Friday, December 19, 2008

It's ended

Final Exam Finished !

no more suffer, tension and stress for TEMPORARY !

not goin to think the problem of whether i need to take sub-paper or retake the sub ! i'm enough for it.The exam made me older and insane just within the exam week.
mentally and pysically disorter !
I must do many many mask from now on to recover the ruined of my facial condition. Therefore , i can attend any of the coming party that will be fully fill in December-January.


i get know one of my secondary friend has passed away , which made me incrediblely shock till the max.
Eddy Wong ....hmmm....
a handsome, nice body shape but indelicacy as well as NO-Class!
i intensely hate him.Nobody would know what he did on me before ....
on the contrary,
this guy had leave loads of unforgetton memories in my life. He ruined the friendship between veron and me ,he spoiled my fame and he did molest me.
He was a very flirt guy,he always flirting around in the school and with his posses ability, term and condition, he really enable to made many girls fall in love with him, excluding me PLS.
He can couple up with a girl then broke up, then couple up with another girl again then broke up.....a non-stop "love chain" happened, and the main point was all the girls are good friend of each.Wondering why the girls begin so unconscious about the characteristic of this guy !!! Difficuit to comprehend that those girl who was goin to couple up with him, never ever thought that he was just a playboy after her friends ended up the relationship with him?? GIRLS be clear-minded la~
i was really very clear as well as understand what kind of "animal" he was . So, i'm can gurantee that i had never ever fall in love with him.However, he told me how much he love me, beg me to be together with him....
But, nobody believe me instead of my classmate. Untill he start not to respect me and simply touch me in the public-classroom.*School was a place full of Rumours !* News always spreaded with another of explaination . So i been humiliate by the peoples. I saw his true character that other's couldnt see. But, how other's value me ? THey think i'm the one be "cheap", grapped friend's boyfriend .....
The Silly and childish people just cannot classified which is the true and fake.
Then, they come up with a gang and surrounding me to scold me and someone tend to give me a slap. HAHA~ Their action really make me laugh when i recalling back.
But, i still remember i did cried for that happened because i felt innocent but helpless. I cried from school untill the evening.......haha. I think i may be too hurt and heart-broken toward my best friend .

actually, everytime i would feel that was really funny when i recalled all the past, On the other hand, i feel sad..Sad about why my Best friend not choose to belive me instead of her "flirt lover" + rubbish friend !

Really sorry...i'm not mean to related all the past which was really happened long long long time ago. And now everthing was fine.
but, this was really one of the unforgetten memories that mark in my life which caused fed up with friend .
But now.....He died ! i should pray for him.....
Forgive him......
What was happened just let it go.....

atleast, i'm happy now because i got EVERYTHING!
friends, complete family , and DAR which is almost perfect !
i love my life ....