Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If you hv no idea what we've been through, pls keep ur mouth shut.

Congratulation my dar, had passed his exam.
this might his another turning point in life...
I'm confidence, dar sure can gets some result in his new job :)

You're always the hero of mine
GO ! go and find out your hidden talent !!!
For me, i always think that the best carreer that suits dar the most is Lawyer.

if and only if, there have no such of word as L.A.Z.Y
i think it's really not easy to be independent ,especially in earning money. JiaYou !!!

Born as A boy, male. The life may be tougher.


Bought a pressie for him yesterday...

No suprised jor loh...coz if i'm not telling you the purpose i went there, sure kena GaoGao jor de. Anywhere, haha! such a loooooong time never buy u pressie le.... *Guity *

Hope u'll like it.
Went to Sri petaling yesterday...
Returned the places where we meet.....
which is PTK ,Kasturi....which is the place we get each other closer....
Recall ones to repeat, Arrg~

so damn many memories between you and i are all happenned at there.
For us, these are the memories we got throughout the years.

Somebody asked me, what the most crazy thing your's bf and you have did? and do You got any special memories with your bf???

i thought i have No.......last time.

bcoz, seriously i have no any official celebration for Valentine,buffday,100days,1000days,aniversary day with ceremony before.In truth, i would grumbling also......ON the other hand, i would think normally those guy with more ideas on those tactics to girl usually or most prob is a playboy.Bcoz, they're experienced ><

Now i think the quetions is Stupid and lousy. .Yes.Of course!!!
uncoutable !!!
From parents not allow > allow

Dar, let's find some day to recall it. :)

Lazy daugther ever....

I cant remember how long is it i have no help my mom in housework.

Better to staying at home, as a good girl do.