Monday, December 1, 2008

oh my burden...

Feeling had a long rest at home these day....
the same thing for today, didnt attend for the class .....

The FINAL exam coming on next weeek, gosh~ actually no any special nervous yet ...! Mayb because i'm too long didnt go to the school?? Actually not really that long time i didnt attend for the lesson, i did went to school....not really study but just pass up the assignment Furthermore, everytime went there also several hours then back after done the useless stuff........

i can still remember when is the last day i went to sch is on FRIDAY. (haha...not so long right? but i feel the time like passing so slow...)
Yeah....Thanks dudes who came for our "yelling" for HeLp !!!
You all really so sweet, kind, lovely, generous, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, great, helpful....
OMG...i love u all....
u guys acting are so professional ^^

i thought our mission gonna failed, but with u guys ALIVE !!!
Lastly, i really hope we can pass the assignment on FRIDAY...
Otherwise, u guys effort will be like throw into the big ocean ......
we will try our best !!! and the * Power point is under prosses *

Seem like all the lesson teaching have already come to the end, so i think i can manage to self study at home ^^ perhaps so......
ooops......!!! i always forgotten the hectic subject PSYCHOLOGY, WRITING AND FILM AND ART !!!
so, i think i should start my revision and memorization from is about xxx thick (@.@)

wong E boleh !!!
i should be confidence....

of course, it was foolish to hope. It was better to take practical steps to go towards what we desire !!!

***I WAN GO SHOPPING !!! shopholic ~~***

come come date me ^^

the special offer to =DASH chen


Why can the day passed damn bloody fast.....
Just like the speed of the light ! haha
Last time talked about Dar's boss had set 80 units for Dar to sell, i'm quite worry this would be a big challenge for him . But seem like everything is under his control, he did pretty well, more than enough to hit the goal...
and the point is, no any worried, nervous, stress and tension appeared on him, and he can handle it with "flying colour result"... wow !!!
i think finally i got know what is his Strenght and Powerful !!!
so attracting man~~
i fall deeply already~
stepping into a brand new month, and what the new target will be set to Dar le???
Gampateh !!!

Went Sushi King on Wednesday....the mouth of mine suddenly wan to eat sushi , but on the next moment, i wish to seek another food (>.<" girl can change so fast

This was not all of my false, bcoz the food there taste like shit !!! and expensive, not worth at all. Full of regretful why i changed my mind while we have finished order. So, no other place we can go instead of finished all the food we ordered.
No appetite at all... so dar bought me a chocolate waffer as i wish on the way go back.

Really wish to eat good food, buffet buffet buffet.... which hotel's is better???

Any suggestion?? No Jogoya pls !!!

Tried on a never tried ICE-CREAM

Don't judge on my lovely dar's hair stylish !!!
Boys may hate their fridge sometime !!!
they are qualified to use girl's hair band...!!!