Sunday, August 2, 2009

Next week study week but also the Final test

This guy below and i are proceeding the journey of L.O.V.E for the fifth years.

it wasn't easy to walk through everything within the five year, we have argument ,fighting,conflicts,misunderstanding, unsatisfaction toward the another.....
but pheww~ we're still together.
i'm glad, my boyfriend is still the one, Dash Chen.
a few days ago, we nearly break.....
it isn't the first time ,but the N times......uncoutable ! But i can really feel his broken heart breaking into pieces this time.Anyhow, i was still not goin to stop the war yet i'm already the winner. This time, AGAIN, i hurt him with my cruel mouth. Why cant i use my brain at the right time?

i get the suprised you giving on that day....

Many thing are just so hard to convert by words, i beg the 50 years later we're both old with entire body wrinkles are hugging each other at somewhere else reading all this posts...and mayb we're still can manage to recall back our little tiny childish happening tat happenned in our's young time. :D

tat's just so sweet...aren't we?


The previous week no any homecooking dishes can be eaten...Almost everynight also spent deluxe dinner from restaurant. Omg, my parents sure paid a lot on the foods because once we got dinner at outside the expenses must be exceed rm80....

Just like on thursday , we have eaten about rm 189 for a normal dinner at "口记". But it's okay, because my aunty was going back to australia soon, so my dad just wanna bring her for some taste good and eatable food in malaysia. Before leaving the restaurant, i learned a dishes named " 369"....beg u guys don't know that is a D.O.G. DOG as a dishes? i gonna hate EU !!!

Yesterday we had dinner with my grandma, tat's also the first time i brought along my DashChen o.....we had VeGe for our dinner becausE my grandma is a vegetarian! Guess how much we paid on the dishes? rm152 !....that wasn't meat but only vegetables,mushrooms,potatoes....How come the VeGe foods can be so costly nowadays?

So today is Sunday, undoutable the whole family is planning to goin out for some funz instead. we went to klang shopping...OMG! DAMN S-Y-O-K ! I bought a lot of thing okayzz, my mom was so kind today i just so love her :D Before back, we went to Puchong for our dinner, and we chosen a fish head noodle restaurant called "顺顺来" OMG ! i love fish noodle SO Much !!! JESUS !

Tat shop got various type of fish for the noodle....i will be back again!!! and lastly, we ate rm81 for the dinner ! imagine just 5 bowl of fish head noodle. In conclude, money is nothing in our family the important is atleast the foods is N.I.C.E.



the day out with PitThing and WoonHang to MV.

which is nice?
which is fairer?
which is my leg?
definetely is the yellow one lu, wong ee mah.

call me Fei Poh, Fei Mui zai, chubby mui, Whatever ...

the moody

Just not my dayzz! All pictures also not nice one!
we were just not in mood.

The US
not nice again
what happenned huh?
everthing turn wrong when no nice pictures can be taken.

this skirt is quite N.I.C.E
but expensive , i will buy if i goin to clubbing okayzz.
AS people knew i never ever trying/intended to club for ever one ,so is it the possibIlity of getting this dress is LOW?yes
well, well...wearing it in daily? Don't want la, later people say me so "WILD"

chill at starbuck after all, as you guys know now is the end of the month.
no $$$$ no Gains.

Next week is study week, then FINAL....

SCARY? abit luh~

No last minute plz shirley wong! Study from now ON! i must pass all the sub in order to continues my degree programme with no inccident. Next thursday will be the final test of 2 paper weih!!! Aleluya!