Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This all about She, her

i had just finished reading my 2nd lover JiaWen blog~~~

CLap*** Clap*** Clap ***

Let's give this brave gurl a salute or whatever~~

Dunno why, this feeling appeared in my mind

eventually she did it !!!
eventually She is the one chosen to leave that relationship !!!


am i bad??
i never feel so...
mayb that Mr.Foo is goin to blame me or what...
he is goin to thanks me???

Mayb the God purposely putting she and me in the same college was just want me to save JiaWen escape from his bf???
haha, insane me~~

she broke up with her bf like what i wished . ( not bcoz we're lesbian)
The main problem is from her bf. of course~~~

i know i'm not qualified such like a "gek po" to give any opinion to other couple about their trouble in love. *greekk* I'm just got a feeling wanna protect my friend from hurting by another. As a FRIEND, i really cannot just let them behind the truth,if i know something.
Seeing many reader from her blog had leave their comment such like

"dun think too much la"

"be tolerate for your bf la"

"must TRUST , BELIEVE him"

"be confidence on ur love"

SHIT !!!
What the purpose to ask to be together???
if she doesn't feel "love"???

If ME, i'm sure write " Dun Dream jor"
i'm always chosen to express all the words in my heart .
Really dunno it's consider as my shortage or not??
i cannot keep some secret AS secret~~~
She is really too STupid !!! and innocent !!!

Mayb the way my bf treat me is totally different from her's bf , so it made me feel very unnormal throughout that relationship .
last time always wondering why, my dar keep praising himself how good he is
how good is he treat me that other couldn't give me
now i understand...
the more friend i met, the more stories i heard
now i know there are really too many different types boys in this world
(my jungle girl character came out again)
i looked down those guys who didnt know how to appreciate a gurl
they flirting around
did told the gurl "i love you"
leave them unreasonable
i didnt mean to Scold someone here, NO any finger pointing toward Mr. Foo
He is just not ready in loving someone...
i'm just *protective*

lastly, a silly cat for the silly gurl . keke