Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today is 18th.

a S.U.C.K movie i have watched in 2009

curse you Jason...why you can keep alive after dead???
it's unlogical !!!
the storyline is low-level.

the same bloody and cruelty movie ,
but now i got realized Eden Lake is much more better than Friday.
regreted not to choose Paul Blart Mall Cop
omg,Friday wasted my time...


Dar intro this goat's milk to me,selling in cold storage.It's not cheap to drink,Rm 5 for a tiny bottle...but it's undoubtable tastes great without the strong "goaty"odour of goat's milk and fresh. Dar was a lil bit too exaggerated on the way he drinking.......he made "meah...meahhh...." sound after drinking it.It's kinda Funny way to show how tasty is the milk.

Yeah,drinking more milk to make your skin smooth and fair just like mine.^^ Dar always give me everything the best,everything in high-quality....keke. Ya, i wan more!



woo-hoo, i wan a ZEN dessert next time !!!

last thursday ordered the wrong thing,and we cant used to that dessert which is a bowl of cheesy with brown sugar on top. Regret ! but ,nvm atleast we got tried something new...i will be back,ZEN !!!

and i noticed ,Such like a routine or habit....

i will go Midvalley everytime after the Exams.

Hahaha...I think this is what every UCSI students do.



lastly....Happy Birthday Sharon Heow !!!

As you say "Say BubYE with your teen's life soon ! "


Next mission : driving to Low Yat !!!


Go Bangsar with the babes...Hooray!