Sunday, September 7, 2008

a wonderful Sunday ever

Have a very sweet dream yesterday.
and my dar is gonna laugh at me after he see this for sure.
i'm in mood today.
So, i manage to make some drinks for my family.
some healthy and fresh drinks
lead to a healthy life
we must wash all the vege and fruits before we eating.
especially, when we wanna squeeze fruit juice together with the fruits's skin
bcoz eating or drinking up whatever fruits along with skin, can get more extra nutrient ^^
most of the vege and fruits contain many pharmaceutical chemistry or chemical fertilizar that can harm our body.
-TO dip the fruits and vege into water for an hour.
celery + apples
is good for patient who is in high cholestrol.
that's why i making this drinks for my dad.
the product coming out with 3 layers...
first layer used to be Bubbles...
remove , stir , drink

balsam pear + cucumber + sugar


we're not recommeded to add sugar in homemade pure fruit drink, but it's too bitter !!!

damn it.

pimple may Away you after drinking this.


Proton satria...

i'm coming....!

What a best buffday present that i have ever receiced....

thanks mama, papa !