Saturday, April 4, 2009

awake!!! awake !!!

*slap on myself*
what am i doin now???
Last but not least, i miss HIM cure without meeting.
do you know i hope to see you in every second?
no call,no msg,no meet today.Feelling so sick now. Who know?
yeah, i got a dream yesterday.I married with HIM.
but he's late for the big day of his's..How can!!! a dream or a real fact impressing this is how he being?
however,i got no chance to tell him all of this.He is F busy.
i'm partially died now.Final exam make me feel the"grey" of the world,no sunshine,no blue sky,no strawberries,no chocolate,no yogurt,no peanut donut,no MEANING...............................
i need huggies,kisses,and some conversation with you.
Can you abondan your Job for just a few minutes?Do you beware that your women gonna been takes by the others?
My days just alike with the single,no diferrent.
TO MYSELF不能半路走开啊。。。。。。!委屈你啦!