Saturday, December 6, 2008

Presentation On PsycholoGY

Yesterday was the Very very last Assignment and Presentation for this Semester !!! i nearly died ...
exhaused ~
Here Done, There FINAL coming !@#$%
*wondering why the simbol above can be link...*
Worry happened causes of insufficient preparation???? i don't know, and wish to know.
i passed the belated present for the belated buffday girl...A cap ! and a card ~
Don't wanna share to buying a present with others, mmm....(ask me why)
She is the special one...
and she do help me loads in my studies, i still "need" her in the future....hehe.



i had not much nervous in yesterday presentation, in a free mode....
bUt, something unlucky happened unexpectedly.....
there was always a trouble to display the power point on the screen. The projector using in UCSI seem like being so fastidious, it always rejected to link to the laptop, most of the laptop that the students brought also failed to connected to the project ~ including mine one
Finally, TOSHIBA Boleh @.@
and we always using other's laptop to proceed our work done...soooo troublesome !!!
Something happened, when our turn to present....Our work unable to open in their laptop !!!
I was like, "What problem again??" FXXX....
i was so comfirmed the file is transfered to Eunice pendrive, but why the file still cant open in this a Sudden, i thought of my pendrive !!! Oh pendrive also have the copy of the work, so i rush to find my pendrive but, it losing in action. WHERE IS IT????
**Some scene showing up in my mind ! The scene is about how terrible that my dar goin to scold me already **
so, we have no choice just let the other take our turn to present @.@
Then, Jiawen and Eunice found out the reason "why" the file cannot support so they fixed it, and i refreshing my mind and think...Where is my Pendrive!
Finally, i found back my pendrive...i left it in the photocopied shop !!! OMG !!!careless me!!!
Luckily, we still successfully to finish out presentation ...Huu~~
wHAT A narrow escape ~

before our turn, i was feeling so relax .......
stil have the mood to chamwhore !
cant believe my nightmare had begun to happen in the next minute !!!