Sunday, September 7, 2008

Riduculous 6th night

I had passed my birthday....
with you. eventually
i got wait untill yours arrival in the night of 11.20pm , 40 min b4 my bifthday finish.

thanks...for everything YOU Did.......!
atleast know?

i really never thought that you would come my place in the night after the phone war.
it's so bad, after knowing you have bought me a cake and present and the whole family of yours are waiting my arrival to restaurant.

but i didnt attend.

hep !!!
All of this is really out of my plan...
i really unexpected my mom is goin shopping with your mom yesterday
and my mom cancelled the celebration on night by herself !!!
all of this is bcoz my Mother had confirmed the invitation of You ...!
and the worst is .....i'm totally blur about it.
Why dont you give me a call?? if you can call me to telling me "All is Over, i'm giving you stg tonight."
i'm sure goin !!!
the cake prepared will not be wasted already.


guess wat i did yesterday???
really no manners......!
and i'm regret on it.

i didnt attend for the celebration that organised by you and yours family
althought the attendence of yours mon !!!

Wanna say sorry to her, she is begging me to open the door for her.
and i had reject her and lockED myself in the room.
sorry for knocking the door for so long time, but 'm still refuse to let you in.

i'm really so STUBBORN !!!

i'm didnt meant to do that, I having some misunderstand with YOURS SON that moment.
everything is really get on my nerves
the sudden attendance of yours mom in front of my house really terperanjat me !!!
poor me been teasing and almost no celebrating my birthday with you~~~
poor aunty by "using" by his son~~

so, Dar...
i know this is once of the suprised you giving to me...
i spoiled it....
what to say is........
yours plan is not nice, not perfect ......!!!
and i'm sure your mom had "balck list" me
you see....... !!!
i really can feel your parents do "sayang" me. As what you say,
i treat them with bad manners, they still gave me call in night wishing me Happy birthday.
i love you all...
you all are my second family
promised ,No next time, k?

This final could bring BIG regretful to me, We have to pay for this time lesson .
I think this is due to our quarrel just to vent one's spleen and understanding.
The main is MISUNDERSTOOD ~~~

thanks for everything yesterday.

i'm so touched of your present on that time, and on that place.

i love you.....!