Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanks everyone ....

grandma cat's *RoBert zai*
grandma miss robert zai so much since she stay in hospital. So i capture some pictures to show her.

and Dinga Cat...to visit grandma.

Thanks for u guys comment, u all are so caring!
i give my grandma a call yesterday night, *very paiseh le* because i promised to call her but i almost forgotten. I called her eventually before she fall asleep....she "sound" she was fine. In fact, she was really fine with her spirit just the whole body cant stand for the itch.
Within the 2 weeks in the hospital , grandma been shiftting here and there several time, from personal wad to public wad, then shift back to personal wad , and now she has been shift back to public wad
very troublesome.
The personal wad is staying a room alone and air-conditional existed. This is the different. I think grandma prefer public wad more because there got many "neighbour" can chat to....
She said she keep looking the patients leaving , and a group of new patients coming in again. haiz...this had proven , she stay there quite a period.
Don't worry lo, grandma will be coming out soon. We're sure can celebrate chinese new year together Geh!!!

Through yesterday conversation, i get know grandma will be trying another new medicine today and this is the LAST one. Really hope grandma will no allergic to this medicine again, otherwise the itch will be more serious. On the contrary, if her body can accept this medicine then she can GO HOMe la ^^ .
May GOD bless you, grandma.


heart-broken to see her being like this.


Christmas coming lu~~~
I'm so boring staying at home le, suddenly miss our school so much. May be I'M just missing my friends....COME COME COME and Date me le.