separation again when its time to go back to each other home.
I want a home that belonging to US.
When...? How long will be reached if we start counting from today...?