Friday, September 18, 2009

I want to go O.U.T now.

Dash Dar got meeting in the morning today...
and me, as usual always woke up very early in the morning.What can i do to kill time...?
Actually i got many thing to do...
Exercise,sweep the floor,clean the desk,change the blanket and bla....
Just not feel like moving because tomoro i gonna STAND & TALK for the whole day and i suppose to have a honey friday today. Teehee~
Didnt followed mum for breakfast, because dar promised me to find me later.Bringing BaoZi
Feel like burning money later, deciding how to burn...
Bring me out please !
hmmm,have some sushi later?
i-so-wanna !

Currently reading *Secret* it's abit too late to read it, and i found it was so fun and true.
What u're thinking will be truely happen.So do being positive thinking !

Yeah Yeah......I love HOLIDAY !
Say Bye to Mr.Tommy on Monday and Tuesday.