Sunday, September 28, 2008

A sad story

A sunday morning filled with sober after watched a movie from Korea.

a story about 2 children and a labrador retriever called "hearty"
a awesome storyline
Well. it made me cried as normal. Heartbroken ~~
Wondering why~~ i'm still in love with Korea movie !!
It let's me think of my dog that my parents had adopted at another fren house.
Suddenly so miss my dog
Every action that the dog did in that movie really looked very familiar with bobby
Bobby and "hearty" are the alomost same type . ( i guess)
jz mayb my bobby was mixed , so looked a bit different.

Dog do know human heart. And they do know very well....

When u tell them yours' heart feeling, they could watched into your's eyes or lay down their head on floor while watching at you.
when Bobby was still belonging to mine......i would talked to it ^^
am i crazy?

i Always feeling majority of animal are trying to tell theIR host stg...
just they couldn't do so ~
they cant speak....
mayb....they can?? just they dun wan scared the human being
who know???
Let's go and find and watch it !!!
Bring along yours tissue ~~~